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After waiting for a few days for my assignment my order was cancelled.
I placed an order with a 3 day rush and I was willing to pay the extra money (which customer service was kind enough to deduct ~10%). However, the deadline that AllAssignmentHelp gave me was exceeded and after sending them multiple messages I was finally told that the "professional" (who had a 9.7 rating) that was working on my assignment was not responding and they cancelled the order and gave me a full refund. There was no time for me to do the assignment myself since the due date was a few hours away and I lost a huge chunk of my grade. So word of advice, make sure you have time to do the assignment yourself if they fail to deliver.

I ordered a programming assignment from them, order number Order#*******14519. Even I let them 6 days to do the task, the one AllAssignmentHelp called expert turn up 18 hours before deadline asking me very basic terms. He ended up delivering the solution late and it's not even WORKING. Absolutely a shame, he seems he has no knowledge in the field I ask for.

The funny part is when I asked for a refund because the solution was delivered late, they kept letting me wait and never responded me. I found Susan White LinkedIn, she ignores me completely, the entire company ignore me completely. THEY EVEN CHANGED THE DEADLINE DATE, SO THEY DON'T HAVE TO REFUND ANYMORE. What a shame (again).

SCAM - didn't finish my assignment on time and asked for extension 30 mins before the deadline
The expert contacted me thru assistant saying that he needed extension for a day on the due date but I said no. The assistant said OK so that I thought he would deliver it by the deadline. I contacted the assistance one hour before the deadline coz I was supposed to receive the answer by then as per the agreement. She replied to me saying that he needed extension for 24-30 hrs which I SAID NO earlier. I should have read the reviews posted here and not used this company... UNPROFESSIONAL SCAM! Now I'm just hoping that AllAssignmentHelp will refund me for the fee.

Terrible Service... STAY AWAY!
Terrible Service... NEVER GO TO THEM. I had given them as assignment to be completed on Apr 5th that was due to be submitted 11th Apr at 7.30 PM. I did not get any response or message from them. So I had contacted them via chat, when I asked about it, AllAssignmentHelp said they are proof reading it and it will take 1 or 2 hours. And I gave them 4 hours and asked via chat again, there was no response at all and then after an hour I got an email with an attachment with the assignment. And believe me, I was devastated, it is the most terrible assignment I could have got from anyone. They had single sentence answers for the questions which required comments and reasoning. And then I had logged in again to provide feedback and was chatting again to check with the refund for delay, there was no response via chat. Damn, am so very disappointed and pissed off with them. I lost my money and had to do the whole assignment in a short time again. They are responding to any messages at all.

Loved the service and people
Hi all, firstly I want to thank this website for providing help in the topic which most of the companies fail to help in.

I approached them for doing some Mechanical Engineering problems which were hard for me to get due to my pending dissertation. As everyone I was skeptical about these kind of services, I read some reviews most of them were good and some were negative as well for Allassignmenthelp, I submitted the order form and waited for almost 10 minutes before the quote arrived, I will say the quote was as per my expectation. I waited for 1 day before confirming the order as I had asked for quote from many websites and this one was best suited as per my expectation.

When it arrived, I was fully as all the answers were correct even upto 3 decimal places. I am fan boy of them for the time being, many thanks.

Biggest scam imaginable
When i normally need help i go through Nerdify as AllAssignmentHelp are profesional and i have always had awesome results. However, i decided to try assignmentroo (BIG MISTAKE) i paid $130 on ''discount'' for a 2000 word essay, i was given a time frame of the following night (24 hrs) so i check that night and there is no email confirmation as the deadline was approaching i was a bit worried but put it off. Eventually the email comes through so i check the link and it took them 3 days to send me a header... not the 2000 report i had asked for, i send it back and tell them i am not happy and three days later i get sent the exact same header!

I will never use assignmentroo again and i will urge everyone i know to boycott it, what a horrible company and scam. I have asked for my money back and no response! Typical

Go elsewhere and do not waste your time or money.

Last month i came to that website and give 2 assignment for me and my friend. The due date is a week later, but at the time come up. AllAssignmentHelp didnt finish the job so i start asking the operator about it, she said ask for id and 5-10 min to check and then she replied that they need more time or 24 hours precisely. Eventhough it is impossible for me to to submit that late but i cant do that assignment so i am willing to wait. A few more minutes i ask the operator again because i want to get a certainty from them to finish their work by tomorrow, she ask the same thing, id and time to check. Then surprisingly she replied that 1 of the writer need more time and money for motivation, time is double and money is double even though the due date has been due, so i decline and refuse, i keep talking about our agreement and then she went afk for 10 minutes or more everytime i am typing, few minutes later she left the chat and new operator coming. Same $#*!, id and time eventhough that day was my submission date, but luckily she said that my writer has injury and other writer has give up so i demand a refund and she agreed. A refund requre 7-10 days
So after 7 days i ask again about my refund, they said it still on progress and require 7-10 days. Over 3 weeks i got same reply and up until now, my refund hasnot been receive my me,

Quick turn around for an assignment
Order#*******16159. Got me started in the right direction for a simple 500-word essay (Classification Essay). The turn around was 48 hours, even with a 10-day deadline, which is nice. For the price I paid, got what I needed. Would I recommend the service to someone who is lazy and wanted to slap their name on a paper and turn it in? No. Will I use the service again? Yes. AllAssignmentHelp offered to amend my paper for free, but it wasn't needed. Would I trust any company with my whole college future by writing a paper? No. I do not work for the company.

I have to laugh at some of the bad reviews, some people are total dumbass risking a scholarship using this or any site. If I was really up against the wall I would hire this company along with another (or two) for safety. Some would say that is wasting money, forget-about-it, wasting money is losing a scholarship for bad grades.

Yea, they did another assignment Order #*******16159. Much better work just needed a passing grade, the class is pass/fail and is heavily weighted to in-class exams (the paper was only worth 5% of grade) and AllAssignmentHelp came to the rescue. I put little effort reviewing the assignment, thus it only scored a 70%. Would I use them again, yes, but don't expect "A" work unless you work with them with amendments.

Allassignmenthelp crap
I probably got scammed. I paid the premium and I opened the essay in my word doc (in protected mode), copied and pasted the essay into another word doc, and used Grammarly to check on it since I have a subscription. It is worse than what my 12-year-old would show in an essay. Now because of how bad it is, I don't trust that the answers are even correct which is all I wanted because I can write my own essay just wanted some help on the wording and which accounts are needed for change. It doesn't seem right at all and so now I need to request a refund from PayPal. Responded in private message with the order ID number.

$#*! this site.! Bunch of cheats they are
This site is such a cheap site
-AllAssignmentHelp do not give assignments on time
-price may be low but their work is horrible undergrads do the work better than their so called experts
-they are not responsible
-they do the work such a way that the work is highly plagiarised
-they do not respond on time
-they change your assignment status as they wish
-if you give your assignment for rework trust me you're not gonna get it back its better you do it by yourself.
-they use all pseudo names sara micheal william my ass
-and yeah all reviews you see online might be the self reviews don't believe them
-all the mobile numbers you see online are fake you can try calling 100 times but all you hear is the same voice message saying the same stuff
-no. 1 assignment site my ass its the worlds horrible site
-and if you ask for a refund you're not gonna get a single cent trust me happened the same with me

Appeared to be genuine service providers and well educated experts but work quality even while you pay for additional charges for the "experts with 8 or more years experience" for two assignments due to I was Covid positive and do not want to waste time on MC and re-do after 6-7 months the assignment with the other batch I gave them the two assignments. One Just got pass mark... which I could have done while at recovery center, other one gave the solution 1 hour prior to the dead line of my submission to university which was keep extended by me until the uni's deadline and it is not correct solution, then no one answer over 48hours. Then keep sending "Sorry" messages. Even AllAssignmentHelp call experts, maybe good for school homework and assignments not for University level or Masters level. Bunch of Liars and very poor writers. Extremely disappointed, Not once three times.

Stay Away
Alot of things wrong with this site really. AllAssignmentHelp promise to work way faster than the flexible deadline but dont. Their promised deadline keeps shifting. Told them i needed to first get a topic approved and they promised to have that sent to me in less than 12 hours (next morning). I reached out the next morning and the customer care agent was clueless and ofcourse you had to wait over 7 minutes for them to typeback. I canceled chat and got another agent who promised to deliver the topic by evening and 2-3 hours after that new deadline i contacted them again because they had not sent the topic. The new agent that responded threw some topics at me as if she was offended or something and guess what? They were totally unrelated to my assignment. So after 2 days of waiting, i get myself still at zero. After all of this, they have no cancelation policy.


Worst Service I Have ever seen
I had given a assignment to this guys. AllAssignmentHelp provided the wrong solution, blamed me that I submitted the wrong sheet, then apologised me that they had technical issues and would refund my money back in my account. They refunded my money back in wallet before 1 month since that day I am following up with this Guys after a while they said you can use this money from wallet for next assignment, I told them I dont want to. I need the money back in my bank account, Even Susan white the owner, I had messaged her on LinkedIn, she did reply and told money would be transferred in 48hrs its been 3 days now and yet its not done yet. One of the team member told me their finance team is busy so couldnt do it. I was like what? If you dont value about refunds than why have you kept finance team? They said we will surely transfer it within 1 day yet no one did transfer it. This guys have given me very bad worst experience. I was told by my friend who give this guys regular work but now he is also thinking to stop after what happed with me.

Scam company
Avoid using them. Their so called expert (incompetent people) didn't read the project description and dont use algorithms from the project description. The company send empty project code, and after long demands AllAssignmentHelp sent the programming codes which were fully stolen codes (including results) line by line from any website. These codes and results were irrelevant to the project assignment. They dont do even a single work for the assignment. They dont bother about your feedbacks. They dont refund your money. Its a high scam company. The company is highly unethical and unprofessional ones, who dont accept their mistakes. They simply deny that the refund is not applicable for the assignment, even they failed to provide the assignments.

Liars Liars Liars! Do not fall in their trap of Discount
AllAssignmentHelp will call this review from their competitors, so for their reference, my order id is *******24736658
I initially booked an assignment of 4000 words from their so-called 5 star rated expert. On delivery, I got the assignment of just 1500 words stating that I have not mentioned the word limit anywhere. When I shared portal chat to them they denied it saying its not in their system and when I asked to share a screenshot from their side they closed my work.
The quality of their 5-star expert was worse than that of 8th standard students. For god sake, you are delivering projects of the postgraduate level. Have some standards, you can not google and write anything.
If for once I ignore(which I won't) the word count, the solution missed all the key parts which I clearly specified to them and were most scoring part of the assignment.
I request you all not to fall in their trap of attractive discounts you will end up loosing your marks.

Honest and Amazing Service
Hi, I appreciate the support I received for my order number *******72410749 placed with the company. Despite lack of content availability and notes from my end, company finished the work in time with highest quality. I received a 92/100 for my paper and I can't thank them enough for improving the grade of my coursework. I feel sad, I couldn't get in touch with you guys for my prior assignments. I highly recommend the service and appreciate that support turned down my other networking assignment as AllAssignmentHelp were not sure about it. I was scammed by other services, but they only took the work they were comfortable with.


They just want your money.
I hired this company back on September 28th, 2021. I let them know immediately that all of my assignments were due on October 15th, 2021 and I asked if I would be refunded if I got anything lower than a B-- AllAssignmentHelp said yes. At the end of the class, only half of the assignments were turned in. I got a 70% in my class. I contacted support several times over the past (almost) 2 months and they can't seem to figure out how to refund my money. Every time I speak with them they say that the refund is in progress and to give them 24-48 hours, then tell me the same thing again when I contact them the next day. Worst $550 I have ever spent. I will never use this company again, and I will tell anyone that I know not to use them either. Stay away.

Avoid at all costs
This company is a complete sham. All of their expert profiles are fake, AllAssignmentHelp make out that they have a panel of experts all with degrees and Masters from UK universities but they just outsource the work to Asia to people that can barely speak English that just cut as paste irrelevant information from the internet.

I asked them to write a 5000 word assigment, I waited 2 months and then received a document that a 5 year old would have been embarassed to have written. They offered to rewrite it for more money, I agreed and waited a couple more days and got the same document back that they had changed a couple of words. This company is a joke, avoid at all costs.

It would be better for me to submit nothing than to submit the rubbish they sent me. Now they are just ignoring me rather than trying to sort out the issue.

Ignore any positive reviews of this company, I can guarantee they are fake

Do not trust them!
If you read anything positive about this company and their services it is a lie! I requested and paid for a 1000 word Chicago citation paper for telling the story of a young man in ancient northern Mediterranean of high economic status and the eldest of all his siblings. I received two drafts the first speaking about elders (old people) in northern Mediterranean and another speaking on brain disease! AllAssignmentHelp are refusing to give me a refund despite giving them ample evidence that I received a zero. They are parroting over and over again that they gave me the correct documentation but did not. And offered 20% off my next service as if I'm stupid enough to accept their services again. DON'T DO IT!

If your care about not wasting your hard earned money. STAY AWAY FROM AllAssignmentHelp

I would never in good conscience advise anyone to use this AllAssignmentHelp; I spent about $300 on a series of projects, which I received all BAD grades for. One project AllAssignmentHelp did not deliver on the deadline but they took initial payment telling me they could do the work. 24hrs after the deadline passed they emailed me saying " Sorry for the inconvenience, we could not deliver the solution". They also refused to refund me my money for bad quality work even after I sent them the grade report. This company is super unprofessional in that when you're asking for a refund due to their mistake, they don't respond to your emails and the support safe refuse to respond to your IM as soon as they decipher the reason for your calling them but if you want to contract a new job to them, they are quick to respond. You are better off doing the project your self and getting a bad grade while keeping your money than using this company. The mistake I made is that Is that I did not read reviews before contracting this company. STAY AWAY you have been warned

DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. "Susan" will make a deal with you, and try to give you the best-discounted price with a 10% tax. I paid the full price, and the price wasn't automatically updated. Once AllAssignmentHelp received the payment, the portal showed I still need to pay 'another half' to proceed with the Solution. Then I ignored them, because I knew I was being scammed. NO ONE WAS REPLYING THE LIVE CHAT. And my axiety start kicking me as my submission is around the midnight. After 2 days, Susan sent me an email asking me to pay the other half as my solution is ready to be downloaded, I refused. And sent the proof of the full payment. Then I never hear from them again... I repeat... DONT FALL FOR IT.

It has been almost 2 years and I have not been refunded at all. I provided allassignmenthelp with the feedback from my tutor which clearly shows that the assignment had been done completely wrong and was of a terrible standard. Still, no one from allassignmenthelp has responded to me directly to issue any form of refund. The comment above mentions that AllAssignmentHelp have already proceeded with the payment issue. This is a lie. If allassignmenthelp is indeed sincere about the terrible service, they would reply to my several help tickets and emails rather than posting lies on here. Contact me directly to resolve the situation

I always had an interest in online learning!
I always had an interest in online learning, but couldn't manage online classes as I am not so tech-friendly. But still, I want my degree online. So I applied for online mastering chemistry classes. Believe me, within a week I got fed up and about to give up then one of my friends suggested It is a platform where you get online class help in your budget. And certainly, AllAssignmentHelp deliver a high quality of work. I got high distinction marks in my online chemistry class. Totally satisfied with the work!

Thanks for ur support!
Coming from a middle-class background, it was difficult for me to afford the higher prices of the writing service. I was worried about my assignment in Mathematics. My uncle suggested me to take up their service. I was given an assignment to seek their help. Hence when AllAssignmentHelp delivered my assignment, I was too surprised to see the top-notch content quality of my assignment.
To my wonder, the cost of their service was quite below for my expectations. It cost me only a few bucks, which was quite affordable for me. I am glad I went to the right place for my aid.

I really wish rating companies would figure out that we want to give companies less than any stars. I was forced to give this company 1 star but honestly it should be negative stars.

So far my experience has been complete bait and switch. I gave them the info AllAssignmentHelp requested. They came back with a price quote. I agreed to it and they confirmed that one homework assignment would be completed before I had to pay. They also agreed payment could be made in 3 payments - One due after the first homework assignment was done, one done when half of the assignments were completed and one after everything was completed. I then waited over 24 hours (by the way I have proof and evidence of all of this!) When that one homework assignment was yet to be completed this "Susan White" came back and asked if I was having "budget issues" as I had not made full payment. My response - wait what? I have it in writing that you would do one assignment after I agreed to everything, then I would make one payment. At this point "Susan" changed everything. My price went from $370 for everything to $870 plus 10%. I got them down to $700 and agreed and two homework assignments were done. I had to ask them to correct the payment info in their system so I could pay them. After several hours I was able to pay them at now nothing... They agreed to do 30 homework assignments, 6 quizzes and 5 tests for me. So far they have done two homework assignments and are ignoring all further inquiries from me about anything.

Mixed bag, don't use!
I submitted request for three computer science programming assignments. First one, got it kind of correct after SEVERAL resubmissions. Helped me a lot but I had to rework it A LOT myself to get it correct. Second and third requests, total JUNK! No refunds, lost hundreds of dollars. "Susan" is always VERY kind and apparently concerned in emails but, they're liars. You never get your issue resolved, you never get correct work after several resubmissions. AllAssignmentHelp try to convince you that what they delivered is totally correct when, in fact, it is totally garbage!

Please do not rely on this people. The first time I submitted an assignment on the site I got a timely submission which is great but the content was utterly bull$#*!. Its like the person doing the assignement did it just for the sake of doing it.
The second time I placed an assigment AllAssignmentHelp replied on the due date that an extension was required. Out of options I end up agreeing to that, and hoped for the best. On the extended date I get another message asking for an extension again!, to which I agree cause at that point am soo desparate.
This happened for a total of 5 times where everytime I message them for the status of the assignment and I got a replying saying that the expert needs more time!.
Below are some images of whatsapp chats, have a look at them and decide for yourselves. I was harrased is one to describe the experience.

By the way the partial work sent by them(look at the pictures) was completly useless. It seemed like the expert could not even understand ENGLISH!
The person I am chatting with, was the manager (Susan White).

Excellent Service in terms of quality
I had been working with them for the last 1 year or so, I had done multiple assignments with them from basic writing assignment to programming as well. AllAssignmentHelp had never missed deadline in my any order above that sometimes they even deliver in advance so that I can review it before submitting. I highly recommend them over other services as I had tried many of them in past and the experience was pretty sour for me. Hope it will help all the readers, for suggestion I will say give them a day or 2 before the actual deadline so in case of any changes they can make in that time

Outstanding Homework Help!
I have used this site for over 2 years. I'm very satisfied with the Outcome of my assignments each time and if I'm not their refund policy is great! You can use them for all type of assignment, Math, Reports, Coding and so much more. I will recommend this website to all my friends and family if AllAssignmentHelp need help completing assignments. The top part is that they stand behind the zero plagiarism 100% and I have never obtained a plagiarized paper since I been using them. The rates are always in my budget and the writers are always willing to job with your budget also. Extremely satisfied customer here.

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