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Don't trust Alibaba and their trade assurance. All positive reviews does not reflect the -ve exp.
We purchase containers Suzhou Yunbo packaging and this company trades on Alibaba platform.

This company operates under different names and emails as below:

We made a large purchase from this company in June of 2020 on Alibaba with trade assurance assuming we'll be protected if something went wrong.

We were so wrong about the assumption. The supplier did not give all the boxes to the shipping company that went to pick up the boxes from the destination. It then said on Alibaba that the shipping company didn't pick the boxes.

Wait - what? If Alibaba are supposed to give the boxes and they didn't give the boxes to shipping company - Why are they blaming the shipping company that the boxes were not picked?

They admitted that 7 boxes were missed as part of the consignment but here's what it gets bad. They claim that the boxes that were shipped were of $1960 and are willing to refund that amount. However, this is incorrect because they are admitting to wrong product - we only had small shortage on that product and bulk of shortage was on high value product amounting to $2650. So once again - they are lying on what was shipped. Needless to say - they provided no evidence that the high value items they claimed were shipped.

We had more than a dozen boxes that are damaged and incorrectly label.

Their packaging slip is one for the history books - the worst packaging slip - it does not provide breakdown the color and neck size of the sprayers - they lumped everything in one line - 216,000

When we filed for trade assurance with Alibaba they sided with seller, despite seller's ability to provide any evidence that the high value items were shipped. We provided breakdown of every box that was shipped 130 in all, including one that was lost in transit.

Sadly, Alibaba is a Chinese company and they will side with their Chinese suppliers. We will never buying anything from Alibaba after this experience. We were happy for 3+ years buying under fake assurance from Alibaba - only when you have to file the claim - that's when you come to know their true colors.

See attached image.- they will only take supplier's side hanging the buyer with empty bag.

Alibaba Trade Assurance is a Farce
Do not be fooled that you are protected by's Trade Assurance. I was dealing with a new supplier with an order of over $50,000 - I was hesitating in dealing with this supplier for a new order however I was encouraged by the supplier to do use's Trade Assurance process to alleviate my concerns. This cost more as you pay a process fee which is made out to be like an on-site ave policy on anything going wrong. This is not the case at all! The product we received was not to the quality standards ordered and despite providing extensive evidence to prove this it seemed Alibaba reAlly had no interest in assisting in the dispute. Alibaba refused to refund even part of the payment although we had third parties attesting to the poor quality of the product. In retrospect now it is easy to see that Alibaba are biased toward the suppliers as the see are the customers that are paying them. Our company will never order via again and urge everyone to undertake proper due dilligence and not be fooled that you are protected by Alibaba in anyway!

Alibaba does not help if a company scams you infact they protect the rule breaking company.
Recently i bought 50 hand held fans from a seller called TugoSmart using Alipay and its protection.

Alipay promises a Money back service for products that are deliverd in a different state then aggreed upon or products that are not functioning / poor quality.

After having received the product i already found out the package was poorly packed and the individual packaging inside was damaged.

I also noticed that not only was the package damaged but it was also the wrong product package.

Not only that after testing multiple fans i found that most fans wont last longer then 3 full charges before malfunctioning.
Also some fans had their Usb port missing or it stuck to the USB cable becaus of poor attachment.

The manufacturer also listed the product for 3-15 hours of working time, in reality the product lasts 1:30 hours on a full charge.
This simply being misadvertisement and to my knowledge the product is still listed as working 3-15 hours.

I've also had a fans that simply dident charge right from the package.
And one fan even started smoking nearly catching fire while charging.

I filed a refund request since i used Alipay and i simply got bounced around multiple times until Alibaba closed they case saying the seller never replied to them.

I've listed a lot of evidence including a video of the fan smoking, and got told that it was my '' Poor operation '' or '' ''It was damaged on delivery'', ''you schould've told the courier while he was there ''

In my opinion its not only highly rude by Alibaba to simply put the blame on me for the poor product.
But the fact that they get away with listing promises comparable to Paypal and not delivering upon it makes it a highly dangerous service to use.

In the future i'll use Paypal for all my Alibaba transactions and keep all my communications and sourcing on the website to a bare minimum, i'm highly dissapointed.

Please be wary if you use Alibaba and DONT USE ALIPAY! Please use Paypal or your creditcard company.
Alibaba does not punish rule breaking companies.

Update: After contacting the manufacturer asking why they dident respond to Alibaba i've been told by TugoSmart to: '' Go to hell you with your scamming pictures trying to scam us''

So useless and I had to fight my own
Anyone who is going to buy or place an order in Alibaba, make sure you actually see the products, test it and NEVER trust their product description, what Alibaba say or not even the videos they provided to you. Even if the product description is false, alibaba will say you should have an agreement on the quality or efficiency before you place an order, rather than just place on order. Our family purchased one laser cleaning machine and costed us 4.5k USD, turns out, it cannot even do the thing it says can do. We worked with supplier and try to fixed the issue. At first, they blamed us for not using the machine correctly, then say the machine is like that, we should not expect too much and product description is just for our information ( they even had a table to compare all the different cleaning products, every single criteria for this machine is better than other options, even they admitted their product is not as good as other cleaning methods, alibaba says they cannot do much about it), and then they say there is might something wrong with laser head. It took 1 month for them to admit it might be machine issue but they would not refund / let us return the product. They say they want to fix the issues by sending a new head but did not say what if it is still not working. After all these bad experience, I cannot even trust them anymore. It is very frustrating as Alibaba allows suppliers to put misleading advertisements and trap customers to buy, then then it is your fault for trusting them. Not sure if anyone out there purchased laser machine and have the same issues, would be nice to contact me and share experiences. I wanna get my money back and send back this useless machine. I think I would not buy anything from here again.

Trade Assurance is a SCAM and is Biased for the Sellers
Would highly advise anyone not too do dealings with any sellers on and there "So Called" trade assurance as it's a SHAM, and you have no recourse if you try and deal with there Supposed Customer Service "Automated Anna" REP...

When you do actually get onto a real person Alibaba are as Automated to deal with as ANNA.

I ordered an item that I was not 100% sure was allowed in Australia and after doing some research on Border Force I could not find any more information on it so I went ahead and placed a Very Expensive Order $240usd...

After customs held my order for 12days( I thought it was confiscated) they finally released it and after paying $120usd for express shipping I received on the 4/1/20.

The seller actually lied to TNT, Customs China and Border force AU about what the product was called on all the paperwork as it was a dangerous item to send and obviously they didn't care just wanted my money.

Cut a long story short up actually turns out what I ordered is not what I received and is more than likely what they called it on all the documents...

I placed a complaint with, but posted under the wrong category and had to wait 30days for there time frame to expire.

Now I've been trying for several days to file a complaint under "Item not what I ordered) and guess what... now they won't allow me to apply for the refund because it's past 30days since I received my order.

I demanded just before to file a formal complaint and talk to a supervisor and still got absolutely no where with there Automated customer service agent.

Simply don't trust or there supposed Trade Assurance as if you try and get help the automated system is a nightmare to navigate(probably deliberate to put you off) and to deal with them is almost impossible...

Maybe it's the China, Australia thing at present but judging what I've read on the Internet lately it's just an thing...

Be Extremely Careful if you do deal with them and place absolutely No Faith in there trade assurance

Good suppliers - mostly. Alibaba is TERRIBLE and their Trade Assurance is WORTHLESS!
Alibaba's Trade Assurance is worthless!
It's up to YOU to make sure your supplier is good because Alibaba will do NOTHING!

9 out of 10 times, as long as you filter carefully, you'll wind up with amazing product and extremely lovely helpful sales agents. I am not rating the companies or the products, I am rating Alibaba.

I had a supplier (Shenzhen Shine Solar Co., Ltd.) who promised me everything before the payment, ensuring me that the product would be perfect. My company paid over $1k for product and shipping. Not a lot but still that's not the point.

The product was terrible and worthless. It is unacceptable and can not be used in our production.

I was very happy that I had Alibaba to back me up. I sent them all the evidence and proof of the lies and broken promises by Shenzhen Shine Solar Co., Ltd.

After review, Alibaba sent me an email saying that Alibaba could not make a decision and we needed to pay $500 to them for a technical assessment!

And Shenzhen Shine Solar Co., Ltd. refused to replace their defective solar panels even though they have a warranty on their website as well. Shenzhen Shine Solar Co., Ltd. are liars and Alibaba doesn't care.

To summarize:
Alibaba is a great resource
Most of their suppliers are great
Alibaba is terrible
Alibaba does not protect the buyer
Alibaba does not stand behind their Trade Assurance

"Beiteng Electronic Technology Co Ltd"
I purchased a laser machine from Beiteng Technology, based in China via After months of discussions and demos with an agent, and agreed on terms, Alibaba shipped it out the laser machine. I paid for the delivery and the cost of the product, plus Import fees.

When the laser machine arrived, it was in a bad state, the casing had marks and a huge crack across the base of the unit, the housing around the screen was scuffed and dented. When powering on the laser, which was meant to be a 810nm, actually was showing 808nm on the interface and showed that it had been used.

Therefore I contacted the rep at Beiteng Technology, to advise of the bad state of the machine. Firstly calling the rep was difficult as he could not communicate in English and stated that they preferred communicating through skype or the alibaba chat function.The time difference between the UK and China is 8 hours, making it difficult to communicate in the first instance. I tried contacting Alibaba but the only mechanism available is through a chat app, not number to call and they operate and respond during Chinese hours.

When we did converse, the rep from Beiteng, told me to claim via the courier company. Something I could not do as we paid Beiteng Technology to arrange the shipping. I then put a dispute into Alibaba, it took months of deliberation, lots of evidence and alot of time, to finally get Beiteng to accept the product back. Initially they wanted me to buy paint and then paint over the cracks on the laser machine, with regards to the model version of the machine, they wanted to send me a manual to re-code the version number.

Poor communication, bad service and an ignorant post sales service from Beiteng Technology.

Finally, when I got Alibaba to persuade the supplier to send the machine back I asked for a refund amount, but they kept asking me to reduce the refund amount, I only wanted a full refund, I excluded the UK customs and VAT charges.

Eventually after weeks of deliberating with the supplier, they finally paid me most of my money back. I still made a loss, and Alibaba eventually paid some of the cost that was outstanding in order to resolve the dispute.

After everything, I wanted to leave a review on the Alibaba website about Beiteng Technology, Alibaba said that no comments could be left post 30 days, end of!

I wanted to write this review to save others from the same pain, I would advise avoid unless you are willing to sacrifice on quality and require little or no interaction post sale.

For further evidence of my experience, see the attached pictures, and a snippet of the conversation I had with the agent.

#Beiteng Technology

Alibaba's Dispute Team Likely Conspires With Sellers to Defraud Buyers
We have had the unfortunate experience of being defrauded by seller, Zhangjiagang Simbormachinery, and then an even further misfortune as it appears clear that Zhangjiagang Simbormachinery conspired with Alibaba employee(s) in an attempt to deny us a fair dispute process.

By default, dispute cases (for purchases that have problems, like defective machine, late shipment, etc.) are randomly assigned to agents. The agents are the customer-facing employees. We got the same agent on 3 CONSECUTIVE disputes with Zhangjiagang Simbormachinery. Above the agents is the dispute team, Alibaba have the ability to divert dispute cases to agents. So, there are one or more members of the dispute team who keep giving our dispute cases to Sara, who denies our claims no matter what they are. Why would the Alibaba dispute team do this? I would guess it is because they are receiving bribes from Sellers who don't want to lose a dispute. So, we implore Alibaba to investigate the mediator, Sara, and the dispute department to root out the employees actively defrauding buyers from their legitimate claims. The following are evidence of Sara's inappropriate actions:

• In the first of two disputes, Sara initially rejected our claim for the shipment that was sent by the Seller 1.5 months later than the date on the contract, that it should have shipped 50 days after March 25, (June 1) when it actually was shipped on July 16. Sara claimed, "About the transportation time, it is not within trade assurance protection. In international trade, we say ETA because nobody could control the shipping time. So it is not within the protection range as well." She attempted to distort facts to deny the claim.
• We tried to escalate the case to fraud once we discovered we were fraud victims. Sara claimed that "change of complaint can't be received after receipt of goods" when two Help Center agents both told us to escalate the case, a strange contradiction. It seems Sara didn't want the case transferred to another person.
• When we disclosed the painful details of how we were defrauded by Zhangjiagang Simbormachinery, Sara's response was, "You seems very angry with the seller… But we asked the seller to keep in touch with you. If you have any problems, you could turn to the seller for help and communication in a friendly way. They are professional." How patronizing and offensive that we should turn to the company who lied, deceived, and was defrauding us out of $50,000 by sending us a machine they knew was totally defective.
• In the second of two disputes, Sara denied our fraud claim on its face claiming it was a shipping issue and said the claim would be closed in two days without reference to any facts in the case. Our claim had no relation to any shipping issue.
• Sara later said that we could not get a refund for fraud and that the seller could only be docked one Alibaba point. By saying this she was claiming that Alibaba is essentially in the business of hiding criminal fraud by separating fraud into two parts: 1) deceit, lies, and misrepresentation, and 2) damages, which we clearly stated existed in the previous message. WOW! These must be considered together, because together they constitute a crime.
• Lastly, Sara kept saying she would close the case if no further evidence was presented. No further evidence was presented and she kept writing messages responding to nobody. It seems she was hoping that I would cancel the dispute and try to open another one or write a review, which can't be done if a buyer cancels a dispute.

It's quite apparent that Sara was not an objective mediator that somehow landed on three consecutive disputes. It seems obvious that this was not by accident and that the dispute team put her on the cases.

-Alibbaba, you need to root out the corrupt employees on the dispute team and Sara and other agents defrauding buyers.
• We request that Zhangjiagang Simbormachinery's 1) dispute history and 2) negative reviews be reviewed for possible collusion like what happened with our company.

I will take this post down once the matter is addressed appropriately.

I ordered spare parts for my vacuum cleaner S6MaxV
From ROBOROCK via Ali express Vancouver BC

Alibaba shipped wrong parts as follows:

I called, e-mailed, and communicated with ROBOROCK and ALI-EXPRESS via their CHAT
I sent pictures and measurements of original offer and pictures of received parts showing
I STARTED dispute on December 2,2021

They insist, that they (Ali-express and merchant) can not establish my claim?!
Pics show so obviously that brushes DON'T HAVE BRISTLES AND FILTERS ARE
OVERSIZED! They suggested that either I ship back incorrect parts back AT MY EXPENSE for full refund
Or they refund only $12.00! Shipping back wrong parts would cost me more than $40 by Canada post
I suggested that they pay for return shipment and fully refund, or that just to settle, I agreed to
Partial refund of $45 without returning wrong parts. ALIEXPRESS ADVISED AND I QUOTE:
"Sorry, we have not identified this problem from your proof." Hope you have a great experience shopping with AliExpress. Best regards, AliExpress Case Management Team
My Five year old grandchild can see the difference between picture of brush with and without bristles.

Negative experience NOT because of the seller
1. It is inappropriate that the order item in the order-related AliBaba page, is marked as received, while in reality the order has not yet been delivered. In fact, it is still under customs inspection in Estonia. The order is complete once the product has been received.
2. FedEx is a low quality courier. Alibaba are always poorly capable of handling customs matters, and lack the indispensable business personality for making customs officials understand that respect towards the customer is essential, and that items cannot be detained without any valid, explicit, and sound reason.
FedEx should never be used for delivery when a person is able to choose other delivery companies. Internationally, FedEx exists only because customers often cannot pick directly the courier whose service they wish to avail themselves of.
3. AliBaba should not only provide a review field for the seller, but also for other aspects of the order. In fact, the aspect of delivery is as important as the professionalism of the seller. If the delivery company fails, the seller fails too.

Some Sellers are Very Dishonest
I have purchased devices from several sellers. Most will tell you anything to make the sale, but when you receive the product, the product does not work as promised. The buyers assurance is not fair or in the buyer's favor. Alibaba tells the buyer to communicate using their messaging system. When you do, sellers write to you about their promises. When there is a problem, Alibaba tells you that Alibaba cannot use the communication as proof of what was communicated between the seller and the buyer. That is rubbish. Sellers know that once they get your money, Its the most difficult thing to get your money back if you are unhappy with their product. They ask you to send proof that the product does not work, how does one do that?
Of the 12-15 variety of products purchased, only 3-4 seller's products was as promised. Many of their technology products do not come with proper instructions on how to use the products. The products seem very complicated and full of useless add ons to make the product seem of high value, when in fact the product is of poor and unreliable quality. When the product don't work, they blame the buyer and say its their fault. This is the most amazing disappointing set of business people I have ever dealt with in a country. The language barrier puts westerners at a disadvantage. My future doing business on alibaba does not seem bright.

Nanan Tihe Melamine Co. LTD is causing me to leave ALIBABA platform
I am going to stop using this platform due to the many issues I have had. I have had suppliers take my money such as Anhui Honren (Group) Co., Ltd and not send my product. It was only after 2 weeks of being patient and awaiting for my product did I contact the supplier only to learn that Alibaba are not going to ship out my product due to the shipping department being on strike. I was never informed and during a pandemic days = lives. I have also had people just plain lie to me such as OU Yang from Nanan. I placed an order on April the 24th and I was promised it would be delivered faster than 14 days if I spent another $2000 usd. So I spent the money. Today as I write this on 5-15-2020 I have a fake tracking number that I will upload to show how Alibaba suppliers do business. I may pay more at DHGate but I have never been lied to and the products come at the time described and how the product is described. I do want to say I have had a couple good transactions and I would like to name the GOOD companies that are truthful and do not lie just to make a sale: CHANGZHOU KAILIDA HOUSEWARE Co Ltd. and BEJING SAILORS MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY Ltd, if you want to do business on this platform i only would use these 2 companies

I was scammed for $1,550 and my complaints were disregarded at the Alibaba complaint center
Via as an online retailer I ordered 20 units at a price of $30 per unit and $50 for the shipping costs of Elgato Game Capture HD60 S+ 1080p60 to the seller Janet Lou, Alibaba address: cuiyuanlou100 working for the company: Jiangxi Youteng Trading Co., Ltd. This company is a gold supplier according to the Alibaba website so that means that has paid for this golden membership and it seems that the company has been verified by Alibaba. So that was the reason I trusted this wholesaler in the first place.
So I paid using Western Union with my bank debit card the total amount of $650 for these 20 units.
The supplier gave me the tracking info of a company called Gavinjet Logistics which I found out later that is a fake shipping company.

For my surprise the tracking information said that the shipment was for 50 units instead of the 20 that I had paid and agreed with the supplier. So in order to avoid any discussions and troubles with the supplier I agreed to pay $900 extra via Western Union for the 30 remaining units.

So as the tracking information says, the shipment should have been released to DHL to deliver the item/shipment to me as of 16th-17th March 2021, but the supplier did not provide the national Spanish DHL tracking information to me because obviously Gavinjet Logistics is a fake shipping company, the tracking information was therefore also fake and the supplier had never shipped any goods to me at all.

Moreover the supplier stopped replying to my WhatApp messages since March the 19th 2021. I know for sure now that I have been the victim of a fraud/scam by the supplier for a total amount of $1,550.
Therefore I submitted two complaints to and Alibaba closed both of them saying that there was insufficient proof of evidence of the fraud, which is a blatant lie as I attached plenty of Alibaba messenger and WhatsApp conversation screenshots, whilst the other party did not say anything at all and did not respond to my complaints.
The big difference is that Jiangxi Youteng Trading Co., Ltd. has paid for a gold membership and I haven't, so Alibaba would not take my complaint and favored the other party instead.
So I just deactivated my account right away as of April the 8th 2021.
I have also reported this case on the USA Federal Bureau of Investigation online crime complaint center (IC3), on the USA Federal Trade Commission online crime complaint center and written to most USA consumer attorneys about it.

Fraudulant Activity between ALIBAB and ALI EXPRESS
I did three transactions with ALIBABA, the cost of which were successfully debited from my account around the 28th August 2020. Around the 7th September Ali Express debited my account for $18.36TTD ( which is about $2.62 USD to $3.06USD) and later on that same day also debited $1,405.89TTD (which is about $200.84USD to $234.32USD). I do not have any account with Ali Express, I never entered my card number on their site. I never purchase any product or service from Ali Express. A company called NORDIC was also debiting and crediting my account. ( when i googled Nordic... I saw that ALIBABA is also affiliated with this company.) In the end Nordic returned my funds but Ali Express has not.
ALIBABA owns Ali Express and I believe that this is the only way that Ali Express could have gotten my card information.

This was my first time conducting business with ALIBABA and I am very disappointed and disturbed to have this happen to me. Especially since my transactioms had nothing to with Ali Express yet Alibaba debited my account.

My name is Attiya Liverpool
My bank is JMMB (Trinidad and Tobago)
And it is a VISA debit card that was debited.

Kindly investigate quickly and return my funds to me.

$1,424.25TTD is a lot of money for me to lose. I would like it back immediately.

Alibaba Have to Educate Supplier
I have been having a business for a while now.
- The listing is not showing the right information.
- The supplier doesn't really care about customer satisfaction. One supplier told me that he is going to ship me a random item as its a normal thing. It was a gold supplier.
-Here a lot of supplier says GOLD but the service Alibaba are providing totally junk.
- shipping cost unmanageable. Same-day for the same kind of item from same city I get two different prices from 2 different companies. When you asked about the difference they just don't answer.
- The reason Chinese suppliers behave relax because no one is warning them from Alibaba. Whatever they do, they still do their business the way they are doing it.
-Poor quality packaging and items.
- The only good thing is trade insurance and works pretty good so you are absolutely feeling safe
- I started to choose my supplier from Taiwan, Pakistan, Japan, and Turkey more now.
-Either we do purchase or not purchase we need to able to rate suppliers, Alibaba needs to work on our review and educate its supplier.
-SERIOUSLY! We do international business, I feel like I'm in contact with the Deli which is on the corner. Nothing professional.

Guangzhou Good Time Trading Co., Ltd.
Kelly is an amazing and helpful sales consultant, deeply skilled in the knowledge of her wide variety of machines and accessories. I didn't know what I needed and she helped pick the correct machine for ma and spent countless hours helping me, hundreds of messages and eventually I was very happy with what she selected for me based on my needs.

Kelly was quite knowledgeably on importing equipment and selected the courier who could manage it all for me so it arrived at my door without any problems. Even advised she couldn't ship the oil via air

I had never set up a machine like this so I had several questions just to make sure I was doing everything correct and Kelly got me to send photos and advised how to set it up.

The level of service I got for a small order was really fantastic.

Finally, after all set up I turned it on and it worked absolutely beautiful. The quality of the machine is amazing, self oiling, servo motor and precise needle stop and start with varying speeds

They dispute management is like robots and do not read the dispute carefully
I purchased very expensive doors at NF Build mart with owner Norman Chen. He made a "mistake" in the contract writing "EXW". Then without my consent he ships the goods without insurance and correct labelling on boxes such as "glass" and "this side up".
When doors arrive in my country (but still in international transit) Alibaba are broken. Now he claims he has insurance, but will not provide documentation of this. I dispute at alibaba, but all they say it is my fault because of EXW. This means when buying EXW a seller can just push your goods onto the street and claim you have taken ownership and picked them up. Also alibaba dispute asks me for shipping insurance and paper - but it was seller who shipped items without sending me information and without my consent and approval. So how can i contact sellers insurance? It is ridiculous situation. I tell this to alibaba dispute, but they ignore this fact. In alibaba buyers protection it says seller must provide proof of legal change of ownership, but in reality the dispute manager ignores this rule.

Avoid Alibaba & So-Called Trade Assurance Service
I had the worst experience ever using Alibaba. The product I received was poor quality. I disputed the item through Alibaba's Trade Assurance service and met all the requirements to dispute the item I received. The quality was so poor that I could not use it because the power of the machine was very low. The seller refused to work with me. I then escalated the dispute and provided sufficient evidence that clearly showed evidence that both the seller and I submitted. The item I received was not as described in the businesses description, and Alibaba actually violated what their warranty terms said on their website by not honoring it. The evidence I submitted using pictures and videos clearly shows a huge discrepancy between the machine I received and the video the seller took of the machine before shipping the item out. I don't believe they sent the exact same machine as the one in their video, and if it was, the machine did not perform nearly as well as in the video the seller submitted to Alibaba Trade Assurance. I even got the seller to admit that the machine has low power. I submitted my claim within 24 hours of receiving the item and paid by credit card through Alibaba. Alibaba's mediation representative ruled that there is not sufficient evidence to support my claim. They then said I need to pay at least another $300 USD to have one of their third party inspectors test the machine and then determine whether the quality is poor. This would also require me to pay for the $215 shipping on top of that to have it shipped to China. After I filed a dispute with Alibaba, I began reading a lot of reviews of customers saying that Alibaba's Trade Assurance service is a scam. I was hopeful that these reviews are isolated cases, but I was wrong. I can attest to this that Alibaba's Trade Assurance is in fact fraudulent. Alibaba also made a decision to have me either work with the seller or pay the $300 or more plus shipping to send the item back to China to have it inspected by one of Alibaba's third party inspectors. They made this decision within one hour of the expiration of being able to upload more evidence. They could not have read through and watched all the videos of what was submitted in less than two hours. They did not even take a fair and impartial view on all this or even look at the overwhelming evidence. As much as I would like to proceed with paying an additional $500 to have my case reviewed by one of Alibaba's inspectors, I have no faith that the decision will be made objectively because of their initial decision and the fact that there are many reviews saying the same thing. In reference to this additional charge, this option violates Alibaba's Trade Assurance policy. Their web page can be found at At the bottom of the page in the FAQ section, their policy states: "Trade Assurance protects the buyer in the event that the supplier fails to ship on time or the product quality varies from what has been agreed upon. While charges transaction fees on certain payment methods to offset our operational expense in payment processing, we do not charge any additional fees for Trade Assurance... If supplier fails to ship on time or the product quality varies from what has been agreed upon, you may apply for refund on within 30 days of delivery. We will investigate, mediate, and resolve your claim with an aim to achieving a satisfactory outcome, including refunding the purchase if necessary." To say that they do not charge any additional fees beyond the credit card transaction fee is evidence of their egregious business practices. I also reached out to the seller and said that I would take a $900 reduction in the refund that I originally requested as long as I ship back the item. They denied my proposal. Alibaba's Trade Assurance service is vested in only supporting Chinese businesses. I do not understand these business practices that are led by Alibaba's CEO, Daniel Zhang. I will never buy from Alibaba again. I am now out $2800 USD and will only use Amazon and Ebay in the future. I have since filed a dispute with the credit card I used to make the purchase.
They will make a decision as to whether I get my money back after both parties submit their evidence. For anyone planning on making a big purchase on Alibaba, I would not recommend it.

Alibaba Trade (in) Assurance - Xi 'an Wusehua Biotech Co Ltd
I am writing this having fought for five weeks to get a refund of 750 USD out of my 3250 USD outlay from this company. Alibaba, assumingly knowing that what Alibaba done was wrong and by admission of guilt, gave me 500 USD on top. I lost 2000 USD. Plus hundreds of dollars on things for the project outside of Alibaba.

Delivery was China to Bangkok.

My order was 200kg Whey Protein Isolate, sorted into 1kg tubs bearing my own personalized logo (which was a big additional expense incurred for this project). The order was placed and paid for on 14th October 2021 with a promise me delivery within 14 days. Myself and the company representative (Nancy) had been in communication should August 2021 ironing out the details, so you'd expect by the time the order was placed, the time period of 14 days would be easily met. I received my goods two months later on 9th December. Awful communication and help during this time.

When the tubs arrived, they had been (bizarrely) packed and crammed into CARDBOARD boxes. Not exactly fitting for international shipping with numerous couriers. Because they were squeezed in so tightly, every single tub with the exception of 4 or 5 had burst their inner seals and protein powder was puffing out of the sides of the cardboard boxes before they were even opened. Negligent and moronic packaging by the original handles. They should have been in wooden crates.

I immediately showed the delivery driver of the broken boxes, who laughed and went back to his truck. This is evident on my CCTV footage. The seller has since informed me that everything is my fault because I let him go - assumingly they wanted me to get him in a stranglehold and keep him prisoner? We exchanged outrageous messages from here and they began to show me just how unethical they were as a company - suggesting that I just keep the product and sell it at discount! Product which has been lying open, contaminated with anything and not even in the tubs anymore. A total health and safety hazard.

This is pretty much where it ends. Alibaba stepped in with their "Trade Assurance" (Aka Trade Inasurrance which they simply protect their Chinese clients). Ping pong messages and mediation sets in where seller uploads evidence, buyer uploads evidence, and it banged on like this for many painstaking weeks.

I was offered 450 by the seller, then 750 and 500 from Alibaba as a "sorry" (aka a bribe to protect their scamming client). I am sure the two companies split the money they took from me, and do so regularly.

Basically I am 2000 + dollars out of pocket, with a pile of boxes full of contaminated protein all over my living room in which we could barely breath due to the dust.

Do not use this company. Do your due diligence - buy cheap and you buy twice. These people do this often I am sure. Professional scam artists.

I will add photos here if possible after posting but if anyone wants to dm me I have all screenshots, photos and evidence to back up every single word.

Alibaba is Scam
Believe me guy, don't trust verified logo, I bought a product ( aphrodisiac)from guangxi kaitai technology 5 years on App, I received a blister without expiry date, batch number and without name( no conform with customs) and without any documents ( invoice and certificates) Alibaba didn't want to wait until the supplier receive a goods. I contacted Thailand embassy( product made in Thailand), Alibaba told me that your product and company ( goodherbs) doesn't exist( I have all proofs). I found that they switched to new company ( guangxi taimeile technology) with verified logo plus 1 year. Unfortunately Alibaba is partner in crime( even sender is an other company, check in the picture)Guys if you want to do business with Chinese go to China find a product, stay there, check your product piece after piece, full your boxes or containers, don't trust them ( 0% confidence) us LC. Don't trust trade insurance on alibaba, it's fake ( they advantage their company) even help center on their app doesn't respond. Keep your money in your pocket better to lose them ( receive goods then pay) good luck. Amrex imp/export company

Another rubbish company
In six commercial orders this is the second one that has resulted in a me being ripped off by a complete lack of QA by the trading company. The first was a silicone supplier, who did not seal the samples I ordered and Alibaba leaked and got contaminated. The company first claimed they were damaged in transit and told Alibaba I had arranged the freight. Ask and I will tell you their na, e The second is a a company that makes sandpaper and sanding belts. I ordered 10 belts 915mm (36 inches) to try before making a large order. The belts were made 900mm in length and would not fit the machine. The company would not replace them claiming a tolerance of 15mm. Other grits I ordered were correct but not these. My advice when dealing with any Alibaba company get a written assurance of quality or a compete refund and then pay with a creditcard that has payment assurance. Alibaba's dispute resolution is not worth the time to read it. Not only do they support their companies 100% they do not post reviews that are negative to their clients. T

Great source for professional gear, if you know what you're doing
This was my first order through Alibaba and I'm very impressed. I was looking for an unfinished bass neck with LEDs in the front. The shop I'd ordered from was very communicative and accommodating, let me make custom changes, and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I would however suggest that you know what you're doing when ordering online, especially from overseas since returning an item is not like sending it back to your regular online shop in your country. I'm not sure if I would feel comfortable ordering anything that's out of my comfort zone and that I wouldn't know how to repair, modify, or upgrade myself. I did for instance see some electric motorcycles that were very affordable, but then I saw on YouTube videos that Alibaba usually require some upgrades and modifications, which is beyond my capabilities. But I would order an electric bass or guitar anytime, since the quality I've seen on Alibaba is impossible to find for such a low price in stores around me, even if I had to put extra time or money for upgraded parts into it. Long story short, I'm happy with Alibaba and will probably order again from there,

Great platform for payments - nothing else
If you're an inexperienced business and you need to fine something manufactured in China or elsewhere, Alibaba is fine, and their payment platform is excellent. For anything else, I would simply avoid. There is an entire industry that has developed around Alibaba, and it is frustrating, because many people think Alibaba are dealing with a factory when in fact you are dealing with a salesperson for Alibaba that "represents" the factory.

The problem arises when something goes wrong, as it often does - there is no support at all, and you end up out of money and frustrated.

Also be aware that these companies make a living on sample fees and high shipping costs. Shipping from China in particular is very cheap, but they try to estimate how much it would be in US rates and then they mark it up substantially. Same with sample fees: samples don't cost any more to make, but they charge ridiculously high prices for "samples," to discourage people from not placing large orders. Most of the items that are sold as samples are also available on for $1-$3.

Do your research before you commit to an order and a deposit, with the promise to refund a "sample" fee. This is a trap, because while they do "promise" to get it right for you, what if they never get it right?

Bottom line: do your research - don't trust the reviews on Alibaba unless they are from verified purchasers based in the West, and don't trust the photos or the group company pictures as being anything more than propaganda, because that is what the majority are: propaganda.

Use Alibaba for payments when you need to protect your purchases, like PayPal provides, and get decent currency exchange rates - nothing more.

Guangzhou Zhenao Beauty Equipment CO.LTD
Do not buy equipment from this company! Alibaba are liars! Cheaters! Scammers!
I bought a defective pdt with warm & cool steam. The warm red steam does not work. Poor quality! I went through escalating through trade assurance but it's been over a month, & I haven't received any response.
I have lost my trust with alibaba seller. I lost $380 to this company Guangzhou Zhenao. Because of this company. I'm not going to do anymore business with alibaba. Alibaba's TRADE Assurance process does NOT work! Ella Lin, Harry Lin, & Lilly Xu are all cannot be trusted!
It's not a big amount of money, thank goodness! It's the principle of how these people can sleep through the night with their lies
Here's an allegation from this Lilly Xu, who has the audacity to accuse me

"Not machine has problem, just you think it has problem,
We have many other clients bought this Machine, nobody like you and think Machine it has problem,
Machine is good, but i cannot change your idea that you think it's bad,
Honestly, i think you are on purpose, you wanna cheat our Machine and then get money back"
What a scammer!
This company has only been in business for 2 years but already building up awedul reputatio Not machine has problem, just you think it has problem,

We have many other clients bought this Machine, nobody like you and think Machine it has problem,
Machine is good, but i cannot change your idea that you think it's bad,
Honestly, i think you are on purpose, you wanna cheat our Machine and then get money back!"

Oh wow! Unbelievable! They have the audacity to turn around & accuse me

Alibaba - misleading information!
I ordered from a supplier who was nice, but failed to inform me the amount of money I would have to spend on shipping prior to going through with the transaction. I had already paid over $100+ for shipping thinking that it would cover everything, regarding to how much I have paid. Now that the products have arrived to the UK, I am now being told that I would have to pay over £50+ again for tax/ import shipping so now I contact the supplier and she is saying that there is nothing Alibaba could do about it. I have now processed a refund and hopefully it will be accepted - very upset at the service. This is my first time buying from alibaba and prior to buying the supplier said that all my goods are insured and I could ask for a refund if anything happens. Now that this is happening and I am no longer in the mood to pay for anything else, they have turned around and said that the products will stay at customs and either be destroyed or returned and nothing will be done about it. Wow. Shocked. Will never purchase from this website and company again! I'm giving 2 stars and not one only because the supplier woman was kinda friendly.

Knee & Elbow Braces
To whom it may be of interest,
We have recently been in search of the right manufacture that is willing and able to produce for us a matching set of Knee & Elbow Braces with our very own private label / custom logo. As a longstanding member of Alibaba, we started to search for the right suppliers and we came across quite a few manufacturers that produced these specific goods and pretty well all of them claimed that Alibaba could provide us with all we were asking for, at the best price and with the best quality guaranteed. After going through a long list of offers and quotations, we broke it down to 3 companies, each with their own specialty of products. They all looked pretty solid but that's an understatement. We ordered something from each and prepared for the arrival of goods that were for inspection of quality and or for a possible promotional trial. Well in short only one company out of the 3 has made the approval list. The other 2 dropped the ball and showed us how really careful we need to be when deciding which of them to want to deal with for a long term business relationship. We are proud to say that Tianjin JRQ Sports Products Co., Ltd. and their representative Mrs. Marianna Lee have convinced us that they will be the selected company that we will choose to move forward with on these type of products from this point on. We may even be interested in having them produce some of their other specialty products for our Name Brand.

Another review, not so good
This review is not so generous to Alibaba or it's sellers as my first.
We have made many purchase.
Been lied to, deceived by sellers, out right cheated to the tune of more then a thousand dollars, which for a small business is no small amount.
Please note not all sellers are shady we have also been treated well by a number of them.
Their "Trade Assurance" program from my personal experience is at best of questionable value no matter how much proof you may have or what the seller shows as the description. We have drastically slowed down our purchases because of this.
Here is some advice;
1) Pay to have sample product shipped to you for examination.
2) Ask more questions then you feel is necessary.
3) Insist in these questions being answered specific to the question not answered in generalities which Alibaba do frequently, a big red flag.
These questions are a pain to deal with because they seem incapable of answering more the one question at a time.
4) Be specific on what you require
Obviously be polite though understanding they are not your friend, all they want is your money, period...

Very unprofessional style, I had an issues with factory and Alibaba was so bad, disappointment 100%
Alibaba doesn't deserve even 1 star, I would like to give all the compliments to the company Ningbo Paide Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. When I made decision to buy kayak from China, I made contact with all companies in China to check the offers, but this company was the best from all. I was in touch with Nicole from factory and she was great and professional, but after that I wanted some extra service with shipping because I live in Europe and its was very particular service, so at that time manager Summer step on the floor, and she did amazing job, extremely fast, and efficient and lovely person who did above and beyond to make everything happened. In my business I deal with 5000 customers every day and I know what is mean when you have somebody like this in your team, and Summer exceed that expectations. Company should be proud on her. I will buy again in the future. Alibaba deserved 10 stars. If you want to make any business with factory, do it with factory directly, do
not involve Alibaba, because Alibaba is useless.

Alibaba ripple me of
We placed a order from seller named Shenzhen Ease-Way Techlonogy Co., Ltd for masks from brand SJ with FDA approved and the seller told us he will ship this brand and he even emailed to us a copy of the FDA papers from SJ Brand, after few weeks we got the order but it was junk tin not FDA SJ approved masks so we contact SJ it self and we emailed them photos from what we got and we asked to them if this what we got is from their brand, SJ reply to us telling us that this is not their item and thy never deal or sold any thing to this seller at all and thy dont even know this seller and for the safety we should not use this mask, we contact this seller to let them know we got the wrong fake and counter fraud item and we can not use it since its junk and not FDA approved do to SJ, seller and alibaba did agreed to refund me the money but asked me to pay an Handel the return, we have contact seller an Alibaba to let them know that since this woes a problem from seller part shipping to us fake item we are not responsible to pay for shipping back to china as we have confirem this with the THE FDA OFFICE, now the items is still siting with me waiting to get labels from this fraudulent seller so we can return the items and get back the refund asap but till now seller did not do so. Please have this seller removed from your site asap and have hem email me the labels... we are now working with attorney to file claim on Alibaba and this seller with the USA AG OFFICE AND THE FDA if we can get this done here on nice way will be good for all... below please see copy of email talk we had with he company SJ where thy confirm that this guy is not selling their item and he use their FDA papers on fake products with out their knowing..

I am refilling a claim # 9358221 because all the info that I gave you about the supplier showing that he did not fulfill their agreement. The supplier would not let me use your platform or Trade Assurance service. I have in the last 3 to 4 months tried supplier and all Alibaba wanted to do was push me to whatsup app to do their business. This supplier had high rankings on your platform. I did everything that the supplier wanted and I even asked at the time of paying the supplier that this is free shipping. If you would look at the transcript on whatsup it shows me asking about shipping and port fees and the supplier saying its free shipping to my address. I have the payment that I made the shipping tracking number from the supplier. After 3 days of the product being shipped the supplier wanted more money for port fees. The supplier is the one that broke the agreement and at the end I asked for my refund because the product and I was not going to give them more money because that was not the agreement. The supplier said that he was not going to refund and wanted me to pay for the shipping fees. This is not apart of the agreement and if you looks at the pictures the supplier even has your logo at the top of the message app. You need to look into this or even look into your suppliers that are scamming customers out of their money.

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