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Illegally sold out of date goods at Shirebrook store.
Purchased meat that was past its used by date. If I hadn't noticed, it could have caused sickness or worse. It is unlawful to sell out of date goods when the item is past its used by date. Would not recommend. I am not travelling 5 miles back for a refund. Would cost me more in fuel than the item. Poor customer service that send a generic response.
Poor. Would not recommend.

Aldi only seem to post good reviews. I have tried to post on two occasions with criticism and both times were moderated and not posted. A shame as my reviews were very balanced and polite. Items turning up with no instructions how to put together is a genuine matter ! Having to wait a week to get them emailed a disgrace in this day and age. The actual items were good value for money and are beautiful!

I have been shopping for years now at Aldi when they first opened they never had rotting food left on shelves but now they just don't care think its time for visit from Health Department

Love the layout of the store.Its always so neat and clean.nice and helpful employees.I have been shopimg there for over 20 years.Prices are awesome.Thanks 😊

Aldi deluxe steak pie with onion and smoked bacon(small size) £2.19. Sorry Aldi but this product is far off the mark infact I’d say one of the worse food products I’ve ever bought. Pastry rock hard and completely tasteless, the overwhelming flavour of smoked something which Was disgusting (additive I’d say because there was no evidence of pieces of bacon in the pie), that left an overwhelming bland and smoke filled product that was totally horrible. £2.19 in the bin!

I've just started using Aldi, and I was enjoying the large car park the healthy flowers, the bakery and the non food items it makes the visit a little different from the normal super shopping experience in the UK ! .....until I met Gilda that is on the checkout, she was plastered, or perhaps something else maybe but she just went off on me for assuming quite reasonably that I could keep the fertiliser in the wheel basket until I got to the front door and stack it there and then carry the load from there on, she went berserk ' what did your last slave die of' was one of the retorts 'is my back stronger than yours', 'cant you find another shop who will carry your goods for you', I never asked for someone to help with my shopping.
Clearly this is the norm in there as someone in the queue leant over and said pensively he could put my basket back in the right place to satisfy her, and then said it's like that all the time in here.
It was clear to me she had had a notification from some customer security platform where my image had been placed for giving another bad review by the Raqqa Security company currently being imposed on us by Greater London Tesco's.
So get your facts right before you go bullying and insulting the innocent.
I will go back to see if it's just Gilda or not.

I had a horrible experience with a cashier named Ieisha R. who was ridiculously rude to me, very pushy, and even swore under her breath as I walked away from the incident. The worst part is I had my four year and eight year old daughters with me, whom both heard her. I reported this to the Assistant Manager on duty and the Store Manager, then contacted corporate. I was offered a small gift card(which I did not request nor was it warranted)and then I was treated as though I was the issue not the employee's behavior. I was basically accused of creating the situation(s) that was pushed upon me by the employee.
Considering I was given a gift card I went back to the store used the card a manager took care of me and things were allegedly fine. I went back a week or so later to pick up a few things and Ieisha was there again. I was yet again treated with disdain by her and humiliated publicly in front of other shoppers. I reported this to the DM she referred me to her superior and neither one of them did anything for me. Both of them took the stance that despite their employee's behavior I was at fault. I do not remember their names, but the DM's contact is 980-305-2534 and her superior's contact is 980-305-5237. The DM's boss was supposed to contact me back, and has yet to do so.
I sent a detailed business email in regards to these incidents, requested a contact back, and no one has done so. I have waited almost a week and finally gave up and decided I would never shop at another Aldi even though I have been shopping there almost exclusively for 5+ years.
Worst customer service experience of my life at any grocery chain including correspondence with District and Regional Management.

Imagine I went to Aldi and bought a pack of chicken wings and a pack of thighs
I had my 8 year old daughter stopping over
It came to the time to eat
We decided to have wings n thighs with rice n veg
I went to open the wings ...and the stench as I opened 🤮🤮🤮🤢... I went to the toilet and was physically sick
I put all the chicken back in the same Aldi bag and took it to the store ..whereupon I stated my complaint
As I stood there ppl could even smell the rancidness of the chicken ... they were turning away
... I was returned the cost of pack price
I dread to think of the consequences if I had served such gross to my daughter without realising
Cheap is not always cheerful

I ordered some nursery furniture from the Aldi website. Was shipped as three parts. The boxes were heavy "2 man" parcels. One item was left early and dumped outside. Other two parts were delivered on the correct day, but was a single person who dumped the items in front of my house. My pregnant girlfriend was home alone so she couldn't move the parcels.
Contacted Aldi and took them over 90 hours to respond. They sent multiple messages publicly on Twitter saying they would respond soon, and even lied in one to say I hadn't sent any messages. They had time to do this, but no time to actually respond to the message.
During this time, I discovered that there was an incorrect part. I contacted Aldi again. When I finally got a response, they said all they could do is return it, which would require disassembling it, repackaging it and taking a day off work to wait for the 7AM-7PM time slot.
I managed to figure out who made the item and, though them, was sent to the company that deals with the spares. After a very quick phone call, that company is now sending me the missing part.
Not sure why Aldi couldn't have made that phone call to sort it out for me.

Don’t but fruits and vegetables at Aldi. 5-6 times I bought Avacados at Aldi and all the times avacados were bad and not able to use. I always buy avacados for Shoprite and they always good. But only few times I bought in Aldi and they are bad and we were not able to use them.

I ordered a table for my sister, it was damaged. Eventually they picked it up I asked for a replacement, eventually it was delivered to me I live in South Wales she lives in north wales the delivery address was clear enough on the invoice. I was then told it could not be delivered to her. They came to collect the table now I am having to chase my refund. I will never ever buy from this company again. All I get from them is sorry. It’s ridiculous. I have emailed and asked for a member of management to call me and nobody does. A rubbish company

Ordered an item from Aldi online on 23rd May - stated delivery time was 3-5 working days so this was expected on Friday 26th May at the latest- so far (26th May) it has not even been collected by the courier - whose website shows a 404 error and cannot give more info - and the only tracking information supplied was to tell me estimated delivery 31st May - rang customer services as the item ordered is a birthday gift which I am delivering this weekend. This consisted of a woman telling me what she couldn't do and randomly asking what else she could "assist" me with. Cannot contact the courier firm, cannot contact a manager, cannot get a manager to call me back (all in an all day meeting apparently...) cannot give any further help!!! (FURTHER???) or provide any telephone numbers or cancel my order and refund me - and when I asked re a manager to call me back she stated "If they think your issue is something they WANT to deal with, they may call you back but she refused to escalate my call which had now turned into a complaint. You really could not get worse customer service than this experience. I will never shop at Aldi again either online or in store - you treat customers with contempt. I will however be contacting Trading Standards, the FCA - Refusal to refund, really??? and our local paper - to begin with. If you state 3-5 days you need to stick to 3-5 days - have you heard of distance selling regulations? It would appear not. Absolutely disgusted by both your failures on delivery and your non existent customer service which really does show just how little you value customers.

This is the second time I've had to pull the Cannock store about the quality of their fresh veg. Yesterday the brocolli was disgusting - brown & mouldy. I pointed it out to a store girl who said, quote, "it's going off really quickly & it wasn't like that this morning (it was midday). And I only do labels but I'll get it removed now". 20 minutes later it was still there waiting for someone with poor eyesight to buy. This store clearly has no pride or care about the produce & I've said it before - the manager needs a good shake up if this is what he allows.

Problem is you pop in for a bottle of wine or a sandwich and no self check outs. Queues of people with trolleys upon trolleys and not waiting 30/40 min. Complete Joke and total lack of customer awareness

Ashfield Big Daddy steak. Worst ever. Barely fit for human consumption. Jaws were bouncing off it. Horse steak more like. Straight in the bin.

Sells faulty goods and complaints department just ignore complaints and will not respond to them, I used to be a loyal customer but wouldn't shop with them again after my recent experience

I bought these on an off chance to try, as can be quite fussy about yogurt, loved the look of the little pots, after trying to twist of the lid like a jar, realising the lid is plastic and just pops off 🙄, the yogurt is lovely thick and smooth and creamy, at the bottom there is either lemon curd, or strawberry sauce, these are both amazing, but have to admit, lemon curd is my favourite 😍, the jars you can reuse for other things once cleaned, I have found my one and only go to yogurt, ideal for me to pop into my bag for my night shift, there is just enough in the jar to satisfy my appetite, thank you, I’m one happy customer with my find

Worst customer service ever!
I placed and online order for a garden furniture set to be delivered. I waited for two weeks but never received the product. There was no information on Aldi’s tracking system as well. I requested for a refund. They are asking me to wait till the delivery company returns the product in their warehouse. How is this fair on me? The delivery company has lost the package and Aldi is making me wait till they get it back from the delivery company. This is my Worst ever experience on a online purchase. Aldi is making the customer pay for their internal faults. I still haven’t got my money and no information has received. I requested for a manager to talk with me. They said they all are busy and can’t come to the phone and lady who spoke just hung up the phone. Worst experience ever!!!!!

I ordered a multi-purpose ladder to be delivered within 5-7 days... two weeks later a lawn-mower turned up! I refused delivery (because that's not what I ordered) and contacted customer services. I was eventually told that they didn't have the ladder I ordered in stock any more and so when the lawn-mower was returned to them they would start a refunds process... within 14 days!
So Aldi have had my money for 2 weeks already, didn't deliver what I ordered and expect me to wait for an item to be returned to them that has nothing to do with me and was never in my possession then I have to trust that their warehouse staff who don't know the difference between a ladder and a lawn-mower will trigger a refund process that might take about 14 days or might never happen at all! I don't think so - I'm in the process of triggering a fraudulent transaction process with my bank as they clearly had no intention of honouring my order in the first place! I only hope that a marker is put against Aldi's bank account to freeze any further transactions so that no-one else can be conned by these fraudsters!

Wonky easy peelers. They are not. They drive me mad. The skins are as thick as ordinary oranges. You need lots of time and patience to peel these. Don't bother.

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