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I purchased a coach sling bag i received a used product ( photos attached)..i placed return request, daily i receive msg that courier guy will come to collect but he never came..i only receive msg that your pickup has been rescheduled..whenever i call him, he never picks my call..also, how can ajio sell second hand products??? its people are fraud...i'll never buy any luxury product from ajioluxe... Refund my amount as soon as possible or i'll take legal action against Ajioluxe.and your customer care no. is waste.. no one is available on that no.i have tried atleast 100 times but my call was never answered

Please beware of this app- Its a fraud with a pathetic customer care and no returns. I am not the person who generally writes the review. But they have made the experience so bad that I had to spend time to learn how to write the review to warn people. Order ID:FLO36365771- After multiple emails, requests and calls they told me that they would not pick up the product (they do not care if you don't like the product as they already took the money from you). Then I get an email asking me to courier the product by myself as they do not have a pick-up service. And then after you take all the time and pain to go and courier it at your own cost (Rs.350), all they do is return it back by not accepting it. When I called the customer care- I am already tired and irritated by then (this took more than a month of constant chasing and calling and emailing)- all they asked me to do is to go to the courier center and courier it again (another Rs:350). When I called the customer care and asked them on how do they guarantee a return, they tell me to write an email again. It is shocking and disturbing to see such a big retail company actually cheating people with a downrated business. If they are incapable of handling the business, they should not enter into such e-commerce business and cheat and rob people by false promising the returns. When they do not have such a service, they should disclose it to the customers and let them take the decision to buy a product blindfolded.

I had a very bad experience twice.
One for the return of some products which I had applied within 30 days Bt the concerned person has not came to collect nd thus app shows it can’t be returned.
Second- due to some technical issue at the time of payment, I had made double payment Bt scanning same QR code, then also company is not refunding me amount.
Customer care is not at all good, nobody attends the customers properly and not satisfy with their revert. And for one complain I had to raise 4-5 compliant request as they close the earlier complain without satisfying customer and solving the problem.

I had a very bad experience twice.
One for the return of some products which I had applied within 30 days Bt the concerned person has not came to collect nd thus app shows it can’t be returned.
Second- due to some technical issue at the time of payment, I had made double payment Bt scanning same QR code, then also company is not refunding me amount.
Customer care is not at all good, nobody attends the customers properly and not satisfy with their revert. And for one complain I had to raise 4-5 compliant request as they close the earlier complain without satisfying customer and solving the problem.

I had a horrific experience ordering from this unethical company. I had ordered few dresses amd I did receive wrong size products. When I tried to return, I was shocked to see my account has been blocked. They do not cite any reasons and block your account without intimation. Customer service is pathetic and is just for name sake. After multiple follow ups I received a mail saying the account has been disabled due to heavy returns/replacements which is absolutely baseless. I had returned a few items earlier due to size/quality issues which everyone will do. But if that was the case they should have blocked it after the previous orders but it was done after placing a bulk order only. They are so clever in looting customers. Now it says my user is blocked and is not serviceable. I need to replace the products for different size and an amount of 8k is stuck due to this. Please never ever buy from these fraudsters.

Pathetic services. I created the return. They canceled it at their own leisure. then asked me to send the pics with labels, EAN numbers, etc. so that they can review & arrange a pick up. but after 10days return did not get picked besides sending reminder mail.
Every time you call the customer support team they will ask 24hrs to resolve. every time you call they ask details order#, return id, such a pathetic database they have.
Customer support, their supervisors are all there only to listen to what you are saying & communicate to the email team, who has no credibility to adhere to their own commitments.
I created the returns in Jun which are not picked still besides sending reminders.
Also, there order does not get delivered as per commitment & nobody is bothered about the same as these are prepaid orders.

Wish i would've seen such reviews before buying. I bought 2 maternity dresses and quality of both products is worst. After 1st wash color washed away and look faded. And white polka dots started coming out the whole bucket water was filled with white dot paint and even floor also. Eveytime i wear that dress white dots sticks on body and on every wash also these dots comes out. Most horrible thing is material of the cloth used to make being maternity dress it should be soft cotton and comfortable but its completely opposite. Whenever i wear this dress i fill something is biting me, air dont passes away you will feel very hot in that dress.
And the 2nd dress was so bad that i couldn't wear it more than 2 times. It is kept unused.
I tired to put review on ajio site but there was no option to put. Then i called customer care and complained there. They also have not taken any action.
Never ever recommend anyone ajio. World's worst quality products are available here.

Hv faced multiple issues before deciding that NEVER shop at AJIO.
1. Ordered a dress with payment through netbanking.... never received the dress, bit it shows delivered in the tracker.... kept calling 'customer (they don't) care' to resolve.... everytime they promised a resolution by a certain date, a week from the call date... so after a week the tracker will say problem resolved without hvng resolved it.... kept following up, same thing kept happening.... never got the dress neither the refund.... Finally gave up after chasing them for a v long time.
2. Gave them the benefit of doubt assuming that maybe this was one stray incident.... & ordered again.... this time ordered 2 nightwear sets(top n bottom), paid up via netbanking.... received only the top, no bottom for both.... so tried returning/exchanging, the pickup guys refused to take an incomplete set for returning/exchanging despite mentioning the return/exchange reason on the app while placing the request.... so started calling the customer (they just don't) care again for resolution.... just like my previous experience.... no resolution, no refund, no return, no exchange..... gave up again after long follow ups....
3. This time ordered again coz was getting a good deal, a dress which was on mrp on other apps, ajio was offering a discount on that & the dress looked really nice.... so, out of greed to buy a good deal, placed order, paid up via netbanking.... rcvd the dress, but the dress was not as good as it looked online, so placed a return request same day.... but it didn't get picked up, kept wondering y, so checked on app, it said return on hold, called up THE CUSTOMER CARE, to understand y it was not getting picked up, they said its a technical glitch, so they suggested canceling the return request & placing a new return  request, we'll the process takes 3 days, I had already waited 3 days for pickup to happen.... so again placed a return request on the 7th day from receiving the order... but the tracker again showed return on hold, called up CUSTOMER CARE again, again technical glitch, again canceled return request,  again placed fresh return request...... 3rd time too the tracker showed return on hold, so repeated the entire process, this time after canceling the return request, now I was not allowed to place a return request as the return period had lapsed.... stuck with 2500 dress, which is of no use to me, which can't b returned .... money wasted again...
So after all these experiences, I've gathered the customer care is just a big FARCE, they r not equipped to resolve problems since they've been told to just provide lip service, no resolution.... its not in there power to resolve if that's not the company policy.....
In greed to get good deals, don't AJIO, u might wait endlessly but they hv some really wrong policies for money making..... honestly, been shopping on all other apps, myntra, Amazon, flipkart..... etc.... not one such eexperience.... whenever there is a problem, it always does get resolved after speaking to customer care, while in AJIO, it NEVER GETS RESOLVED! AVOID SHOPPING ON AJIO!

I had ordered two items and one item it's been delivered but in the update it's showing that the item has not been delivered yet and I I'm not getting the return option..... another item has been returned and in the update it's showing like refund has been credited but still Today I haven't got any amount.....i tried calling the customer service it's not responding to my calls....worst app I have ever all are frauding the people....i haven't faces such problems in any other app before....why can't u return the amount and also update things on time....such a worst app....bad experience

Illiterate employees responding to emails and calls who don't understand issues and use automated response refund reference number as PSeaGt4NekEey3EefQ8izgw for the product name as alsace lorrain paris relaxed fit cargo for amount 539.73 as per ajio representative you guys have initaited refund on 6th june amounting 539.73 for this product . I dont see any refund from Ajio in this amount on said date. AS EXPLAINED TODAY ON CALL THERE WERE 6 PRODUCTS I SEE REFUNDS OF 5 AND 1 IS STILL PENDING . ATTACHING SCREENSHOT FOR MY CREDIT CARD STATEMENT FOR YOUR REFERENCE send multiple emails made multiple calls will I be getting the refund

I had ordered a product from AJIO and the same was delivered on 13th June 2022, since the product wasn’t fitting and not looking good, I returned the same and the guy picked it on 14th. Since then, I have been waiting for my refund and they have been prolonging by saying that they have some issues internally !! My order ID is FN2562201602. It’s been worst experience I’m facing with them leaving my job and doing follow up on my refund. I’m DISAPPOINTED. 😒 I’M STILL AWAITING FOR MY REFUND

Worst costumer service i have ever seen. I'm never getting anything from reliance. Ironically the service is most unreliable. I placed and order for which the payment failed and I didn't receive a refund (the entirety of the money was lost). I have been trying to reach the constumer service for past 1hr but there is nobody picking up the call or they put me on a long hold. This is a disgusting way to treat your constumers. And I'm sure to share this work on all my reviews. NEVER TRUST RELIANCE.

It’s the worst app I’ve ever used to shop online. Poor services, cancel order anytime they want, no punctuality, late delivery. And I don’t get this thing, they charge xx amount for delivery for something then I add other things to cart and Oder in huge quantity and still I’ve to pay for delivery and oh guess what the delivery amount is now increased, like seriously!? And I literally have worst experience with this app I order something at some price, and when it arrives the price always gets increased like why and wtf is wrong with you!? They are fraud that’s not how online shopping works! Poor service! Even their app is also not smooth. If I could I would rate them with negative stars🙂

The worst online i have ever experienced
I ordered something from ajio worth 700₹ On 15 april, i Return the same due to size issues.
Since 15 April i am continuously calling them and sending emails about my bank account number but they are not giving any heed to my complaint. Their customer care service is so worst they have not returned me a single penny since 15th April they are completely harassing me, moreover no one is giving revert back to me. Somehow I got my money in my AJIO wallet after a month and God knows on whose account the same has been transferred without my permission. I am calling them again and again there is there is cutting my call and this is a complete harassment. I would give them minus.
Kindly do something with regard to my complaint.
Its been more than two months now
Shame on you

Had an utterly disappointing experience. Purchased 6 items in May amounting to 5372/- out of which a FILA sandals worth 1274/- got damaged on the very first day of use within 3-4 hours itself. I am sure that it's a duplicate product.
The customer care executive told me that since the product was used, it wouldn't be picked up. Now the customer care isn't helping me get my refund. They are showing it as the problem has been resolved. Will never again purchase anything from Ajio. Utterly disappointed !!!
Didn't expect such a thing from them. Hope my problem gets resolved at the earliest !!!

Hi All just wanted to share my experience. Order denim from AJIO Luxe and paid money through net banking. Due to waist issue, I have to return the same . Item returned on the same day but after 4 days customer care told that we have received the wrong product. So I asked I have delivered the right product and delivery guy has scanned the bar code for authentication and clicked the picture of the product so please ask him to share the info with you. In this way Every thing will be sorted out but instead of doing that it’s almost 11 days now neither they are updating me nor refunding my money. They will make you fool and worst part is that customer care don’t have any clue how to sort this issue. At last I have filled FIR with police. Will definitely delete this app once this issue get resolved.

There should be a zero or negative star review. Too bad I didn't check this page before I ordered on ur site.
Really experienced first hand how shitty your service is.
My order was not delivered to me or at my house at all. Nobody called me also. When I called to raise a complaint, the delivery agent was hopeless. First of all he can only speak Hindi. I am shocked that the show off richest guy in India would spend so little on training their customer care. You should be banned from delivering in south Indian locations.
Second there is no policy in place to handle issues with delivery . This much is apparent from how the delivery agent spoke. I asked him repeatedly for what kind of resolution will be provided. No answer from him.
I wanted to know if the order will be cancelled and i will be refunded or if they somehow track the order and re-deliver it.
They said resolution will be provided by 4th June. But judging the reviews on page it and the customer agents response it is clear I have been looted.
The owners have constructed Antillia clearly by stomping on the lower folk .

I am from U.S.A. ordered few clothes through my Ajio app to my parents address who are in Hyderabad, India. I made payment through credit card on April 26th. Firstly they took almost 15 days to delivery all the items. I received a jeans which is not at all wearable, a worst quality not related to the picture on April 30, 2022. Immediately I requested for a return on 31st April . Then it showed me item will be collected on May 9th. But return pickup not happened till 9th so I raised a complaint then I got a mail saying your issue will be solved before 16 th May. But on 15th they simply closed my return request without calling me. As I was not in the country, I was not able to call them. I again dropped a mail regarding why my package not collected. Again I got mail saying your complaint will be solved within 48 hours. I got a mail the next day that you cannot return the product as the return time expired asked me to go through the return policy.
This way Ajio cheating the people by giving worst service.
The other item I requested for return was a white T shirt as I don't like the quality of the product. It was supposed to collect for return on May 12th but I received a mail that they cannot collect it from the delivered address we need to send it through courier to the wear house. When my person called call center they rescheduled to May 21st to different address as they said they are unable to pick up it from the delivered address.
Don't know whether they will collect it or not.
This was the worst experience I faced with Ajio. I wasted my money aswell time by ordering in Ajio. Please do not order on Ajio. I ordered in Myntra at the same time when I ordered in Ajio. Really Myntra gave me a better better service in returning and also delivering the packages.

Your site is among the worst one i have ever come across you always send products without price tags then you reject products for return. You are selling fake products to people in the name of luxury without price tags and who are you to reject the returns when it is your fault this was the last one i have ever bought anything from ajio and would suggest everyone not to buy anything from this fake site who are robbing the customers wasting their time and just filling their own pockets

the products and everything is good but when it comes to returning the product it says there is no services of their that is available in hyderabad so i have to self ship it till maharashrta for me to get my refund it seems
how much sense does it make? so frustrated with AJIO even though i have been a loyal customer since longggg time.
i suggest no one to buy from this app,instead buy the same products from myntra where they will provide better services.
if there was a way to give 1/2 or 0 stars i would be doing it.

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