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I spent money on the order and I hate each of your piece of clothing I received. Looks totally different from the pictures, plus it's made of different materials. I regret spending over 50 pounds on that poor quality clothes. I ordered a lot on the internet before and never have been disappointed. Once ordered prom dress from Little Mistress and it looked exactly like the one in the picture. I won't recommend Airy to any of my friends, it's a scam.

Great Quality & Fast Service
I ordered a dress that I'd ordered from another company (double the price) twice & waited 3 months for it not to arrive & my money was not refunded. Airy delivered the dress in 2 weeks.The quality was fantastic & I only wish I'd known of the company before wasting time & money on another company's (JFN) very slow order processing & delivering if the order arrives at all. I'm extremely pleased with Airy so much I just placed 2 orders over $100 each. Give them a try. The same garments offered on other sites that take months to arrive was a breeze & I believe the quality was better coming(fabric, seams, hems, no frayed edges) from Airy.

Still waiting for my order
I paid for express delivery I ordered back in March and still haven't received my order. My order actually says processing still this is ridiculous. Communication is horrible. For me the rating is a 1 when I receive my order and some communication I will be willing to update my rating of this site. I'm getting very nervous that I have been scammed and I am ready to take further actions if I have too. I have my bank statement to prove I paid for my items although I haven't received anything.

A Case for Trading Standards and Fair Trading
Take a screenshot of what you ordered and keep it on your computer. Waited weeks for an order and AiryDress were having difficulty getting one item. They clearly didn't have the stock in to sell. Waited more than a month for cheap and nasty, unlabelled, dress and blouse. Totally different from the pictures and one became another picture altogether?! I'm sending the goods to trading standards along with a complaint. I'll never use this company again.

Great product quality and satisfactory customer service!
I have recently received the dresses I ordered from Airydress. Honestly, I was a little worried at first. I was concerned about the quality and the sizes of the dresses. Gladly, Airydress did not disappoint. The quality of the dresses exceeded my expectations and AiryDress fitted me well. Indeed, great value for its price!:)

Furthermore, the shop has very great customer service. My transaction was flawless and easy. I have also received my items on time and are in very good condition when I got them.

Would definitely recommend this shop to my friends! :)

Won't order from them again
I received my first order yesterday. The price is cheap and the delivery is quick. That's the only positives.

Most of the material isn't what I expected. The sizes are way out. I am a UK size 8 so I ordered small. AiryDress are all at least a size 12. The only item I received which was XS was worse, that was at least a size 14.

I have tried all morning to get a returns label, it's impossible. Contacting them by email is just as bad. Even though their website clearly says easy returns, it's not.

Luckily I have a sewing machine so can modify nearly all the items myself, not what I wanted to do with new clothes but no option.

I definitely won't use them again. Wish I had read more of the reviews!

Deceptive advertising - AVOID
Cheap and nasty seconds are what you will get from this company. The garments are nothing like what AiryDress look like and describe on the website. They lie about the fabric, say its made of cotton when its made of cheap thin synthetic material you wouldn't be seen dead in. The garment construction is poor with threads showing and there are other flaws in the patterns where they dyes haven't taken properly. You have to pay $$$ postage and insurance to return. It will cost about the price of the dress. What's the point. AVOID this company.

Highly recommended
I was looking for an online store to buy something for my sister as to be honest I always have issues when it comes to presents so I decided to stick to something tried and tested. I dont really remember the name of the customer service agent that helped me out but thank you for sticking with me on this one youve been a star! The delivery was on point and really fast, everything was neatly packed inside and exactly how I imagined it. Most of all my sister really liked it she even asked about the place I bought it from!

Affordable price
I ordered a dress from Airydress and I can say that the quality is not what I expected because it was very good despite the affordable price. I will surely order again since the delivery was fast and the quality and size of the dress is good. My friends thought that I bought the dress from a high-end brand because of it's quality. I am not afraid to recommend this brand to my friends because it exceeded my expectations.

Love the dress
I purchased one of dress from AiryDress, I just surprised when I saw the dress. The dress is beautiful and I fell even more in love with the dress! The fit is perfect and the measurements given were just right. I was not expecting this dress to be so well made, but IT IS! My friends, parents, sister everyonejust tells me that it was a nice fit for me. Low price, but nice quality with bright color. I have gotten so many compliments on it. Thanks AiryDress. I would like to buy again. Recommended highly.

Airycloth is registered in the Uk as a limited company. Yet on the order form, before proceeding to the check out, AiryDress charged me £16.11 for postage and £0.71 for insurance. After paying, I checked my Paypal account. It said £0 postage and no insurance, no VAT. This must be the only company in the UK not being registered for VAT, or there's something else which is irregular going on, worth reporting to HM Customs and Excise and Trading Standard.
Also Airy who used to be called Floryday to my remembering, is having the same problems with the quality and inaccuracy between the beautiful clothes advertised and those received. The size M I ordered had the measurements of a XXXL with a chest of 166cm. That is enormous. Three women would fit in one outfit. And the quality was a real i sult, static nylon for the summer items and a cheap synthetic knitted "material" desperayely trying to look like wool, with the unfinished hem "rolled up". Airy wants me to pay for the return postage, after sending me the wrong items (not at all like the pictures), charged me £16.11 postage plus insurance. If the items are not returned because I will not pay the return postage, I will ask Paypal to refund me. I will send tbem evidence of the rags I received, and the invoice ststing they charged me for postage but showong ad £0 postage on my Paypal invoice. This company must be reporyed for its illegal practices. Trading Standards must be aware of these tactics and they also receive my evidence.

The most appalling clothes - I cannot get a refund -
I chose the clothes because AiryDress looked light and " airy" loose and made of linen and cotton. I could not have been more mislead. A tunic dress described as heavy linen turned out to be plastic and wipeable. A loose looking white floaty shirt in cotton was also plastic. White trousers so badly made baggy and tight with a cheap zip. Bracelets one of which was broekn turned black on one wearing. This company should be closed down on environemntal issues and it is not possible to get a refund. So they are crooks as well. CRAP JUNK Dont do it.

AIRY --Disgraceful - GET A REFUND!
Understanding things take time due to lockdown, I should have realised 4 items were CHEAP & you get what you pay. Yet I didn't... 3 months later order still not even
Despatched & no communication! I paid via PAYPAL with a VISA card, having now read countless poor reviews, I will now be claiming a full refund through my credit card company based on not supplying goods - Has anyone else received their money back? Appears to be a SCAM company, BUYERS BEWARE!

This is one of the most inefficient online companies around
I placed an order of 10 February - and it arrived almost two months later; during which time, several attempts to make contact were frustrating.

When AiryDress did reply, they claimed Chinese New Year had set production back, however, would send goods within ten days. We went through many periods of "ten days" - and then they said one of the fabrics was slow in coming into their stock. Yet another excuse. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to wait it out.

When the items arrived; despite their size guides and the way these items were depicted in their photos, nothing fitted or even looked like the pictures for that matter. The fabric was nothing like that shown either; and it was a very poor quality - so I arranged to send them back for a full refund.

I had to follow this up several times before they accepted the request, however received the instructions - which I have now followed. Using the Parcel-Point option, I returned the items on Friday - and now, will wait (once again) for the refund.

There would be absolutely no chance of me either shopping with this company again nor would I recommend them to anyone. There are plenty of other options available in a very competitive market and I would suggest any one of them rather than Airydress.

Rest assured, they do exist - they are just not run in an efficient manner.

I was on the look out for the best Spring to Summer dress which I'll wear for a casual get-togother with College friends. I needed something light, with patterns that can somehow conceil my short stature. The 'usual' webpages didn't quite piqued my interest, so I browsed through other online choices. I stumbled upon AIRYDRESS.COM and got really interested in their Polyester Stripe Sleeveless Above Knee Elegant Dress. It is a light tan dress with seemingly brushed vertical stripes. What's more, it is 45% off! Talk about great find! Fast forward to the College reunion, I'm confident I was dressed to impress. Little do AiryDress know of the great discount I got for this lovely outfit. I was really happy with this first purchase, and for sure there'll be more! Thank you so much AIRYDRESS!

Worst shop ever!
I waited for over a month for my products to even be sent to me. Then, after AiryDress were delivered after a long time, they were to big and very poor quality. No I want to return them, and their online form doesnt work. So i wanted to contact their service and wrote an email. I got response in chinese that their mail box is full, and I should contact them other way. This shop is a scam. No contact, poor quality, stalling or ignoring costumers. I wonder if I will ever get my money back.

AiryDress is so amazing! I bought bags from there for myself and my sister and I absolutely loved it! The quality was so great! She was really happy when I gave it to her. The price was very affordable, too! I rarely find bags which are so worth it. I am so happy that I found out about AiryDress because AiryDress have beautiful dresses that Im planning to order. Also, Im thankful to AiryDress for delivering my bags in perfect condition and on time. Keep up the good work!

She & I really really love this dress
You can wear it. This dress will have two completely different looks. I bought give it to my wife & she tried it. This dress hangs beautifully because of the weight of the fabric which is substantial and rich looking. The length is perfect not too long and not too short, which I appreciate as I always have issues with things either being too short or too long.

I really really love this dress! And she feel well to wear.

The design is lovely classic and simple.

Lovely Dresses at Super Affordable Prices
I was quite hesitant to order from AiryDress at first since there aren't much reviews online. But I can't help imagining myself in wearing the lovely dresses from their site. So, I placed my orders and patiently waited for my parcel to arrive. I was really happy with my purchase and I actually come back for more. Now, waiting for my 3rd purchase from them.

My transactions with them has been always flawless. Just a tip to new buyers, coz I am seeing some people here who posted that the item doesn't fit them and need to return. Please make sure to read the product description of the items that you wanted to buy and keep in touch with a customer service rep in case you have additional questions.

Like most of the people, I am a little sceptic about shopping online. But I decided to try my luck with purchasing one dress that caught my eye. It was very affordable so I could not resist. When I got it soon because shipping was so fast I was amazed how a dress can be exact the same as on pictures. Also, the colour was right, unbelievable quality and most important the size was like the dress was made just for me. I strongly recommend Airydress. AiryDress are the best!

Stealing your money when you try to cancel order
I ordered 8 items thought I would get these items before my vacation - it's been almost a month since I ordered these items and still haven't receive them. I sent an email and my question wasn't really answered. My order keeps telling me that it's in process mode. It's ridiculous - I tried to cancel my order and if I go forward with canceling it AiryDress stand to keep a portion my my money for doing nothing but delaying the shipment. So either way they win. Has anyone tried canceling their order and if so - did they return your money in full?

Terrible lothes
Do not buy from this company. I have bought 2 items from here ( no fool like an old fool) and both items bear no resemblance at all to the ones advertised.
AiryDress are shoddily made, the material is nothing like the thin airy cheesecloth type advertised, it is hard corse and shiney also the colours again bear no resemblance to the pics, the nice pale blue is in fact an electric blue.

Beware and do not order anything from airydress! It is a complete scam
The company airydress offers their customer advantages for good reviews.
I purchased items twice at airydress – first for more than 50 Pounds (GB), secondly for over 60 Pounds. The clothes which arrived looked completely different than on the pictures and the given measurements are wrong as well. Last but not least the materials were of a lower quality than stated in the offers (eg. Polyester instead of Cotton). On top of this 2 Clothes came with red stain and were unwearable. The rest is unwearable because of wrong size info. The practice of the company in the case of customer complaint is to offer coupons with a lower value than the faulty items have (the prices paid by the customer for them) or a return which is again much lower. Even if airydress makes the mistake of sending a complete poor quality with red stains AiryDress expect the customer to pay again the extreme high delivery costs if he/she wants to use a coupon. It became even worse when I requested a return label and a refund for my second order – airydress did not respond at all. Only on Trustpilot they pretended to respond to me but not in reality. The quality of the clothes was so poor that I could only throw them directly into the bin. It had absolutely nothing to do any longer with the description, materials and sizes were also again wrong. When I requested a so called "worry free return" via their homepage they offered me a fraction of the product value that I paid in return ( only a third) and one shall also pay 3 Pounds for the delivery although they made the mistakes why things have to be send back. If I would return any items I would anyway pay more for a registered sending to have a proof that items arrive at airydress.
Beware and do not order anything from airydress! It is a complete scam. Consumer advocacy in Germany warns people also of airydress.

Good Service
So I purchased a dress from them on 25/09/2017 which arrived on 05/10/2017. The dress looked exactly as it was meant to but it was quite big on me so I was hoping to swap it for a smaller size. I have tried to contact the company to swap it for a smaller size and when I had no response, I then contacted them for a refund. AiryDress haven't bothered coming back to me and I cannot send it back myself as they don't release the returns address on their website. After a few days they contacted and advised they are happy to give me a full refund for the dress which I have now received.

Used Airydress for the first time to buy clothes to keep in my motorhome for breaks away. Absolutely delighted with my order - it arrived 5 days after I ordered, beautifully packaged - each item in it's own reusable zip top bag - and then all carefully packaged into one box, each item is exactly as shown on the website and fits beautifully - items are true to size and of really good quality. I've now ordered a coat and can't wait for it to arrive. Brilliant... thank you Airydress from a very happy customer

Cheap version of what is in ad, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY
I purchased a beautiful dress from Vencano but it was only in bright orange. I don't love the orange but the dress is beautiful. Well, I was thrilled when I saw the same dress in navy blue on
Airydress. The dress that came is of the cheapest fabric you could possibly find and the design was completely different. I will admit that it was well made, but NO! This will not due! It was bad knock off, a completely different dress. It makes me sad that the craftsmanship was so good but not the fabric or the design in the ad. I hope that seamstress finds a better company to work for. Return was quick and easy, but -DO NOT BUY FROM Airydress or Airycloth! YOU'LL BE SORRY. See pics below. Orange dress fits beautifully and DID NOT COME FROM AIRYDRESS!

Cheap, nasty, awful, very unpleasant, disgusting, terrible, dreadful, ghastly, horrid, horrible, vile, foul, abominable, appalling, atrocious, horrendous, hideous, offensive, frightful, loathsome, revolting, repulsive, repellent, repugnant, odious, sickening, nauseating, nauseous, gruesome, diabolical, yucky, gross, from hell, icky, grotty, beastly, hellacious, lousy, very bad, poor, inadequate, inferior, unsatisfactory, substandard, laughable, lamentable, execrable, crummy, pathetic, rotten, useless, woeful, abysmal, dire, poxy flammable thin material.

I placed my order the first week of March, it took them over 5 weeks to deliver then when the order arrived I needed some items returned as the quality was super bad ont some or them especially the shoes.
Tried to return the order but their website had a problem and will not issue the return.
I contacted them and the asked for the items I am returning, send them even pictures and 3 weeks later now I still have the items which are worth about $80 or more.
I can't get hold of anyone to solve the issue.
My order has been deleted of the app.
The request for return has been deleted from the App as well.
I don't know what to do now, AiryDress do not answer emails or messages on the app.
Horrible customer service.

Still waiting!
I placed an order for a large amount of items and was looking forward to my new clothes. I heve received an email telling me that one item I ordered is not available and I will receive a refund I'm still waiting. When I track my order the information tells me my order has not yet been dispatched. I have now asked for my money back and am awaiting an answer. This is very disappointing because I was really looking forward to getting my clothes. I am very upset and will not order from this company ever again

Horrible quality... bad refund clientele service
Please share to make sure that stupid company can't do business anymore called: Airygal.

Well... AiryDress are $#*!ing with me in emails asking for stupid pictures showing them their cheap clothing 3x now. I told them that I have everything ready to ship and won't open their $#*! again... they are being unhelpful and uncooperative... and won't tell me how to return or refund me.

All items are a problem and one t-shirt is missing. I want a return address and my money back & told them to stop asking for pictures its all back in the packages and some of it I didn't even open I could see how cheap it was... The material is see through and cheap, the sewing is cheap, how they finished the products at all openings is terrible and these items are no where comparable to Pink brand items... they look like Walmart cheap Halloween costumes... cheap fabric... I told them to give me return address and shipping details as its a return & should be at their cost... they keep sending me emails asking for pictures... and not helping me at all...

Im pissed & very unhappy and I will make sure everyone knows that on social media. Please pass along and see how many we can reach out & make sure no one ever orders from these cheap bastards.

Marie M.

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