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Last time I use Affordable Papers
I have used AP for a little over 6 months and to be honest it has always been a hit or miss. I have received some decent papers from them but the last couple of times have been ridiculous. A month ago I asked for revisions on a paper that took 2 days and when I submitted the paper through Turnitin I received a 34%! I almost failed the class because of this and had to practically change the entire paper. Unfortunately this week I gave them another chance and I cant believe the paper I received from the writer. Unfortunately for me I just glanced throught the paper in PDF format and accepted it because I needed it in Word format so I would be able to read it. First of all the paper was not in APA style as requested and I truly believe that English is not even the first language of the person who wrote because of the massive amounts of grammar mistakes. I paid $100 for a 5 page paper which is not that bad but I had to re-do the entire paper before turning it in. Im in shock as to how poorly this paper was written and as I mentioned I only accepted it after skimming through because I cannot read it in the blurry PDF format in which the rough draft is sent. I will not be using them any longer

Update since last review- 2/15/16
Affordable Papers contacted me after reviewing my situation and agreed that the paper was not up to the standards I was use to. Affordable Papers have issued me a partial refund which I was pleased with and apologized for any trouble they caused. I was satisfied with their quick response and solution and will continue to use Affordable Papers in the future!

Don't use this website
Affordable Papers say refund guarantee but it's a lie. I wasn't satisfied with my paper so didn't use it and I still pay the amount. Never give the writer the option to choose a topic.

Money back!
The only way you can get your money back from this company is if you pay with PayPal, then open a "not as described " case against them. Affordable Papers know this and will try and convince you to close the case so they can reimburse you, don't believe them. They just want you to close the case because then it cannot be re-opened and they have no intentions of reimbursing you, ever! Your only option of a neutral platform and fair decision is from PayPal.

M experience with Affordable Paper
My experience with Affordable Paper has been amazing very professional and hand in my work on time before due date. Affordable Papers communication with writer and support team 100% professional and understanding. Will do whatever Affordable Papers can to give you a passing grade in your paper

I am absolutely satisfied with the paper delivered to me. The writer has fruitfully worked for the amount of money Ive paid. I do not regret choosing this company and recommend it to everyone willing to get a custom paper for a reasonable price.

This service sucks and got me a 19% on the paper and made me fail my class. Wouldnt correct it without an additional fee and i already paid 125 bucks. Dont use them

Extremely disappointed
I had two papers written from this site each of them costing me $105 so a total of $210 I received an F on both papers. Writers didn't follow specific instructions that were sent to them. I requested a refund for both papers I am in the process of seeing what will happen with that. After multiple email and excused from this company on why Affordable Papers can't refund the money. I think the process is finally started. I will post more later about the refund.

Middle School writing and plagarism
I've used a few times in a jam, never received more than a C paper even when paying extra 25% for someone in that subject area. This last one however got me an F for plagarism. The writer took full paragraphs from a cliff notes website. Ridiculous!

Ive been using this website for a long time now and every paper has been great. Affordable Papers are always fast and they even finish your paper earlier than the deadline. I always choose an advanced writer though BUT THEY ARE ALL GREAT! Alot of people that rate it less than 3 stars in my opinin just dont really explain what they want on their paper as clearly, anyways ordered with them close to 10 times and never complaint

Always on Time!
I enjoy using the service. Affordable Papers are always on time. They are very professional and provide great customer service. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

Mostly Good Service
I am a long time customer and find that offers good services. For the most part the papers are very good quality. Occasionally, when using a "Best Available" writer, the quality and grammar can be questionable. That said, Affordable Papers usually will revise without issue.

Unfortunately, they have increased their prices which is unfortunate, but I guess all companies are doing that these days.

I needed a paper due in a few days and this service gave me no worries. I didn't have to keep asking when the paper was going to be finished for my review before submission. Most of all, the price per page is affordable and I know when the time comes, Affordable Papers will be the first service I use. I received an A paper!

Excellent service, fast and easy to track!
I ordered a 5 page research paper due in 8 hours and I received it hours before the deadline. My writer made some changes that should've cost me an extra $37 for free! Great college level writing too, defenetely recommend

Affordable papers Gets the Job Done.
With any cheat service, you can expect it to be a bit flawed as the writers do not necessarily go through the course with you and your instructor so expectations are always different. What is most important is that the AP services does their best to accommodate all of my request with prompt services and great customer service. I have had to have a revision a time or two but Affordable Papers are free and if I submit the request in enough time, its usually not a problem. I could see if you were a bit of a procrastinator, why this would be a problem, but the trick is the more specific you are with your requirements (I don't like the "writers choice" option) or upload resources for them to follow as guidelines, the better the quality of your paper. I have used this service for several of my papers and I have only requested a refund once... I was extremely vague but I was completely dissatisfied with my paper and ended up doing it myself. They were very accepting and even sent me a coupon for a free page for next time. I would say they are the best. I would appreciate in the future if they would send copies of the paper preview with the email notifying that the draft is complete or to develop and app so that I can read them and approve on the go but its no big deal.

Such negative experience that I was crying at deadline...
Such negative experience that I was crying at deadline because of whole mess of paper that writer sent me- kept receiving paper without changes I asked for.
And the writer didn't communicate with me at all.
Most of all, the admin made me pay up regardless just because I hadn't got back to them about the "dispute" on time, I didn't get back on website two months after receiving email to confirm that the dispute is closed. IO have explained that I lost the email and link to access my order at time.

And guess what, I only got 17% out of 100%!

Horrible. I will never use this site again.
I gave one of my assignments to affordablepapers site to do it for me. Affordable Papers didn't follow the assignment guidelines and I got 59% for the assignment. Their customer service is not helpful. I think I would get a better grade if i wrote it myself.$66 is wasted.and they never offer money back guarantee.It's a scam.

Ok service but there are better.
Tried their service because of the pricing, but was not really 100% satisfied. I had to re-write couple paragraphs to make it perfect due to no time for a revision. However, after that got an A. Now I am using service from another company 4students. Very happy with their quality and much less revisions.

Affordable really
Writers do not read instructions for the paper. I guess their goal is to write a bunch of gibberish to fulfill page requirements.
Then Affordable Papers do not issue a refund because you accepted the paper!
Read your paper before accepting. These guys can not be trusted!

This site is ridiculous!
Where to begin. I put in an order for a few (8) questions to be reviewed, to see if Affordable Papers were okay. I was charged $44 and thought this was absurd for just reviewing! Though because I'm in university, and needed it reviewed in a few hours, I agreed. The writer then turned the paper back to me, with multiple errors in spelling and grammar. I asked for a revision, and again, was given an essay with errors. I then demanded a refund, because I wasn't paying for something that I now see didn't need revision from some person, for God knows where in the world. Not only did I not recieve my refund, I had to re-write the paper because THEY TOOK MY PAPER AND PUBLISHED IT FROM THEIR WRITER. So, of course, turning it into TurnItIn only showed that I had plaigarised, when I didn't and the writer just took what I had and reworded, added errors, etc. I would stay away from this site!

I'd give them a 'A'!
I have used this company numerous times; not for lack of abilities though. I work full time, am an active reserve driller for the US Navy, and am raising two small children on my own, plus taking two full load masters level courses! This company has always been good to me. There have been a few occasions where the grammar needing fixing, or some of the instructions weren't followed, but I've always been able to get them fixed and turned in on time. I've never had an issue with plagiarism, never received anything below a 'B' (that was only one time).

I'll keep using them!

Do not use
Worst customer service ever!

I receive a paper and my professor gave me F because of plagiarism. Affordable Papers didn't care and told me that the solution was pay for a new one


Affordable papers is a fraud
I placed my order not for inability to write my own, but I have a full and part time job and finding time to do these lengthy time consuming assays can be tricky and difficult. Anyway, when Placing an order, the company offers its services by the page, I have chosen and clicked on the number of pages requested per assay instructions.

First written that was assigned, came back with a papers that was:
1-from another book other that the one assigned (putting quote and author of another book)
1- papers was ridiculously full of run-ons, long ass sentences, repetitive words, and poor choice of vocabulary. Used many such as GOT or awesome. Who talks like that? Only street conversations include those terms not professional writers.

I requested revision, the same writer came back with a fix, and guess what? He or she only removed the authors name and replaced with the one i asked for. Left all of the crappy mistakes ad poor vocabulary.

Requested another writer to finish my paper. Second writer did little better, but it seems that none of them proofread their own work, how can you write something without going back and fixing your own blemishes!

I contacted them again explaining the situation, their answer was, the writer did complete his assignment and wrote 1100 words. BUT I paid for pages not words.

I asked them to go ahead and make those 1100 words into 4 pages, or ask the writer to add to it and make it 4 pages instead... Affordable Papers Flat out refused, or as they put it... " we have to decline"




Mediocore at Best
I was informed about this site through a friend. I paid $68 for a paper that I ended up having to revise. I'm not sure if the writer was qualified to write about my subject matter. I used this site due to time constraints but feel I could have written a way better paper. It's not likely I would use them again.

Why isn't there a star for zero?
Why isn't there a star for zero? I had a paper due in 30 hours so paid to have it done in eight hours. I requested revisions 11 times. An hour before the paper was due to be turned in, I had no choice but to purchase it and try to fix it. Fixing was not a option. I had to write the paper myself. At this point, there was no way to get it turned in on time so I lost 50% of my grade which, as you probably know, gave me an F.

Regardless, the paper was all wrong. I requested a paper on the cognitive model of abnormal psychology. What I got was a paper that used the WORD cognitive but contained next to nothing ABOUT the cognitive model. It described the biological, psychodynamic and other models, but rarely the cognitive.

After I finished my REAL paper, I took THEIR paper, noted as many errors as I could fit into it and sent it back. I even, reluctantly, sent them a copy of MY paper for comparison. I'm still in dispute and haven't heard back from them.

Bottom line, Affordable Papers don't know what they're doing. The paper was one big error. Not only was everything wrong, but the grammar was horrific. There were entire paragraphs that went around it circles. The words various, some, given and different were used, in total 41 times offering nothing but a lot of vagueness.

If I had turned this paper in, I would have received less than the 50% than I got with my own paper being late.


Very bad
The instruction I provided was not following, ignoring my concern when to contact them. I paid $ 55 for my paper, and I have to rewrite it myself. I didn't receive the assignment in a deadline until I asked for, never recommended and not use this site at all.

Best service hands down!
I used this service for every single essay that was due for both English Comp I and II, college level. Every essay that was delivered got me an A and I never had to request the most expensive writer, just standard or at the most English speaking writer. Reading somr of the lower reviews makes me think these were people who hurt themselves. For instance every time I requested a paper I uploaded all requirements as it was given to me from my professors, would give the writer the longest time frame (7 days) when paper was due in 10+ days, and would try to request the same writer so my style appeared consistent. I only had to request a revision a couple of times, but alwayd had my paper complete in no longer than 3 days! I even had a writer contact mr when Affordable Papers didn't understand exactly what I was looking for. Just because you are using a service doesn't mean you should be considerate to those providing the service. Your experience will be much better when you are. I will always stand by Afforable Papers and recommend their service to everyone!

General Public Warning to all
I have never write a review in my life. But this would be my first time writing review about bad experience service. I would like to warn the general public to stay away from this company. Here is example of communication between us. Pls read from the bottom to the top.

Dear xxxx,
We see that you have initially checked preview version of the paper and approved the order. Within 7 days after you approve the order you had free revision possibilities. Now when 7 days passed you still can request revision. However, this time charge will be required.

Please let us know how can we assist you?
Best regards,
Support team

On Tue, Apr 26,2016 at 11:21 PM, <*******> wrote:
I don't think you people are serious about customer complained. How many chance of failure would I give?. I've complained many time and same thing continue to persist. Not mentioning 1 mistake, I have more than 3 fails papers. I only give you the present 3 mistake. The Complaint Order ID: 126283749 is what i need Affordable Papers need to work on. You are asking me to continue paying for failure and give a chance again. Is your business try and error on me as a customer?. You guys need to get things straight.
On Tue, 4/26/16, Support Team <*******> wrote:

Subject: Re: Complaint Order ID: 126283749, Order ID: 120463515, Order ID: 118215627
To: "" <*******>
Date: Tuesday, April 26,2016, 10:11 AM

Dear xxxx,

Thank you for your
Prompt reply.
I understand your
Frustration and I am sorry to hear about your
However, we ask you to
Provide us with another chance and we will make sure to
Assign different expert to revise this paper for you.

Your cooperation is
Highly appreciated.

On Tue, Apr 26,2016 at
4:30 PM, <*******>
I should request for more failure and damage?. The present ones are
Classified as failed essay with no correction to it. You as
A person would you invest in something with negative
Result?. I ask to make solution to the 3rd essay only which
Order ID: 126283749.

On Tue, 4/26/16, Support Team <*******>
Subject: Re: Complaint Order ID: 126283749, Order ID:
120463515, Order ID: 118215627

To: "<*******>

Date: Tuesday, April 26,2016, 9:06 AM

Dear Customer,

We are grateful for your trust and appreciate you as a loyal customer. Also, we ask you to accept our apologies for any inconveniences caused. We will be more than happy to assist you with a revision for
These papers. You are welcome to request itfrom your Personal Order Page, section Files. Your understanding is highly appreciated.

The Support Team

On Tue, Apr 26,2016 at

3:38 PM *******>


Just to let you know how terrible the essay have been written. I complain how bad the service to the essay, instead findind a solution to this problem, you are here saying paying
Another fee for revision.

On Mon, 4/25/16, Support Team <*******>


Subject: Re: Complaint Order ID: 126283749
To: "" <*******>
Date: Monday, April 25,2016, 11:49 PM

Dear xxxx,
Please note, once you place the order with us you agree to follow all our Policies, Terms and Conditions. We are sorry that the paper did not meet you expectation but the deadline for revision
Has already passed. You had 7 days to request revision but you did not do it. Please, check our Revision Police as you may find all this information in it and again, you agreed to follow this Policy while placing the order. Now we can offer you major/minor paid revision. The price for this revision will be significantly less that the original price for the order. Please, let us know if any questions arise.

Kind regards,


On Tue, Apr 26,2016 at

6:25 AM, <*******>

I think you understand English?. I am talking about how bad the service work, you're here telling me revision of extra fee. Does that make any sense to what i complain?. Perhaps this is not the first time to complain the bad service this company have been doing to my work lately. Instead of finding good solution to the problem, you're here responding unprofessional to customer. Would you mind transfer this message to your big boss or i will call myself to escalate this issue.

On Mon, 4/25/16, Support Team
Subject: Re: Complaint Order ID: 126283749
To: "" <*******>
Date: Monday, April 25,2016, 11:10 PM
Dear xxxx,

This is to inform you that according to our Revision Policy you have 7 days to request a free revision once you approve the paper. As for now the deadline for free revision has already passed. We can revise your paper for an extra fee. You can request a revision through the files section of your order page, Please, let us know if any questions arise.

Kind regards,

On Tue, Apr 26,2016 at

5:13 AM, <*******>

On Mon, 4/25/16, Support Team

Subject: Re: Complaint
To: "" <*******>
Date: Monday, April 25,2016, 9:59 PM
Dear xxxx,
Please clarify the number of your order.

Thank you in advance.

On Tue, Apr 26,2016 at
2:09 AM, <*******>
Good Day,
Couple of month now. I've complained my essay have not been good. But I think written
Failure continue to write this essay up for me. I want you to check all mistakes mention in this essay, after i called on revision to it. Yet, it make it worse than expectation. I paid you folks in full and i expect something good to come out from it. My rating to your staffs is nothing but 10 star. They need to work on this to keep the business between us open. Thanks.

Also, another thing one of the staff did is to approved my order without my consent when i ask for revision to it. The staff aprroved the order without making correction to it. Once again i would like to say stay away from this company, and look for better company to do business with.

I paid nearly 100 dollars for my paper that was considered a midterm paper. It was worth 20 percent of my mark and I recieved 52% on it. I am very very disapointed and upset at the fact I paid so much money for basically nothing. My paper was just a bunch of jibberish sentences trying to sound fancy but actually lacks argument. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SITE. SAVE YOUR MONEY

Paid $100 for an F
Gave the writer all of the instructions given to me by my professor and received an F on my final term paper that was 20 percent of my grade. SO upset about this. Dropped my grade ten percent and got a whole lower grade. Expected help because I had several essays at the same time and this subject was not easy for me but would have rather wrote myself and got my own F. Won't be back for an expensive fail.

I paid over $150 for a paper that was sent back to me 3 times from the grader and also told by affirdable papers that I would need to pay more for a revision... when the writer did not follow the directions in the first place. This was supposed to save me time and make my life easier but all it did was cause me a huge headache. I still had to re write the entire paper. DO NOT USE THIS BUSINESS IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY!

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Based on 50 reviews from Affordable Papers customers, company has accumulated an average rating of 2 stars, indicating that majority of customers are not satisfied with its service.
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Description: We are a high quality writing service established in 2005. We are dedicated to providing customized, authentic papers to our clients in the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia and other countries of the world.

The authenticity of our custom essay writing and confidentiality of all information are guaranteed. We do not reuse ANY custom papers and we do not disclose customers' private information.

Order custom written sample essays, term papers, research papers, thesis papers, dissertations, book reviews, book reports, speeches and other assignments for reasonable prices. No plagiarism is guaranteed.

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