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They still get their interest
I am finding with affirm that I returned a large sum back to which totaled $930. Affirm is continuing to get my payments plus interest on this amount that has been refunded from the vendor. Affirm say that the refunds can take up to 45 days… This is unheard of. Why would it take that long ever? So meanwhile they are ensuring that they are getting their interest off of your monthly payments on an amount that has already been returned from the vendor. I find this fraudulent and deceitful.

Nice company, but profile about leases and approvals!
I am kind of disappointed in Affirm, although I love using this platform and have bought many items using them as a purchase option and I missed a few payments, but paid in the same month Affirm are very unstable on giving other tries, sometimes the loan is approved, and then sometimes you get an email stating because of your payment history with Affirm we can't approve you. Yet there is some they will approve you for and then decide not to on others. Well I will say again I missed (3) payments and paid them off in the same month they were due -- My mother had a stroke and I had other priorities to pay off then just keep up with this payments. They will not make payment arrangements with you, and if you miss any payment they will not let that go and hold it against you for the time amount of the account is active. Affirm could work on being more accepting and understanding that people do go though hardships and work with you more. The partner banks they tend to use for decisions also could have a heart that things do happen and even look at the future not the past. So Affirm is a good payment platform but be careful to not miss a payment or you would be more branded for life as to speak because they don't seem to care for anything other than that mega buck.

I love Affirm, but don't miss any payments for any reason. My mom had a stroke, left her partially paralyzed from it and I missed a few payments but made them up in the same month. Affirm now sends a letter of denial stating they can't approve due to payment history. Affirm and Cross River Bank are very disappointing in this as I have current open orders paid on time or early. But because of my mother's health they won't removed the missed payment negative tradeline which is very cold due to circumstances. I have contacted both CRB and Affirm with personal letters and not even a letter back or any concern whatsoever, I guess it's all about the money. I will never give Affirm (5) stars due to this problem but if you have almost perfect credit or you don't miss a payment for anything than Affirm would be great for you. I do like using them but it seems to be a cat and mouse game for approval and preapproval most times ends up in "denied" I think some companies need to have more heart and consideration when something you can't control as to family and health issues to a few missed payments and not remove a negative tradeline for this than something is seriously wrong to the point of sadness and greed.

Refund rip off
I was due a refund from Peloton which it was sent thru Affirm but I never received my refund even after Affirm confirm that Peloton gave them the money. Affirm stole my money.

Ignore my first comment
I forgot all about my comment until I signed on ReviewFeeder today. Affirm, is actually a really good shopping financing aide. I had 3 since I wrote this comment, I paid all of them off early and had zero problems with Affirm. I did direct debit so I never missed my payment by forgetting the date. The interest was cheaper than most credit cards and some merchants do not charge any interest. Now you have 1 year to pay off the debt. I will be using them again. Now if there is any problems with being turned down. Email them immediately, AS long as your current with them, you should get approved.

Fair credit yet denied
I have fair credit 650+ and a perfect payment history for the past 7 years other than a couple of hospital bills and this affirm joke of a company denies my application without anything but my phone number, not even my name or social so it has to be some type of scam, and after reading their site reviews I'm not surprised, needless to say I just used my credit card that I have a perfect record with I just thought at first I would give them a shot but am feeling much better now that I did not.

This company is horrible. I used them to finance a product in 2019 that I never received. The company stopped replying to customers in January, which is when Affirm lost all their money, and they didn't notify customers. They went out of business in March. There are hundreds of reports of the company going out of business but Affirm won't cancel my loan and refund payments ON A PRODUCT I NEVER RECEIVED FROM A COMPANY THAT WENT UNDER.

Affirm refuses to reply to my emails. I reported them through the BBB, the Attorney General in California, the Attorney General in my state, and the FTC. The government in Utah, where the company I purchased is located, are involved and the authorities as well. The original company is under investigation for fraud, and Affirm is now as well. They are forcing people to pay on loans to a closed company when they never received any product. They've threatened my credit if I don't keep paying.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Report your complaints to the BBB and the Attorney General in California where they are located, as well as your local Attorney General and the FTC. They need to be shut down!

I tried to make a purchase with an affirm virtual card. The card declined, but affirm said it hadn't and continued to process it through as if it had worked. I tried calling and Affirm told me to call the retailer. I called the retailer who rightfully said the card declined they can't do anything. I filed a dispute with affirm to have them ask for information like invoice and merchandise return which doesn't exist in a decline. I am still fighting this. They are a nightmare. Do yourself a favor and use a different payment site/app.

Still waiting on my refund
I purchased a pair of shoes from Nordstrom December 10. I received the shoes December 27 and returned them the next day. Affirm charged me a second time after the return. I was told Affirm were processing my money back to my credit card. It is now January 27 and they are telling me up to 10 business days!
I will never use this service again.

Great for me so far!
I've used it to buy 3 items so far. Paid on off almost down with the second and just started on the third. Making early payment has been amazing and easy. I will not be going back to my credit cards!

These guys are a scam. Place an order and pay then... nothing. Call the helpline... no answer
This is a scam. Ad came up in my facebook feed and placed an order more than a week ago. Money came out of my account but no follow-up. Called the helpline no answer.

Avoid these scammers
Have excellent credit scores and credit history. Even used Affirm once. Recently applied for a purchase under $100. Said I did not provide all the information Affirm asked for (untrue), and used this as a reason for denying my request. It is no wonder they have such a poor BBB rating and all of the bad reviews listed here. I will never attempt to use them again and will never recommend them to anyone else.

Terrible service. 6 months in and the unauthorized accounts Affirm allowed someone to open under me using my ssn but with a very misspelled name different email different address and different phone number is seriously some terrible security on their end. And they still haven't resolved my issue. Keep telling me to wait every month that I call. Definitely not a company I ever want to deal with again. Quick to add debt to your credit report that doesn't belong to you but not as eager to remove the debt

I had to learn an Expensive Lesson w/ Affirm
I purchased a HP Laptop from Walmart thru Affirm. The laptop ran slowly but we had just gotten the 1st internet service in the area so I thought it may be that. After 3 mths the laptop was still running so slowly but our Internet service ran fine on our phones & TVs. Walmart agreed to give me a full refund of $352.03. I had made (3) payments of $34.32 or $102.96 total. I ck'd my Affirm Balance & it was STILL $342.82! Now I expected to pay a fairly high amount of interest after the entire 12 months was up but after only (3) months $93.75 of my $102.96 went to INTEREST & ONLY $9.21 went to my balance. So, if I go through w/ the refund I am out $102.96 AND a Laptop AND I still need to get another Laptop. I don't know what to do. Why isn't there an early payoff amount. I understand that Interest is how Affirm make their money & can offer this service but $93.75 for (3) mths…that's $31.75 interest per mth which would make my payoff@ the end of 12 mths $352.03 Loan + $381.00 interest: $733.03 which is NOT what I was quoted & I NEVER would have agreed to.

Scam inside company stold my information
Someone opened up a 5k loan in my name and ordered new balance and athletic merchandise. I called the company right away to report. Supposedly Affirm closed account and sent me email saying I'm not responsible. Yet week later I received email that order was shipped and loan payment. I don't trust the *******729 number. I don't trust there emails. They are all working together as scammers stealing people's information from virtual card? This company needs to be stopped right away! Some $#*!s just got athletic merchandise and going to sell online now as stolen merchandise! I hope everyone in the name of God that steals and lies like this has a day to pay in KARMA time!

Horrible company
The worst customer service I have ever worked with. Reported my payment late to Experian was not even late. No one there will listen sent copies of payments still no response. Very nasty people working there.

*************stay away read some of there Better Business Bureau Reviews*****************

Warning! Warning!

Do NOT submit an application. This company is a scam. Affirm take payment before you make a purchase but aren't explicit with their language. You are making a payment, not putting your card on file like you would Katapult, Klarna, or Afterpay. Their customer service is a call center overseas and they're USELESS. The fact that I had to get their customer service number off another site and it wasn't on theirs should tell you that they don't want customers contacting them, and it's bad practice. If you have to tell a customer that it was in the terms of service, you're dishonest. I should not have to sort through that when I haven't even committed to a loan.

Horrible Company to deal with
This company leaves me warn out and frustrated everytime I have to deal with them. Their reps lie to you. Can't even pay my bill without a hassle, because the website never work for me. If I ever get through with them, never again will I use their services.

Terrible Dishonest Misleading Laxy Company
Affirm is an extremely dishonest company. If everything goes well with your transaction you will probably be ok. If something goes wrong, however, thru no fault of your own Affirm becomes a company that makes NO effort to solve your problem. I in seven months have never received the product I purchased. Affirm won't assist me with the two other companies involved in this mess. Affirm literally won't dial a number and discuss this situation with another financial company to determine where missing money is located. What they will do is manipulate you into making monthly payments for a product that was never delivered. They will tell you what to do regarding placing chargeback discrepancies and then telling you it is in your best interest to end it. It sounds confusing because it is confusing. The easy part, however, it that Affirm will not help you. Affirm will help themselves. Look on any site and they have a terrible reputation. They will also threaten your credit score, which is funny and ironic, because I have a very high credit score... and they do not. AVOID AFFIRM AT ALL COSTS and do your business with someone else.

Affirm savings horrible
Do not sign up for their savings bank. The App is glitchy and no one can help you if anything goes wrong with your money. Stay away from the savings part of this company- complete novices and inept

If your waiting on a refund from affirm good luck!
I actually purchased airline tickets thru affirm back in 2020 and because of covid 19 I was not able to go. So I was on the phone 2 months straight every day getting a refund from the airline. Affirm finally gave me my refund but it had to be sent to my affirm account. I had already paid off my Affirm amount for that flight. They split my refund in 3 deposit payments to my checking account and sent the final payment by check on August 12th 2021. I am still waiting for my check it is October 20th 2021. They lost my check in the mail in august because they are too cheap to send it but with a regular stamp. The supervisors are no help I've talked to 6 different ones nobody knows anything and they repeat the same thing over and over nobody is held accountable at affirm nor do they care. They cant even make things right by sending my check my money that they didn't help me get back by sending the check thru a simple tracking number. Save your self the headache of using this joke of a company who is cheap and does nothing to help a valuable customer. They have absolutely ruined my experience with them I'm disgusted every time I call about my check and why I haven't received it yet 3 months later.

My family will now be homless
Here's the deal, I purchased around 7-8 thousand from affirm to put upgrades on my work truck. I was just in an accident and the insurance wants to total loss it, Affirm told me if I could get invoices threw my lender that showed the item and the amount then I can prove its worth enough to repair and they won't total loss it. I asked affirm for over a week for this and they finally emailed me invoices. Problem is this does not show the item that was purchased. Just the amount that I paid and they said they can't send me anything that shows the item. Tell me any bank or lender that can't tell you what they are loaning you money for? I'm screwed, my family is screwed now. Can't show me what I bought but you approve the loan and have it shipped to my door? What a joke. Don't get screwed like me. Barrow money from a Leander that knows what they are doing. You really screwed me And my family affirm. Thanks for every thing you have destroyed in my family's life.

Impossible to contact support
I would not recommend opening an account with affirm. I just want a receipt and there is litterally no way to chat, email, or call them. Affirm have a physical address listed on the site but prefer that you use the 'online form' THAT DOESN'T EXIST. It's a joke. Save yourself the headache and avoid dealing with them.

If I could give this company a -10 I would.
I wish there were negative stars that could be used to describe such a company. Stay away from this company. Affirm are underhanded and not to be trusted. Once they have you, there is no way to close an account with them. Even after you return the purchase and the company that you purchase the product from confirm that they have close the account, affirm refuses to acknowledge the closure and will try to hold you delinquent unless you make the payments for a product you no longer own.

I was approved 2 years ago for $2,500 from Affirm. Didn't trust them, didn't so it. Now, I tried to get a $300 item, figured I would use Affirm as I just didn't want to pay all at once. So check it, when I made $50K, I was approved for $2,500, with a credit score of 670. Now that I make $71K, I can't get an approval for $350, and my credit score is a 700! LOL Predatory lending at its finest!

Charged a down payment but denied a loan
I was working through the process of purchasing a sofa using Affirm as the payment option. Everything was going smoothly. I had to make a down payment on the loan which was fine. I linked my bank account, made the down payment, got the notification on my phone from my bank app that the payment was made. Then the Affirm window displayed an error saying that the session timed out and that the purchase could not be completed.

I received an email saying my loan was denied. I thought this was very strange because I was pre-approved, approved, made a down payment, then denied. Customer service emailed me back after a day and gave me what I call "politician" answers which is when someone answers your question by not answering you at all. I was in back and forth emails with them asking very simple questions. Why was I charged? Why did the order not go through? Was I approved or denied?

I needed to know this information because I needed to know how to proceed. Was my loan still good? Was I denied? Was it typical practice for them to charge a customer for a down payment then decide whether or not to approve them I was actually told I was both approved and denied! That's reassuring.

I was told it was my fault for not accepting the terms of the loan. Mind you, the first round of emails were "sorry, you were denied," then, "you were approved, then denied." Then, "you never hit 'accept' so it's your fault." I never had the opportunity to hit 'accept' because once I made the down payment, the web page said it timed out.

Now, I need to wait 7-10 business days to get a refund on my down payment which further delays the purchase I would like to make. I'm never using Affirm again and I caution those who choose to use their services. If their website fails on you during your transition, you will be made to think it was your fault somehow, you'll be charged a down payment, but your loan will be denied.

Not what you think
By checking your Fico score you will continually to plummet. It is impossible to get a hold of customer service for any help. You have to have a 620 if I go to score chill along on this account but every time Affirm look at your Phico score to add to your available balance ruins your Phico score. I contacted a higher and contacted Trans Union and Experian. I think they should be punished and have their account taken down they are awful you sign up with this account

Denied Credit
I have a good credit rating. I applied for financing through Affirm on the StockX website. I took pictures of my drivers license (front/back) and of myself as instructed. My finance request was denied. Affirm stated they could not confirm who I was. I believe their method is flawed but after reading other comments, I'm glad I was denied financing through Affirm.

SCAM SCAM SCAM! Merchant cancelled my contract and processed the refund but Affirm is refusing to refund back. Remember since Affirm have your SSN they will threaten you to ruin your credit score. DO NOT GIVE YOUR SSN

They won't give you a refund
If you ever have to return something, don't expect to get a refund from this company. They'll keep telling you the refund is coming but it never does. This company is a complete scam.

Sounds like a scam.
I bought a lawnmower through Affirm. The wrong charger was in the box which had me suspicious to begin with. It was supposed to be new and unopened. The merchant said Affirm would send out the right charger. They never did. I called Affirm and they wanted me to give them my credit card numbers and the 3 digit on the back of the card. They should already have that on file for billing. I smell SCAM and told them so. Then said they would send me a $100 walmart gift card if I verified my credit card. Plus wanted to charge me $4.95 for the help which they then turned around and said if I didn't have the money not to worry. I hung up on them. Now I don't know what to do. All I can do now is call my bank and get a different card. Don't walk, RUN from this company.

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