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RUN FAR, FAR AWAY! Predatory lending at its finest!
Where do I start? First, the amount you are verbally quoted does not match up with the amount on your paperwork. AcceptanceNow can't tell you what accounts for the extra cost. You have to start paying BEFORE you receive your merchandise (every other company I've ever worked with, it starts the day you receive it), which in my case was nearly six weeks. They charge you $49.99 "deposit", which if you cancel they try to tell you is a "processing fee" and is not refundable (which as soon as I mentioned a lawyer, that was immediately refunded). They also informed me that not all of my payment would go towards my balance for 120 days "same as cash"--meaning it's not "same as cash", and it's being charged interest and fees. Upon digging, it was fees for all these extra things I wasn't told about, like insurance, some weird "benefits program", etc.

I got a bad feeling about everything, and I'm glad I decided to hold off signing things and do my research, because this company is predatory beyond belief. I'd rather sit on the floor than ever pay this company $3500 for a $1000 couch.

Paid off Account and still being billed (Terrible Experience)
Purchased furniture in May 2020. The due date to pay off was 8/16/20. Paid off account 8/2/20. Acceptance now withdrew money from my account 10/9/2020. Called the local and corporate office. Local store manager avoided my calls although she took the final payment and reminded me that the account should be closed. District manager did not review account only reviewed what a customer rep reported. My last resort was contacting the Regional manager who has not reviewed the case. Account still showing open and scheduled to withdraw. Last resort is small claims.

Rip Off
This company is a rip off. I'm sorry to say I got got! I will never in my life fall for the okie dokie with this company. I was suspicious when the statement never shows amount paid toward purchase. I have paid three times what I entered into a good faith agreement about. When I pointed this out to the salesperson when I called to inquire how much longer I had to pay on furniture I was told I should have read my contract more closely! I wanted to say go play in traffic and f**&K yourself while your at it!

Don't do it!
I purchased my items with Acceptance Now back in November. My 90 days ended in February. When I called in January I was advised that my balance was $1200- before I made my $200 payment. So I called on 2/20 to pay off my balance and was told it was $1005. 00. She said I couldn't pay off over the phone and since AcceptanceNow would be closing soon she said that I had until 3/6 before the balance would change. I went in today 2/21 and she said my balance was $1535. 00. I said that's not what you said last night. After a bunch of bs and her typing she shows me the screen that didn't provide a full detailed list. I asked for printouts same thing! I said how did my balance that you said last night wouldn't change jump up $500 more dollars? She played dumb as if she never spoke to me about a balance of $1005. Long story short, they are full of shizz and I got scammed. Don't fall for their shenanigans!

Horrible Business
This finance company is structured to make it very difficult to pay in the 90 day window to get the same as cash option. Customer service is horrible to even speak to if you can get them on the phone. There is no option online to make any other payment than the full term contract payment so you have to call. I waited 45 minutes on hold until after the office closed and never was able to speak to a representative. I have had multiple issues with the website that make it very difficult to process a payment. This company is structured as a vacuum cleaner with the nozzle in your wallet.

Acceptance now is a legal scam company.
I bought a living room set for $2,450 on June 2020. My wife and I had a budget of $2,000 and we wanted to stay with in our budget but, a sales person convinced us to buy a more expensive piece of furniture for $2,450 and told we can pay our $2,000 and finance the rest ($450). AcceptanceNow had computer issue the day of the purchase and told us that they will have to financed the full $2,450 and to pay our $2,000 and to pay the the remaining $450 before 01/09/2020 to avoid any fees. Is December and we want to pay pay it off but they are telling we have to pay $1,999 because we we were supposed to pay the remaining $450 before 120 days. And they are charging interest from the full $2,450 and not just the $450. This is a legal scamming company. They could just finance 450$ they had to finance $2,450 just so we pay more interest. Oir family was impacted by covid19 and now this company is just sending people to bankruptcy.

We went through acceptance now in value city furniture parma, ohio in Sept, 2020 for a $1,300 sectional and was paying $191.16 a month. So the 120 days were up in Jan, 21,21. I called to see how much was left in the payment the lady that works in the store was and is very unprofessional and puts me on hold to laugh and joke with another person. She gets back on and tells me the remaining balance is $778. I asked how she tells me after the 120 days AcceptanceNow take it company fees to which I asked how much is that, she says $81. So I go online to pay in full today and it says I owe $851 and according to the total of past payments I had already paid $1,482.11 with the remaining owed $851.49 totaling $2,333.06, I called the actual company and a lady tells me that I owe 708.42 so the site basically lied. Wow. I also called the store to make sure they cancel my membership fee because I read reviews of people saying even after paying in full they were still charging. The same lady from the first call and the one we did the contract with answers and I asked to cancel she tells me to give her my number and she'll call me back that she's with someone else right now, she'll call me back. Once again very unprofessional. I know one thing is for sure they better not charge my account another dime because I will be calling the bank and also I am reporting them altogether to the BBB. THEY ROB PEOPLE AND MAKE YOU PAY DOUBLE. IN MY CASE OF I HADN'T OF PAID IN FULL TODAY I WOULD'VE ENDED UP PAYING TRIPLE. NEVER AGAIN. PLEASE STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Rude at pc Richards 590 Atlantic ave

I bought furniture from Rooms To Go and had it financed for 90 days through Acceptance Now. I was told that I have to make a total ( all inclusive) payment of 3518. 11 if I pay it within 90 days. I made a payment of 1200 a month back and called them again today to make another payment and was surprised to hear that only 969 of 1200 was applied to balance. From what I learnt today that even if I am paying within 90 days I will be paying approximately $400 more. Folks please stay away from this company.

Very horrible service, never get a straight answer, we bought furniture from Ashley Furniture in Woodhaven and the lady in the office doesn't know her head from her rear! Just keeps going around in a circle, we got on the program so we didn't have to pay upfront, and didn't want to pay for a year, but this is a rip-off! Today I thought I was done and then get informed that we still owe 300.00 bucks, in 15 days to end the program not a month, 12% to be on the program. Don't even get hooked on this, you'll either end up paying double or triple not worth it. Stay away from this program I can not stress it enough!

I purchased a sectional and a chair that was originally $2048. 00. Early Purchase Option was $2557. 98. I have not been able to access my account since day one. Customer service is non existent. I have always waited no less than 48 minutes on hold. Then to only be told things like... Our system is down, I can not help you with password support, your account does not provided you with a history of payments, call the store where to got the furniture from AcceptanceNow should be able to help you, call us back after you try a few more times to login to your account.
This is by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with. They have so many optional charges that they do not inform you of, for example if your automatic payments are 300 monthly, $70 of that is going to extra charges, not towards your furniture payments. These people are scammers. I even have a phony contact number on my contract that doesn't exist. I regret not putting more time and attention to who I was dealing with. Your better off with Progressive, I had no issues with them at all. Completed my EPO in 3 months with them, with no issues and great customer service.

Never use this company! Unfortunately I had no credit and was forced to take what I could get, but next time I will just save before using this company ever again! This company gouges you with fees and is extremely rude. I had fraud on my credit card so I called and updated it. The following month I get FIVE declined emails that this company tried to process my old credit card. Then I login to make payment, it won't let me. I call to make payment only to be placed on hold by a very rude worker. Just run when you hear AcceptanceNow unless you're willing to Accept FEES, RUDE customer service reps, and HASSLE to pay your own bill!

Poor Customer Service
I've been trying to reach someone since the first week of April. I had the virus in March which prevented me from contacting before my 120 days were up. I called after I was released from the hospital in April so I've called all the numbers available to reach them. I finally spoke to an Acceptance Now rep that works in value City, she mentioned that AcceptanceNow were previously closed because of Covid. I understood completely. I told her my situation and if needed I could provide documents they would need to show I had Covid and hospitalized. She told me she could not look at my account and gave me the number to corporate and mentioned it may take a little longer to get a response. I entered the black hole afterward. Days, weeks, months are still going by while autopayments are being deducted from my account for an item I never intended to pay extra payments for. I've called Value City to see if they had a number that I did not have. I called acceptance now within Value City again - no success. I've left my number on the automated system for them to call me back- no success. I checked my phone to see I missed a call - nope! I've emailed them twice and received one reply that they would escalate my issue and I'd receive a response within 24-28 hours- Lie I've stayed on hold listening to their hold music 45 min or longer (of course I was doing other things while I was holding) no success. I've been doing the same thing every week since April. I call 2 to 3 times a week, leave my number, and stay on hold - its June and still no success. I am actually on hold now and decided to do a google search to see if anyone else was experiencing this same thing. This is disappointing!

Better Customer Service
I had been working with some awesome people who use to be in the acceptance now office inside electronic express in hermitage, now that AcceptanceNow are under new management by a guy name dylan, it has been terrible. This individual is not a good people person, he tells you things and then when you repeat it to him on a previous day, he acts like he dont understand what you talking about,. People skills would go a lot more better if people would understand that concept, was a long time faithful customer of this store, but I thinkl I will try one of the other location instead, its worth the drive to be treated better and fairly!

A mad upset customer
I started with them back in August of 2020 everything was going good until this past Wednesday 3-3-2021 I called in spoke with a representative paid my bill then I get a alert from my bank where AcceptanceNow went back in my account and took another payment and now I'm in the process of getting my money back they put me in so many hardships with my other bills I believe this company is a scam they lie just to get you in and then crazy stuff like this happens never again and I would tell every one stay clear away from them it happened to me and I'm sure there will be others a mad upset use to be customer

If I could give a zero for service...
So I go and make my last payment on 90 day agreement. I walk up tell the MANAGER that im here to make my final payment. She verifies who I am and my account. I swipe my card. She then tells me the printer is broken and she is unable to give me a receipt. She said, a new one was on the way and should have arrived on 11/13/2020. She mentioned, she was hoping it arrived the next day 11/14/2020. I waited until 11/15/2020 to get my final payment receipt. Guess what, the printer disnt come in. We are almost in 2021, what reputable company doesn't have an email option available to their customers? I paid with a card so at least I have some sort of paper trail. Buyer beware!

Dont use acceptance now
After paying 3 different accounts off with ACCEPTANCE NOW in Jonesboro i went to pay my furniture off and the regional manager told me that the only way i could get $37 off one account and $ 46 off the other one was if i would start a new aggreement with them. That is a bad way to do business and i think he should be FIRED for trying to hustle me into another ridicilously expensive account. I paid the full balance off and will NEVER send anyone back to them. By the way Caruss was helpful. His boss was the hustler

We felt unwanted.
We were trying to get a loan to buy some computers for our business and this gentleman was helping us. First of all, no smile. He was explaining to us what we got approved for but he kept talking in lengthy words that we didnt understand and when we would ask him to simplify it a little for us, he just repeated what he said like if he was just reading off the book (So my guess is he has no idea whay hes talking about). When we finally got our items, we ended up checking out with him (coincidentally). Again, no smile, no how you doing, nothing. We start the paper process to check out with the loan that we got but he didnt explain we would have to wait over an hour and a half for all the "paperwork" and everything else to process. With that lack of information we obviously got upset and cancelled the whole loan thing. At the very end when we just bought everything we went back to ask for his name to write this review and he kept asking, why do we need my name? Saying he doesnt even work for brandsmart usa and at first he said "my name is G". So now hes just being slick with me. We asked again and he said Gerald. I dont know if thats his name or not but he works in the brandsmart in miami gardens (4320 NW 167st) he wears glasses, black hair and has a beard. Common courtesy goes a long way. Im sorry but he made you guys look really bad as a company and looka like you guys should focus on customer service more.

Terrible customer service
Associates was stealing my payment money I was still being charged even though it wasnt my fault. Cant get a hold of the district manager Allysha Reams doesn't return calls in which shes the district manager for the Sarasota Fl. Location. Ive been trying to get a hold her her for 30+ days and she hasnt answered or even tried to return my calls. Steven who is the store representative is also unreasonable he is untrustworthy and is out to help me as the customer. The corporate representatives are just as bad been waiting on them to return my call as well. Have a outstanding balance I'm trying to square away and AcceptanceNow not responding. I do not recommend use another company if possible.

I am so shocked at the level of poor customer service and the lack of respect as a customer I have recievd. Even the fact that the manager (District Manager) can't even have the curtsy to return a phone call, the attitude received from the store representative was utterly ridiculous and this is not a post to bash but an actual post that within hopes someone with a heart from your company that has compassion about the customers whom you all actually need to keep your business going, if you didn't realize that the company is based upon our need for help, I hope you see this! I am so disappointed in this company when i honestly needed answers n help

They won't let me return it! Stay away from this company! Save up for it!
Acceptance now needs to be burned to the ground! So I've been trying to return furniture to acceptance now through bobs furniture since the beginning of April. I was told by a acceptance now call center rep to change my card so that it can't be charged while I waited for a district manager to call me and put me on the official return list. AcceptanceNow have still been charging my old card even though the dm herself said they won't charge me anymore after she put me on this so called list.

Fast forward to a week ago when stores started to open again and I was called and told that if I don't pay a $894 settlement (total balance is $2300) within the next 2 months then my furniture would be considered stolen on my credit and I'd have to pay the full amount because the return list is long and they don't know when they can come get it. I only have until August because I am moving and can't take this furniture with me.
How is that possibly fair or legal!?
Also beware of the hidden fees after the 90day early pay off!

Can't get a hold of anyone at acceptance now
Two weeks ago I tried calling the Number AcceptanceNow gave me to make my payment every two weeks like I have since the store closed due to covid-19. The phone number was unavailable. So I went to the website for the next week and it also was down. Now I have late charges at no fault of mine I have proof that I've called that I've been trying to pay but I'm not paying these late fees. They have also sent me a another number to call through email, but that says long wait time press the # to get a call back I have done that like 4 to 5 times now and I never get a call. Or it says manage ur account online which u can't due because u cannot change ur payment amount without the store doing it.

Check your Account!
ACCEPTANCE NOW, AcceptanceNow are charging you and take a payment out your account and not giving you credit for it. I went on my account last night adding up my account trying to see how much more I owe them and come to find out they took money out my account but didn't put it in my payment History so when I add up all the months that I paid it's saying I only owe $182 I really could pay them out but they didn't even give me the credit and my payment history so how can you take the money out someone account and then not showing it on a payment history so please check your payment history and make sure that you getting credit for each month that you paid, because they are still your money and you're not taking time to check on your payment history something just told me to get up and start checking on my payment history before I pay them this month, so I'm trying to wait for morning to start with them, I am so angry that I can't even sleep now, because somebody are going to eventually get a lawyer. And start a class act lawsuit, I hope I can find a lawyer that will take it because this doesn't make sense for you to be working hard trying to pay on furniture which if you had that kind of money to go in the door and just pay for it you wouldn't go through acceptance now, you would just pay cash and they're just ripping people off that's all I want to say

Props to Amanda Montgomery, AL
I am a customer with AcceptanceNow and I must say throughout this ordeal with the COVID-19 I personally had the best experience with a representative of AcceptanceNow by the name of Amanda. This young woman was the most genuine charismatic person I have had the pleasure of speaking and doing business with during this time. She went above and beyond her responsibilities to assist me with my account and payment. If I can continue doing business with this young lady you will have a customer for a long time! We remained on the phone for over 30 minutes trying to get everything situated, never once did Amanda show anything but the upmost respect for me but also is very knowledgeable about her business! This is the kind of person who deserves a shout out during this pandemic and the company should be proud to have such an outstanding employee! This is for the Montgomery, AL area.

Charging your card without telling you
This is the second time I called to increase the amount of my monthly payments and AcceptanceNow charged my card for the new amount right then even though I already made my payment this month and I specifically said it was for my next months payment. This is the second time they took my last dime. Last time I let it go because it was my last payment. This time I need $225 put back in my account. They also got me in their discount club but didn't mention it is $35 a month which will be triple the amount of the discount. I will never use them again or go to a Rooms to Go again. Located in Greensboro, NC

Wow! Should have read reviews before I financed small portion! RUN!
I decided to finance a small portion of furniture I bought at Ashley's Furniture in Austin / Southpark Meadows. AcceptanceNow are the finance company. Figured I could build up my credit. Auto pay each month, until I got behind in January. I was in contact with them about payment plan. Their office peeps in store are rude. This DOUG INGRAM DISTRICT MGR is horrible! Look at their low ratings. They actually sent me threatening text like this below, and didn't see anything wrong with it! Doug Ingram said he sent it out. If this is not totally unprofessional to a paying customer - on time, and made arrangements to pay - and still send this, is beyond ghetto! I hope and pray elderly and others aren't taken advantage of. I've reported them to better business bureau as well as in contact w DISTRICT MGRS of Ashley's. They make the store look horrible. Get rid of them!

Run away fast
I would give zero stars if there was one. Last year we were pitched this offer of insurance to help pay for our furniture in case we lose our job, we didn't
Want to but stupid us, we did. Then covid-19 hit and we were glad we did
When my husband's job closed and I had to leave my job to home school
Our child after schools closed. We were happy we paid more for the insurance and thought at least something will go right that year. Guess
What? We sent paperwork AcceptanceNow needed and still we kept getting calls
From the furniture store to pay up or they will repo. I am robbing Peter
To pay Paul, and we are constantly calling Acceptance Now and getting nowhere. Thanks for nothing!

Never tf again
These ppl clearly don't care it's a pandemic and ppl are not working and having an even harder time getting thru to unemployment to get paid themselves mind u I've never missed a payment before this but I've been harassed about making payments.the fact that AcceptanceNow keep trying my card after it declined every hr on the hr is insane to me I will never recommend them value city furniture (Dearborn) to do business with they don't care they're very rude when they do call this is why they con u into leaving a review before U leave him the store making initial purchase they no you're happy and excited then so of course you're willing to leave a good review. I'll also be making a complaint to corporate as way customers should be harassed during these pressing times

Never again! PLEASE READ
First time ever buying anything, I bought a bed set around this time last year. I was forced into acceptance now cause of no credit. Wasn't told about the 90 days to pay everything of or pay off at all. I had no clue. I thought it was something simple as paying until your done paying it all off, no. A year later I paid $600 extra AND have to pay another $300 for a payoff? There so easy to call you when you miss a payment but don't tell you you already paid it ALL OFF? Like what is the point of this, I thought it would help me save money but now over a $1000 more I paid now. THERE SO HARD TO REACH AND THEIR WEBSITES SUCKS. It doesn't show you your payment history or anything. I just want my money back which is impossible. I DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Terrible customer service after shop
I joined with a deal if you pay the lease off in 120 days no interest (2300$) you'll be done if not it's 5000total and after the 120 days a new lease starts and all payment made are erased. Not even a month in it popped up on my credit report as a personal loan of 5000 not 2300. On top of that the women that sold me said ofc I don't have to just make the minimum but could pay more to actually finish paying off within the 120 day period. When I called to make the payment the women was affirmative and aggressive on the fact that I could only pay the minimum but could pay it all off at once‍ Not more than the minimum. Then when I finally made her go check with a manager she said ok and hung up on me. Terrible customer service

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