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2captcha application is very friendly to use and I am a new joiner in this software it's really amazing to work now I can solve any captcha from any website, I got first payment also so guys download this software and give your work properly then you will get your benefit it's garauntee if you want to join this application no need to give even 1 rupee, trust me this is good platform for students and freser, so guys join today then enjoy your self

Thanks new online payment, good company
Been working for a while on this 2captcha website, payment notifications are received by email. The type of work is simple, but at the same time difficult, it is a good start to start managing telework remotely, it is gratifying to know that the system is functional and stable. If you want to start earning a little extra money, it's a good start... Today I received the notification of new payment...
Thanks 2capcha

Legit site to ean partial income
This is my personal experience on this site, have been working on this site for only two weeks after which have earned US $ 1.4 dollars. I requested a payout and it was sent faster than i expected within 48hrs i received my money, this site is legit and will pay you for your hard work and on time though earning are a bit low but what matters is that you will be paid according to your effort on the site. I requested early payout to test if it could be sent and already it's in my AirTM wallet. Thanks 2captcha for their honesty will continue spending more time to earn more.

My small request
First of all I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to join your service. Before and after joining the company, you tried hard to make money online through other companies, but to no avail. The reason is that something is interfering with all of that. You were only able to join the organization without any hindrance.

Although a bit boring, I was satisfied with the service you gave the company and had some confidence. This is also a great opportunity for me to gain a better understanding going forward. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Just my Opinion
I just got my first payment from the app not much though, but just enough from the spent time at typing. So I heard of other users taking advantages on the referrals, and it's real. I'm not into clicking refs. Of other user because it's somehow misleading and just wants to profit while you work your a*s off as their downline, better read Terms and Conditions, FAQs etc. before signing up on sites. Our actions is our responsibility, don't blame the people behind the apps/games because "expectations versus reality hits","don't hate" Love you aLL!

Perfectly Imperfect
Been working on this for almost a month, it's not an easy job but I find it fun to do. Earnings are not that high but hey? There's a lot of Earning site out there who won't actually pay you after all those promising words of "High Earning Job". It's still a good start for someone like me who has no experience with freelance work. It won't require you special experience to do the job however its free and paying anyways. It's a great site for me.

Its a very long time when i discovered this site, 2captcha. At first, im worried if 2captcha really pay you for your effort. And also the mininum payout is really high, maybe thats the reason why i stop that time. But then, it change everything. I've just realize that, your hard work is worth it when your payout comes. Then now, they had a payout method that is too low and no fee. So you can request it right away. Thank you so much coz i got my payout, the same day. I wish more recaptcha to come

My Honest Review of
If you looking into making some money while you watch your tele, or while you have nothing to do... 2captcha is the right website for you.
Since I joined, I tested it out up to the payout stage and sure enough my payout was confirmed by Payeer.
It will not make you a lot of bucks but it will definitely turn those wasted minutes of time into some form of revenue that you can use. It takes patience and hard work, but I take it as a game and the money accumulated is a bonus.

LEGIT and best
I have been working with this site for more than 2 months and I make all payments on a regular basis(

When 2captcha set a minimum of $ 0.5, that means you can get your money back whenever you want(98% of payments are made fast or on Fridays and Mondays)

The best do not need to be advertised because they are great and I left my comment here to thank you but we should always support them

With professional team support

With respect
Patrik jein

2captcha is a legit page to earn money
I searched many pages for earn extra money from internet and I was unlucky with them. But, when I founded 2captcha, I was able to arrive the minimum of payout in less of 2 days ($0.50). I know that this page is very repetitive, and doesnt make you rich, but I can say that 2captcha really pay for the job that I do, and i have some screenshots that prooves about it. If anyone wants to use this many hours per day, is easy earn the minimum and cashout to payeer or the options that 2captcha gives to you. Thanks for reading and have a nice day sir or miss :)

Trusted site
I have already did online job but that company cheated me my 40K salary+ my money. I spent RS. 5700 money for that job. 2 captcha is referred by one YouTuber. All the comments for 2 captcha is very good site and trusted. The amount we earned from this site is less but i am happy to work here because i earned my money even it may 1$.
My request don't spend money for online job. (i already wrote a review about the cheat company in this site).

It's a great job!
I like this site 2captcha. When i am finding a freelancing job i didn't find anything because i had no experience. By searching many website at last i found this site where working procedure is easy and payment method is clear. Then i opened an account on 2captcha and running to work on it. I have earned about more than 100 dollar from this site and i make it into cash. Its a best and reliable site who want to work online and want to earn money. I like this site very much.

Trust and fast support team
Inspite of lots of scams around you. This is the only legit website that let's u earn wat u put effort for.
I strongly recommend this to this critical time, 2captcha are being honest and reply to your query within minutes or second. Amd ofcourse payout is from minimum 0.5usd which ensures trust to workers and this could also be test factor for workers about the website. Support team really is a big plus for this website. They respond u immediately and with only your emails. Everyother earning sites showcases their names and slogans, but only 2captcha deserves all the legitimacy

It's a way to make some money, not millions.
I found this site through a blogger and I found it interesting. It-s a way to keep you alert, keep you entertained and busy.
You develop kind of ability to resolve visual problems really fast. No, you are not going to buy yourself a Ferrari since it-s not a casino. But, up to now, it's been really destrefull in the middle of the lockdowns.
It could be kind of slow sometimes, but I found it as an opportunity to keep searching new thing on internet.
Have fun, play some music and solve some captchas.

Best platform for beginners
I have been working on 2captcha from more than a week. This is best platform specially for beginners. The best things are no experience and age limit required. Great opportunity for those who really want to earn and are sincere about working. I get my payouts on time without any difficulty. Stay focused on your work and move forward. Your hard work will make you successful.

Thank you 2captcha for providing best platform for beginners.

Legit Paying Job
I worked here for 2 years, was a part time when I have past time. And what I like about it, is really paying its workers for real although it would not support all your finances but if I have small things I want to buy and got no money, I would recommend to try out this website because 2captcha really pay you. For me, it is not hustle because I still do important things at the same time working in this website.

The Best Web "2captcha" Oh Yeaaah!
Excellent page. For me the best. "5 stars". 2captcha pay. And they pay fast. Good design. Easy drive. Honest. Responsible. And above all great. Keep growing. They are loved. Greetings from Venezuela.

Excellent website: "" Thank you, thank you and thank you very much for your service. They are excellent. God bless you. Your payment is fast. The reward is satisfactory. It takes a lot of perseverance, patience and discipline to achieve the desired results. Thanks 2captcha. Sincerely, Manuel Eduardo Rivas Millán

Type to earn…. Really works…
To do typing job, we need to be stewardship. And this site really really works…if only i have lot of time in my computer…i can do lot earn to type. This site is perfect program…. You can see how many type you made as well as mistakes and total earn, compare others is confusing or not clearer summary.
Thank you 2captcha for being helpful in my curiosity in bitcoin and am learning as well in my typing job.

Captcha - Satisfactory. Please allow bank transfers to INDIA.
This is a genuine app which doesn't promise millions of dollars but allows users pocket money which can tide over in difficult times.

The problem I am facing is payment issues doesn't allow payment via bank transfer, PayPal or western union.

At least commence bank transfer because this age old system still exists in INDIA unlike westernised countries where modern concepts like bitcoin have sprouted up.
So here is a message for you: You say bank transfer to all nations will NEVER BE AVAILABLE.

Looking forward to the change of your attitude. Kind regards to your team including lady owners of

Thank you all.

100% Trusted but very low rates
First of all, I would like to thank *******@2captcha team for giving me the opportunity to earn some money. I have just received my payment of 6.53$ from 2captcha but for this, I've done a very big much&harder effort to earn that amount and also it costs me in the shape of my house electricity due to working in my pc(computer). So I just want to request you dear 2captcha team that you have to increase the rates of the work to at least 2 to 3$ per 1000 captchas and also make your site and software faster (because there is a very low speed on your site and software) so that everyone would happily come to 2captcha to earn some money. If you do this I'm 100% sure that a big amount of people will come to 2captcha and this will fill your site with a lot of peoples and the 2captcha team will also earn much more than us and your site will be in bigger rank.
Overall I'm fully satisfied that I have received my payment from 2captcha. Hopefull that the 2captcha team will do great in the future.
Here is my proof below.
Muhammad Bilal

I have been with 2captcha for less than a week and sure thing is its not that easy but I'm a satisfied worker, fo a start it's not that bad. What's great about it is, yes you earn small but I only do it on my free time, I just sit and watch movies while my hand is typing and i earn money. However small or big you earn the good thing is your getting paid. I just received my first payout so, thank you 2captcha


Good site
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Earning and working
This is not a site for you came and take money you have to do captcha and you will get money. There is various payout system if you are looking website for easy money many of site are scam if 2captcha promise to give you high money. But this site not like that you will get money when you work this is not a passive income site but you can earn money by solving captcha. You should have to do really hard work to earn money., captcha are given us is little slow so 2captcha team you should have to work on this.
Thank you

My review as a new comer.
I have recently started working in this website, after i saw a video about easy ways to earn online. Once i started doing the job i understood that it is not how it was told in the video, but what 2captcha didn't mention that if start working hard on this website you can earn a decent amount for the work you have done, it is fair and square. If you work harder and with good patients you can earn well and as well as carry a good reputation. So i would definitly suggest this page for any online earners. :)

Thank you 2captcha
If you're looking for a serious online job to earn some additional income, 2captcha is one of the rare online jobs that respect their promise. I was trying it last week, but once I reached enough cash to withdraw, which is 0.5 dollars, I asked for a withdrawal and 2captcha send me my cash. The job is entertaining, if you have a free time and want to have some extra cash, I suggest. 2captcha. It won't make you rich, but be sure to have some extra cash if you are ready to work. 2captcha a very serious online job. Earnings are no huge but it's not a full time job with strict requirements and it allows you to have some additional income during your free time. Thank 2captcha. Ibou

Excellent Job
I found 2captcha after reading some recruitment page in my country. After spending some time to explore about that recruitment, I realize that they've changed this job to some kind of lies or use tricks to take money from the worker and I have read many warnings about this kind of job. However, after realizing the potential of this job, free, easy, work from home, no invest money, I continue exploring and found some suggestion page and 2captcha mention good things about 2captcha. That's the moment I start working on this job.

When working with 2captcha, I learn some experience:
Firstly, it is time consuming but it's fun:
I have to spend a lot of time to work to earn the money. But it doesn't cause stress or pressure to me. Because I work at home, no boss around, no financial goals, no disturbed. I can stop and resume work at will. I mostly work when I waiting for something like waiting loading game, waiting downloading document, while waiting auto combat to finish,... that sound like playing to earn.

Secondly, it's hard but it's worth:
The truth is earning money in 2captcha does not much. But with all the convenient it has, I think that earning is worth. Why? Because to get high earning, you must be hired and work under high pressure, under boss's criticism, under your co-worker's disparagement, under hard goals and many other worse thing. Those thing never exist in 2captcha. If the earning in 2captcha is same as normal work, I pretty sure billion people would be come 2captcha employee and this world would be collapsed. Beside that, earning in 2captcha teach me to become a hard-working people and know to value the money. Of course no one deny a raise in earning.

Thirdly, it's complex but it's also simple
Why it's complex? Because the method payment is quite confused. It takes me quite a long time to choose which method that suit me. I would like 2captcha to add method payment like paying directly to my visa card, or debit card,... instead of other middle wallet. No paypal, Webmoney is bad with too much security (I don't like their verification method by calling), PerfectMoney is good but transaction must get through some other currency-exchange web. So then why it's also simple? Because the transaction is very fast and easy now, although they tell that they need 3-5 day to complete the transaction.

Not only with those experience, if someday I have to lost my current job, I can depend on 2captcha in the time searching for other job. 2captcha might not a good job to live but at least it can support your life in need. May be that one day, even 0.01 dollar can save your life.

I would like to continue to work with 2captcha from now on and recommend it to everyone. Especially in this dark era when the covid-19 is dominating the mankind. Hope the service last long and help many other people.

"2captcha" An amazing work
Hi I'm Juliyamol. I doing Work From Home in online from this 2captcha account. I'm doing this online job for only my interest to do job and also for fun. This 2captcha job is an amazing work nothing to be hard it is so so exactly easy. At anytime we can work here and also one thing the staffs or workers who giving this job 2captcha where support as a lot and at anytime we call them and ask our doubts so friendly. If who interested to do online job I suggested you to do this 2captcha work it is so amazing I am really enjoying this job
Thank you 2 captcha provide me this wonderful job.

Its a legit site, but the payment was very low of 1 dollar please increase the payment, and at first the payout process is fast but lately it takes longer to receive my payout which is quite dissappointing and also the errors in your captcha even if my answer is right 2captcha will mark it as wrong its so annoying hope you work on it. But its a good paying site for those who needs part time job only because it only pay less even if you work the whole day. Thank you

Legit site
I have been working on 2captcha for about a month now and I can say it's a legit site. No scams whatsoever. It pays. However the rate is low and I'm sure that all workers would really appreciate a "raise" because yes it is hard work. Maybe you could even consider giving bonuses sometimes. I've read so many reviews and everyone has the same thoughts about the rates being low, so make your workers happy. Raise the rates for both customers and workers. Other than the rate it is a good site. Would recommend.

Perseverance, and dedication.
Im katesmitt and ill been working since 2015 and base on my own experience in this field... I have many thoughts on how can i earn more coz the rate was to much small... but i realize that the hard the job the more i strive and dedicated... its not about how big or small youre payout it was... bcoz i do believe when you have a passion and care about in youre job... you didn't notice you earn from 1 to 10 dollar's in 2weeks... its about you how can you handle youre time to earn more...
Thank you...

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