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FB should be responsible for this scam.
I ordered a Dyson Stick vac (which should cost $300) from 1supershop on 01/03/2019. It is now 01/242019 and not a word from them. 1supershop took the money off my credit card immediately. They gave me no tracking # and when I tried to reach them their phone was not valid.

Ordered BBQ, never received it. Called phone number, it is no good AIR. Sent numerous emails, email goes to a Jewelry Store in France, email no good.

This was aggressively advertised on Face Book. I think Face Book should be held accountable for their advertisers. I will never order from a Face Book Add again.

If you had the same experience and used a card, I suggest you cancel your card and get a new one, because now 1supershop have your info.

Scamming $#*!s
Absolute scam. Fake news on Facebook, now 1supershop allow fake advertising.
1Supershop, as you begin to read my review, you start to feel the urge to make good on all orders. You will not be able to resist, because you will begin to get a glimpse of the pain you have caused people, from now you will deal with, honesty, sincerity & integrity, but you will never sell another item for profit, EVER!

Lightsaber scam PayPal refund
I got taken as well but figured if its fake PayPal will protect me, Think again, PayPal will not refund you unless you can provide ABSOLUTE proof not only of your returning the item but of it actually arriving, what's the bet if you paid the cost of return that nobody would accept its delivery and therefore PayPal can and will in a heartbeat close the claim no refund no comeback no second chance, 1supershop don't care so be very wary about PayPal promises.

DO NOT BUY! Ordered the 36" Griddle... took my money right away, emailed me an order confirmation. Still have not received it, email gets bounced back and phone is disconnected. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY LIKE I DID!

Total scam, not at all as advertised, just crap.
I thought how much fun would this light saber be for my grown son. What a joke, the one I bought him at toys r us when he was 8 years old was better then this one. Not only that but when trying to communicate before it arrived was a waste of time. 1supershop never reply.

Rating = -1
Wish I could give a rating of -1. I guess I wasn't the only one who experienced this scam. It sucks to see how many people got ripped off. I'm pissed and totally embarrassed that I didn't do further research before buying this "toy." When I saw the tracking number came from China, I knew I was screwed. From now on I won't be buying anything that is advertised on Facebook no matter how great the product seems to be.

Scam, scam, scam buyer be aware
Purchased a 36" flat top grill from them off of FB on 12/01/18. Two months later still no grill, no tracking number. Sent countless emails to them only to get the same email back each time. The phone is invalid and 1supershop can't be contacted. I'm out almost $100 because I used a debit card to purchase. My bank said I gave them authorization and they can't do anything. So I'm screwed I just want a refund or the grill

Fake products listed on their website
I seem to have fallen foul to the to the same issue as everyone else. I normally look at company reviews before ordering but was too excited when i saw this lightsaber and rushed in to buy. Like everyone else i also received a cheap plastic lightsaber that wasn't even close to the product page.

Their phone number doesn't exist and doesn't work. 1supershop never sent me a tracking number either. The item was never received. They are a scam and they do not reply to emails. They sent a generic email with lots of grammatical errors, but no tracking number. SCAM SCAM SCAM!

I just wish I could vote a negative value
I was foolish enough to order a grill for half price from a Facebook ad but after seeing the same company offering a Weber Grill ($500+ in stores) for $89, I knew I was in trouble. I emailed immediately to cancel my order: no response. Emailed again a day or so later: no response. Called the number in UK listed on their website: Error - number is unrecognizable. Emailed a last time: no response. Called my CC company and hope to get reimbursed. Checked their website: It is based in UK, selling products in the USA. The shop is powerd by a Chinese company. Untraceable. I'm going to cancel my credit card!

I ordered the Blackstone 36 " gas griddle for $89.90 stating delivery in 7 days. No tracking info ever received. Email sent no info returned. Allowed 1 month for overseas delivery, called credit card company explained I was scammed. 1supershop refunded my money.

Ordered the lightsaber... never came... seriously pissed off. The customer service link on their website is broken. Hopefully Bank of america can actually get my money back because these people dont even pretend to not be stealing your money.

STAY AWAY! Product received nothing at all as advertised - no recourse or communication.
My son ordered the Gauntlet (Avengers Articulated Electronic Fist) on this site and was been eagerly anticipating it. Much to his disappointment, when the product arrived, he found that instead of the item he ordered, a very different product was in the package. While it does mimic a gauntlet of sorts, it was more of a large rubber glove. This is very frustrating.

It is clearly not a Marvel Legends Series Infinity Gauntlet Articulated Electronic Fist as was advertised on the website:

- It does not have premium sound effects
- It does not have a pulsating glow effect
- It does not take batteries
- It is not 19 1/2 inches long.
- It did not have a fist-lock display mode
- It did not match what was shown in the pictures

We asked for them to ship the correct product as advertised or issue a refund. We have not heard any further correspondence from them.

Absolute scam
I wish I could attach the photos of what I received... The ad says 100% identical to what's shown. Which to be clear was a metal Luke Skywalker lightsaber in Rey's hands. Nope! I got some black handle with silver brush stoked paint, that has four prongs going up towards an already broken plastic tube that was supposed to be the "blade" I guess. "Collector quality" 1supershop said. Not even a plastic version of what in the photo! SCAM, FRAUDULENT, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.

The online shop is a SCAM!
I ordered a car seat/stroller from their online store which had been advertised on Facebook. All I received was an email confirmation that my payment was paid. I emailed them 9 days later asking when my order was being shipped. I didn't get a response. I went to their site, logged in and noticed that I could get a refund if I didn't get my purchase in 7 days. I wrote and requested a refund. Again, no response. I tried to log in to their site again and was told that the email and password didn't match. I tried several attempts and assumed that this company was avoiding me. I notified my bank and this company is flagged. Please, do NOT order from this site! Their phone number is invalid.

Big time shafted!
Wow i thought i would treat myself to an uber cool lightsabre, i thought wow that would be really awesome in my collection and could show it off,
However what i recieved was a piece of cheap tat that you could pick up for 50 pence, i feel sooo cheesed off and cheated! I too saw the promo vid on facebook feel really stupid for actually trusting them to actually not con me, well thank god i payed via paypal as there helping me with the query as we speak, very very unhappy customer!

Scam! Stay away fromvthem!
Just like everyone else I got scammed ordering a carseat for my grand baby. Hoping my bank will be as nice as some of the others have gotten! Can't afford to lose this money & still need a carseat! I agree Facebook should do something!

Couldn't contact them, never received my item
It's been about a month and I've not received ANY communication since I placed my order with 1supershop. I tried sending a reply to the order email (which it specifically states to do in the event of needing support). And I got a kickback message from a china domain telling me the administrator's mailbox is completely full. Totally bogus website. I'm disputing the charge on my credit card now.

Total scam, PayPal reviewing
I also fell victim to this scam site. Purchased the authentic light saber for $34.99 with display stand, etc. What came was a $2 plastic toy, which doesn't even work when batteries were put in it.

The site is well written and looks legitimate. Fortunately, PayPal protection will kick in and I should get my $35 back.

My invoice tracking number is also no longer working, so 1supershop have reset and begun another round of Facebook ads and scam. Need them shutdown!

Total scam
I ordered a stroller and got a iPhone charging cable. I printed my receipt and the canned email response 1supershop always send. I also filled out an RMA on their website. I took the receipt and canned response plus the package and cable to my bank and they processed a chargeback. This is possible if you used a visa or mastercard.

Total scam and rip off artist.

Thank god I paid them through PayPal who delightfully reimbursed me in full after submitting a claim. I got lucky but be forewarned because I heard other people were not so lucky getting reimbursed.

Thanks Facebook!
I saw an ad for a carseat in my newsfeed, I followed link and purchased it. It stated on time gauranteed 7 day delivery! So today being day 7; I emailed them my order # and a picture of their guarantee. After no reply I went onto their site and read about their live chat and 24 hour exceptional phone service... I cant find No chat live or not! And the 12 digit phone number did not lead to even a ringing phone! So now Im out $90! Thanks facebook!

Liar and a thief
Bought a teeth product about 4 months ago and 1supershop never sent out product. Took my money and never responded to my emails. Be aware. This company is doggy and a $#*!ing thief. I hope they can sleep at night. Illegal business trade. Should have called them 1conartist. Stealing is their speciality.

1 Supershop is a FRAUD!
I ordered a car seat for my granddaughter and never received it. I have tried to contact the company and no response. These people doing this should be caught and put in jail. Facebook should screen their ads or be held accountable.

Yep, total scam.
I see I wasn't the only one tricked by this. As soon as I saw this was coming from China I figured I was in trouble. DO NOT BUY THIS. This item is NOTHING like it is described, it is a $2 plastic toy. My guess is these jerks use PayPal because 1supershop get to tell you your purchase is protected by them which makes you feel safe so you buy, but PayPal probably can't get the money back from them and takes a loss, so I feel bad for them. Hopefully they'll stop letting people purchase from them.

I ordered a 36" Blackstone propane griddle from this store on January the 11th. Delivery promised within 7 days or it's free.
I have e-mailed the store and sent them a copy of my "successful purchase invoice". Have received multiple canned e-mail responses promising nothing.
This place is a SCAM, stay away

Do not buy from here
I wish we had read the reviews before we got ripped off too! Just received our 2 light sabers after 6 weeks and 1supershop are nothing like what is advertised. Absolute crap pieces of plastic from China worth maybe $2 each and we paid $70 NZD! So disappointed as they were for our sons birthday so we now need to go and buy something else and kiss the money goodbye!

These cretins have a video making rounds on Facebook of an incredibly complicated Luke Skywalker type lightsaber complete with sound effects, LEDs and crystals. Video shows person assembling this intricate lightsaber. Paused video actually states, "You can get one here:"
You cannot. The first red flag is the fact that it is on sale from $69.98 and is now only $34.99. Your second red flag should be the fact that the product pictures look only slightly similar (notably missing are the components the actor actually used when he was putting the one in the video together).
These scumbags even have a gif on the page taken from that video, so this is no accident. To even IMPLY that the one 1supershop are selling is close to what you saw in the video is villainy.

Dodged a bullet!
Thank you for all of the information and allowing me to save $100 on that 36" griddle grill. I did some of my own researching and for those of you that are looking to make complaints about the site here is what I found. You can see there is a contact email and phone for abuse

Registrar Abuse Contact Email: *******
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: *******505

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