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I ordered on this website a month ago after seeing...
I ordered on this website a month ago after seeing some good offers online. I was given an estimated delivery date which was around a week after my order. The following week I went online to check my order and much to my excitement I saw the estimated delivery date had moved forward by 2 days which was great. I then went to check the day before it was due to be delivered and it had been pushed back to the original date. Annoying but fair enough. I then kept track of it every day and every single day I checked the date was pushed back another day, then another, then another, etc.
I sent several emails and was just given excuses... we're really busy, it will be posted tomorrow (but it wasn't), etc, etc. I never even once received an apology by email.
Then I had a search online for their company. First off I found no end of bad reviews which was rather annoying. Then I found a facebook page where several people had posted comments that 1ClickPrint had ordered after me and already received their orders, and also several comments saying they had received their orders well before their estimated delivery date.
I went online to check today and surprise surprise it had been pushed back yet another 3 days. Despite the website saying it had been printed... strange. So I decided enough was enough I wasn't letting this company keep my money for the appalling customer service that they were offering.
When I rang to cancel I queried why other people had already received when they had ordered after me and they used the excuse 'sometimes orders fall out of the queue'... no reason as to why or no offer to sort the problem out. Just yeah have your money back.
I've never in my life experienced customer service like theirs.
Keep your money. Spend a little more (there are still fantastic offers on other sites) and get better service and quicker delivery. Don't shop here.

Also since cancelling i left a review on their Facebook page which was deleted and theyve blocked me from their page.
For anyone concerned its well worth reporting them to action fraud and trading standards may be worth a call aswell.

But just remember if you're reading this before buying, dont do it!

Save yourself a headache, go somewhere else!
Absolutely HORRIBLE! My order was for two prints of my daughters wedding with the promise of it being here with in two weeks. Was supposed to be a Christmas gift. After 12 days & the status never changing from "In Production" I emailed them & was told 1ClickPrint were unable to find my order with the information i provided, which i might add, I gave them ALL the information including the order date, what i ordered, a screenshot of the order & the order number. I emailed them back with the information again only to get no reply for several days after i had e/mailed them several more times. THEN! I was told it was lost in the mail & I needed to contact my local post office, & if unable to find they would either give me a full refund or send them out to me again free of charge. I e/mailed them back asking for a tracking number or something, never got a reply. I emailed them approximately 6 more times over the next several days. Yesterday (the day AFTER Christmas) I emailed them asking for a refund if it wasn't here before New Years. Today (two days after Christmas) I get an e/mail saying it is being reprocessed & would be sent out when ever the next batch was due to go out after the New Year, when ever that is. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! Would highly recommend not to waste your time with this company unless you don't care if or when you get your order.

Avoid this company takes your money and Never sends the items ordered a canvas on 11/10/15 and the delivery date was 14/11/15 and as of today 21/11/15 i am still waiting. Contacted the number on there website and also sent emails to be greeting with very rude employees telling me we are with in our time frame, i asked where it says about a timeframe when ordering to be told its not on there website I AM TELLING YOU IT NOW! He is one reply i got from Ross Witham at 1click print

Thanks for your email. Due to the interest of the offers and the
Fluctuation of offer orders, the delivery dates cannot be guaranteed
I'm afraid.
I would estimate that your order will be delivered by Tuesday/Wednesday next week.
You can track the progress of your order online at

Here's another from Collette Turner

Thank you for your message. The order is currently within our turnaround time scales, however, I have placed the order on a 24 hour delivery once this has left production and we will endeavour to dispatch your item as soon as we possibly can. Should you item not be with you by the end of the week, we will refund you the full cost and postage of your order.

Please note my order still has NOT been sent yet and the date is still moving to later dates

I have received TERRIBLE service from this company
I have received TERRIBLE service from this company. I made my order on 15 May for a present for my husband's birthday on 4th June. The week before it hadn't arrived so I emailed them and 1ClickPrint told me to expect delivery by Friday 30 May. By Monday 2 June it still hadn't arrived so I called their helpline explaining what had happened. They assured me that they would send it out by courier that day to make sure I had it for his birthday on 4th. 4th June came and went and nothing arrived. I called their helpline again, which, although saying they usually answer within 30 seconds, didn't pick up and after 40 minutes I gave up. I emailed them again and they replied the next day saying it had been shipped via Royal Mail on 4th June. I'm not sure why they felt the need to lie to me twice as I would rather have had genuine information and work around it. Really very disappointing service and an awful way to run a business. I will not be using them again depite their good offers.

Dont Buy From Them
Thank you for your order, we can now confirm the order been processed and Shipped via standard Mail on Wednesday 22nd of November 2017
You can expect to receive your order after 7-10 working days from when the order has left us.It looks like your order has been lost in the post.If you could please check with your local Mail depot to see if 1ClickPrint have anything under your name/address. If not, please let us know and we'll issue a replacement to be sent out at no extra cost.
Alternatively, we would be more than happy to issue a full refund for your order.
Again, please accept our apologies, we will do our best to get this issue rectified as soon as possible.
Kind Regards,
Colette Turner
1Click Print

Its been 4 days Since last email was received and replied with no response and still waiting for my refund as its to late to send again as it was a Xmas Present so still waiting for my Refund want my Refund.

Order not received reprint not received
I ordered 3 prints of my daughter was told 1ClickPrint would be here for 12 December 2016 they never arrived I contacted them got a girl Becky she assured me reprint would be done and sent out on express delivery I would have them for 23 December this was all tracked but I could not find any tracking details it said not available, it concerns me that 6 prints of my daughter were meant to be se t and someone else has them, I have contacted them 23 & 24 December no response I contacted them 2 & 3 January 2017no response very poor customer service Poor delivery can't comment on quality as I done have mine but from what I have just read it terrible.


Abysmal Service... TERRIBLE!
I have NEVER experienced such appalling Customer Service. After placing my order for my Father's Birthday pressie I was told to expect delivery between 5th & 9th May. Unfortunately 1ClickPrint didn't arrive. I was then told that they would be shipped to be received on 20th/21st May. Still no joy! After contacting them on the 23rd May I was told they had been sent and they would get back to me with a Tracking number. After phoning them today I have been told they are in dispatch and would be sent today...! Enough is enough... I have requested a refund that Collette has said she will do immediately?
The moral of this story is to read reviews before ordering!

Poor service
I order my items on the 28th Nov estimated delivery time as between the 2nd and the 6th December tracked my order still says my box frame is in the printing que and has been the same for days I have emailed customer service all you get back is the automated email back which I received the same one again when I emailed 2 days later I have tried to call customer service which is a joke you can't get through you go from 3rd to 8th in the que I then finally got to the next to be answered and the got cut off what a joke I still haven't received my items and it's the 14th Dec and still can't get through to there customer service

Its a put it mildly if you are not happy with your order they absolutely will argue with you and no
I should Samantha emails with the responses and the tone in the emails are not nice so if anywhere here 1ClickPrint tell you that your satisfaction is guaranteed thats a lie I asked them for a refund repeatedly and they chose to not do that they were going to send out another campus just waiting till that comes so I can open it up probably not like it for the same reason and send it back as of yet they have not resolved the issue they responded to an email and that was over 20 some hours ago so we will take this as far as it goes remember this, Word-of-mouth is everything in your business and your customer service skills suck

Ordered prints from this company on 19/11/13 and I'm...
Ordered prints from this company on 19/11/13 and I'm still waiting for them. I was told 1ClickPrint would be with me by 16th of dec and I'm still waiting. You can check the progress of your order on line but all you get is the same message everytime, your order is in production and should be leaving us shortly, we are currently running inside our normal turnaround. Been lied to for weeks, quick enough to take my money and leave me short of 3 people's Christmas presents and now they have another offer on the go, why when they can't even complete ones made before christmas

I ordered a canvas and some photo blocks 3 weeks ago and I am still waiting for them! One of them was a present for my mother in law who's birthday was a week ago! Everytime I email them I get fobbed off saying that due to fluctuation and special offer orders my delivery date can change! Wow! Well it's changed at least 4 times now! Avoid this company at all costs because although 1ClickPrint may have cheap prices by god you have to wait along time for them! I ordered a canvas from photobox and recieved them 3 days later!

Terrible Delivery
I ordered my items on 20/08/16 we are now 10/09/2016 and I am still waiting.

Wish I had read reviews before ordering as I wouldn't of placed an order with them had I known the delivery service would be so shocking. Why state dates if you cannot stick to them.
I will be taking my custom elsewhere in future.

Cheap prices come with terrible service and delivery. Wish I had paid more at boots atleast I would of had them within an hour.

I will be requesting a full refund when 1ClickPrint are open!

Very poor quality and took a long time as well
I ordered 2 canvas prints from this company. After 2 weeks nothing had arrived so I e-mailed them and didn't even receive a reply. Luckily I had paid with Paypal, so I opened up a dispute against them.
A few days later the prints arrived. What a let down! The quality was absolutely awful!
Yes - 1ClickPrint are cheap - but they are also rubbish! Pay a bit more and get them done elsewhere. I will have to get mine done again somewhere else because these are just terrible!

Very disappointed!

Appalling company
I ordered my canvas 20th july. It is now 24th august and still waiting. I have emailed 4 times. Had replies each time telling me a reprint was sent out and would arrive within 1-3 days. Did it arrive? Noooooo. Would not recommend using this company. You will not receive your order and if you do then thats just lucky for you. Iv requested a refund and still awaiting that. Huh 1clickprint my arse. Iv clicked about 100 times already

My canvas prints have arrived today, 2 small and 1...
My canvas prints have arrived today, 2 small and 1 large. Not sure why 1ClickPrint have arrived as separate deliveries but hey there here. Ordered on 5th march so just under two weeks which i didn't think was bad. I did notice they offer a express service but i wasn't in any rush.

Print quality is great, for the money i really can't complain.

Do not recommend ordering from them what so ever
Do not recommend ordering from them what so ever.
Quality is terrible. The design is low quality, cut terribly (even the paper/card is low quality), not centered. Do not recommend at all.

The delivery took over a month. Every week i called and i was promised it would be posted Monday morning. Stay away from this company.

Ordered a set of floties for my girlfriends birthday...
Ordered a set of floties for my girlfriends birthday present, she has a new flat and bare walls so i hope she appreciates this more than the perfume i was going to get her. I have to say there really great, ordered and arrived in about a week so no issues there. She now has five pictures of me to look at on lonely nights.

Slow delivery, poor service but cheap and good quality
Ordered canvas and prints on 17 Dec arrived on 28th. Was a Xmas present so bit of a shame but I should've ordered earlier. 1ClickPrint didn't respond to any of my emails. There's no tracking available on the site. The are no delivery prices or leadtimes on there either. However the canvas was a good price, photos good quality.

Ordered a canvas of my daughter and dad which the photo was a professional one with very high resolution this site states high quality canvass it's a lie the quality is terrible it looks all faded the faces you can see the pattern of the canvas what a waste of money will never use these again

Amazing company
What an amazing company, called up with an issue regarding one of my prints 1ClickPrint where quick to resolve the issue and send out replacement. Great customer service and fantastic quality and price can not be beaten. All my future business will be with them and i would recommend them to anyone.

I ordered about 12 prints on September 6,2017. It is now November 6,2017 and I have not received anything. I went back in records to be sure I was charged for the order, which came to $157 and change. As expected, the money had been taken out of account. Where are my canvases?

Very impressed with my hardback poster and my acrylic...
Very impressed with my hardback poster and my acrylic print. Easy page to navigate... Did what it said on the tin and then some. Delivery was longer than I expected. But was in no hurry and well worth the wait... will definitely use them again and hopefully I'll be wowed again

Couldn't be more pleased...
Just taken delivery of 3 large photo boards and 1ClickPrint are fantastic, quality is amazing can not believe they were so cheap for such great quality product.
Have had several things done through 1click and you have never let me down.
All have been amazing. Thanks quys

I ordered 3 photo blocks. Very impressed with them. 1ClickPrint came on the date that it said which I am very pleased about as they are Christmas gifts. Absolutely love them and family they are for will do too. Thanks so much.
Regards Leah

Very poor quality
Used 1clickprint following the purchase of a 200 print Living Social voucher. Delivery took 10 days but the print colour and quality is awful on some of the photos. Definitely wouldn't use them again.

Excellent *****
Thank you 1click very pleased with my canvas very fast delivery fantastic quality great customer service answered all my questions within a day definitely will use 1click again *****

Love my canvas
Ordered the largest canvas 1ClickPrint do.
Amazing quality and only took ten days!
Excellent service. BUT I'm still waiting on some prints I ordered.
Still love my canvas

Delivery shocking
Pictures are ok. But there delivery is so slow. Rang e times now given delivery dates and excuses but it is soooooo slow. And 1ClickPrint don't seem to care either...

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