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Poor customer service and crap parts
Ordered almost a complete replacement for the braking and steering on my 2006 Saturn Vue (Pads, Rotor, and Hub and wheel bearing assembly) a few months ago. Finally got time off or work to be able to change out the parts, making sure to follow manufacturing torque specs for all. I've replaced the parts in the past so was confident that it was done properly. The front driver side wheel bearing popped only 2 days after install. Had a mechanic pull both hubs and pull the bearing from it for new ones. Attempted to contact 1A Auto to make a complaint about fautly parts, 1A Auto rufused to do anything due to the part being tampered and blame the issue on incorrect torque. Never will use their products and will make sure others in the area are aware of this crappy business

Guarantee to fit is not accurate!
I was sent the wrong harness for the Mirrors I purchased. 1A Auto will work just fine after I modify that the harness that they sent me. Customer service has NO automotive experience at all and is of no help. Customers are not allowed to speak with technicians at all. I take them 1 to 3 days to discover if what you are telling them is true. Know ahead of time that you will need to modify anything that you purchase from them. I was finally told that their guarantees are not on all parts.

Terrible customer service when returning
We ordered wheel bearings for a 2009 GMC Sierra and received wheel bearings for the older model. 1A auto wanted me to pay for shipping and I was told I need to pay for shipping because I ordered the parts. I said I put in for my vehicle and the customer service agent argued with me telling me I put the correct year and make but I put for Savannah not Sierra. There is no GMC Savannah! He did finally send me a label to ship the parts back but ended with I put in the incorrect vehicle!

Will never use them again, or reccomend them to anyone! 1A Auto make it sound like their customer service is important, but is a joke to them. Ordered the brake and rotor kit specified in their website for my vehicle, yet after talking to dealer he confirmed they will not fit. So I contacted them about switching my order before they sent it out, to which the agent told me to receive the rotors first and see if they match of not call back and they will send me return label and switch for the correct size. Called today and agent gave me a $#*!y attitude saying it was my mistake and not theirs and I would have to pay my own shipping for making that mistake. Lady there is nowhere on this Earth that you'll find a Volvo v70 with 330mm rotors unless it's an R. I will never buy from here again. I was starting to buy all my parts from here but after the attitude problem and blaming me for messing my order up I am done. And I'll make sure everyone I know does not buy from this website. There are better suites with better customer service who honor their return policy.

Radiator last 6 months
Radiator last 6 months, 1A Auto said it was covered but not in stock (it was?), so I had to box it up somehow and ship back on my own dime only to receive a refund which would be a ton of head ache and I'd only get half my money back, I knew I should have purchased it somewhere that had a local presence to make returns easier. These auto parts places are as bad as the shops.

Update: fortunately they sent me a prepaid label that only cost me like $15 or so instead of the $100 I was going to have to pay on my own, but I had to ask for this twice so I'm still not happy but that should be noted.

Lack of quality and support
I received my order of a complete brake set including rotors and ceramic pads for my 2008 Mustang.
Brake pads incorporate 2 each return springs peened in place.
During installation, 1 return spring and retainer separated from pad due to poor peening.
Complete set required removal, contacted 1AAUTO for warranty support.
Initial company response denied warranty claim, followed by agreement for brake pad refund.
Warranty support was greatly appreciated & I have revised my rating from 1 star to 4.
Tom J

Unreliable company! Horrible business practices!
I ordered some parts and was told 1A Auto would be here Fri. Thurs. Night I received a message that they were delayed until Mon. I HAD to have the parts by Fri and had even asked a representative there to confirm and was led to believe that as long as I ordered before 2pm I would get the 2 day shipping. When I did not, I cancelled my order because I had to purchase elsewhere. This company charged me for return shipping even though I never received my order. When I tried to contact customer service they argued with me and refused a free return label. This is why Amazon etc. is ruling the industry. Other companies don't compare when it comes to convenience, selection, price, and customer service. I will never use this company again.

Unpleasant Experience (first one I've had with this company)
Recently received an AC condenser fan unit from 1A Auto, a company that I've had many positive experiences with. After installation, the AC worked fine for 3 days but quit. I was on a trip from Little Rock to Denver and had a very hot drive 17 hour drive back. When I started taking AC parts off my 2008 Dodge Ram, I got to the fan assembly and the nut holding the fan to the assembly was gone and the fan, of course, off the spindle and useless. No surprise but my compressor now is shot and I'm replacing the dryer. I did not ask 1A Auto to replace those parts that were ruined by the failure of their new part. I did ask for a reimbursement, rather than replacement, of the defective part because I had to replace the part locally in order to get the AC going quickly in this very hot month. Who needs a condenser fan laying around, especially for a 2008 truck? The 1A Auto response was, it's against our policy to replace electrical parts once it was installed." It wasn't the "electrical" that failed but, you know, "it's policy."

Bad "warranty"
I ordered a distributor for my Jetta 2.0. It exploded after 2 weeks of being in the car. No big deal, it has a lifetime warranty. 1A Auto told me that the VIN number for the chassis is a 97(it is) and they can't warranty the part because it's for a 96(exactly the same engine per Volkswagen interchange) even though my engine is from a 96. I've been fighting for 2 weeks about this and finally just bought another distributor from a different company. My engine now might be destroyed over this(metal flakes in the oil pan from the distributor, low oil pressure, etc) and they refuse to even refund me the money I paid for the part because the engine size is different(it's not. It's a 2.0 l4 engine). Don't buy anything from these scammers. It's not worth the headache when the part inevitably fails and possibly damages your engine.

Highly Trust Worthy
I bought a set of ready mount struts that ended up faulty. 1A Auto customer service helped me right out and replaced the bad struts. I have bought sever parts from 1A Auto and 99.99% 1A Auto are right with what fits your car or truck. Just knowing they will do what it takes to make sure your parts are right is a 1# priority in any customers satisfaction. I highly recommend them, I trust them and they are great at making sure you are satisfied as a customer. Now show me another AUTO PARTS STORE that does that? I know ADVANCE or PEPBOYS will not. So go with a trusted name 1A AUTO!

2006 Toyota Sienna Rear Driver Side Sliding Door Cable Assembly - BREAKS 2 MONTHS AFTER INSTALLED!
Wow, I am severely unimpressed with this company. After getting this part installed it breaks 2 months later. I sent in a message on their website to customer service and never heard back. After a while I figured I would call in. I have currently been on hold with their customer service line *******393 for 1 hour, 11 minutes, and 50 seconds. I have been told for at least 20 minutes that "the estimated wait time is less than 1 minute". Oh wait it gets better, it just changed to "the estimated wait time is 10 minutes". Seriously! WTF! **UPDATE** I was contacted this morning via Facebook message and email. 1A Auto stated they do not do returns after 60 days. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A CRAPPY PART THAT WILL BREAK SOON AFTER YOU BUY IT AND WANT TO GAMBLE WITH AN ALMOST NON EXISTENT RETURN POLICY THEN THIS IS THE COMPANY FOR YOU. OTHERWISE STAY FAR AWAY!

Poor Customer Service
Order a headlight mounting panel from their web page. 1A Auto sent us the wrong part (bumper cover), which wasn't anything similar to the part we ordered. They requested photos of the shipping label, part number and photo of the part we received to three different customer service agents. No response for two days. Sent them an email requesting cancel the order and refund our money. Received an email today claiming they will refund, and for us to keep the part we have no use for. In other words they dumped their mistake on us to dispose of. Terrible customer service. Will never order from them again. Beware. Use somebody else. Does this look like a highlight mounting panel to you? It's bumper cover for a pickup truck. They made no attempt to make their mistake right.

Quick shipping Ok but customer Service needs to tidied up
1A Auto sent out my order as two parts one package delivered and the package is stuck in UPS limbo. They will do nothing to resolve the problem other than have me wait 5 business days to see if the package comes out of UPS limbo. AS it turns out my second part of my order came out of UPS limbo and I received about 3-5 days later.
I did receive a phone call from customer service and they assured me that the rep needs to be more supportive of the customer. Took a few weeks after my original call for them to get back in touch with me, in these days though I guess that is acceptable. So I have upped their review from 2stars to 4stars( the call today in no way asked me to change my review)

The only reason I ordered the brake kit from 1A and not the 8 other websites that were actually cheaper is because 1A Auto guaranteed a delivery the next day. Well the next day came and went. All they do is blame it on UPS. Of course you cannot get a hold of anyone at UPS so no updates where these parts are. Meanwhile my truck is on a left in all taken apart while my mechanic waits on parts that were supposed to be there today. I noticed they only reply to positive reviews. I will never order from this company again. Customer service? An apology is not customer service. What a joke

Jagaloons Operating This Company
If you're looking for a company to cancel your order after taking money out of your bank account, look no further! I bought two identical kits for my Porsche Cayenne, about $900, and after receiving confirmation that my orders were successful, I received an email that my order was cancelled- but my money still was not returned back to my account.

7 days later after my order was cancelled and my money gone, the money finally showed back up into my account after being told 1-3 business days for my money to be refunded. After I calmed down, I decided, hey accididents happen, and I decided to give them another shot.

Today I placed an order for the same thing, and twenty minutes late, guess what? Order was cancelled with no reason and once again they're holding onto my money for 7 more days!

These people are crooks and have no problem taking your money and taking their time giving it back. 1A Auto offered nothing in terms of compensation, not even expedited shipping. I charged back my first purchase and told them if it comes to my door I will not accept the package.

I would rather receive a flaming bag of dung for the money I spent than ever have to do business with these incompetent, unintelligible thugs.

Save your money and time, it's worth the extra 20% markup to buy from someone else if that means refusing business with these hacks.

Parts don't fit, terrible customer service
Received tail lights that were so bad quality 1A Auto don't even fit. But for some reason, instead of just taking my word for it they want photos in order to return, and I had already taken the part back out and put the original back in, and I would have had to tear the inside of the trunk out to swap again. So I asked them if it would be OK if they waited since I was waiting on the salvage yard to get a car in I could harvest OEM lights from, and during that swap I would snap the photos they wanted of their defective part not fitting. They said:

"Thank you for contacting us. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We understand that you are waiting for OE replacements, and can wait for the photos. If at anytime you would like to set up a return for a refund please advise us and we will set that up for you. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. Your Reference ID #: ORD6582460 Thank you, Nick R."

Notice their wording "can wait" and "at anytime."

Well after several more weeks of no-show of any compatible vehicles at the scrapyard I finally got tired of waiting and decided to go ahead and request the return. They refused, citing that I was out of the return window, even though the only reason for that was their insistence on photos (i. E. the customer is responsible for quality control on their garbage parts). Even after escalating this with customer service, I still have to pay for return shipping.

Absolutely disgusting company to deal with. Go with RockAuto, or pony up for OEM. 1A is not worth the trouble.

Defective Parts/ Avoid!
Like MV listed below, I too ordered struts from 1A Auto which turned out to be defective as soon as the car was off the lift and being test driven by mechanic. 1A Auto did immediately send out replacements at no cost, however what arrived and discovered when being installed by mechanic; 1A Auto sent one front strut and one rear strut. Absolutely ridiculous and of course they do not reimburse for labor causing me to spend hundreds in labor not to mention having the mechanic purchase new struts from a local parts store. When discussing the return they wanted me to pay for the return shipping. I refused and later they sent me a return label for the parts. Avoid this company, clearly they are purchasing subpar parts.

Dont waste your time
You will not receive your part on time! I ordered a part on Thursday and 1A Auto called me on Monday to inform me that they were out of stock... this was left on my messaging machine. I called them back to discuss my options, they informed me that there was an error and they did have the items in stock and for the inconvenience they were going to expedite the shipping and I would have the parts by Thursday... They called me on Wednesday afternoon to inform me that they did not have the items in stock and wont for another 2 months! Also while on the phone with them I looked online and it says the parts are in stock and ready to ship next day.
Mean while I have a vehicle at the shop that is inoperable without the parts, this was by far the most difficult time I have had dealing with any auto parts company. Go somewhere else because the price is not worth dealing with such unknown. They are cheap and seem more like a SCAM then anything else. Pay the extra 10 or 20 bucks and know that your parts will get there when you need them from a place that will tell you straightforward whether something is in stock or not.
They did inform me that the system can take up to 48 hours in order to know if a part is on back order. So they are LIARS and cannot offer next day delivery even if you put an order in before 4pm. DO NOT SHOP HERE! Waste of Time and Money!

This place is a JOKE should be out of business!
I ordered tpms sensors for my 2012 Toyota Camry se when placing the order no one told me you need to buy the tool from dorman to programs them witch cost $300 on top of the $215 for the sensors when I called them 1A Auto said O sorry about that I sent them back it took over two weeks to get my refund plus if you call you will be put on hold and wait for ever only to be hung up on the customer service is the worst I've ever had to deal with don't please don't ever use 1A morons auto they will lie to you Abe rip you off scammers

Five Star Parts & DIY How-To's - Very Happy Customer
I had to replace 3 of my 4 power window regulators and found factory replacements at the most affordable prices from 1A Auto! 1A Auto were prompt with shipping and their products were exactly as described and a perfect fit! Above and beyond that, the fact that they also give you free diy step by step videos takes them way above the competition! If it wasn't for their how-to videos I would not have been able to save over $200 in labor costs by doing it myself! I am ecstatic to rate 1A Auto 5 stars as they most definitely are deserving! I have one more window that still has its original window regulator and motor working, but I am so happy with the other 3 having brand new motors and regulators I am purchasing a new one for that last window before it breaks like the others did! Thank you 1A Auto! I'd be bailing water out of my car if it weren't for your diy videos and quality fairly priced parts!

Junk parts, horrible customer service!
I went to 1A because I thought I remembered a friend recommending them. I remembered wrong. 1A Auto are awful and the parts they sell are utter garbage! First off their website doesn't tell you what brand you're buying. That's a huge red flag and I would have walked away then had I not been thinking they were recommended. So I get my parts and see they're same brand as ones I'd gotten (CHEAPER) from a different vendor. I knew I should have returned them right then and there but I didn't want to deal with the hassle so I told myself maybe the other parts were just duds and I'd get lucky with these ones. Nope, garbage parts didn't work right. Eagle Eyes is the brand by the way; stay absolutely away. So I go to use their "No Hassle Warrantee" and it's nothing BUT hassles! I said hey these parts don't work they stopped working within a week and I've had nothing but trouble with the brand and don't want replacements because those won't work either. They said nope you installed them so you can only get replacements. I said I never installed the headlights. They said I can get less than half what I paid back. NO FREAKING HASSLES! You'd be better off burning your money and turning the ashes into some sort of paste and hoping it magically turns into the part you're looking for!

A little rough
I ordered and received two rear wheel bearing and hub assemblies for my 2015 Prius. When I took them out of the box I hand Spun them And found a slightly rough spot in the bearing assembly while spinning. I immediately contacted 1Aauto And 1A Auto sent another one out immediately at no cost to me. I then took the original two To my mechanic who Spohn name by hand and found a rough spot in the second one. I am mediately contacted 1Aauto
Again And another replacement was immediately sent out to me at no charge. A company that stands by age product like they have is your company I want to stick with. Good people great service great prices

NEVER EVER BUY from 1A again!
I waited a week for my parts to show up. I finally get multiple emails that 1A Auto were delivered. Right to my front door no less! But no - no parts there. I then scoured every building in the complex looking for them. Eventually I learned 1A completely ignored my street address and generated a bogus delivery address using nothing more than my apartment number! In the middle of the COVID pandemic, and with hurricane bearing down on us within days (yes, if I had to evacuate it would have to have been in that car) I had to go across town, knock on the door of some sketch house, and try to beg for my parts!
What did 1A do? They blamed me for the way I entered my address! Which showed up perfectly fine in the order confirmation email they sent me. They did not ever even say oops, sorry, nothing else!
With service like that, I will NEVER, EVER order from them again!

Avoid this company, do not waste your time.
The expected shipping time as 1A Auto promised is 3-5 business days. After 7 days, I contacted them, they told me the expected shipping date will be another 10 days. After waiting for another 7 days, I did not see any updates from my shipping. After I contacted them, they told me that my shipping is LOST. Wasting my time on waiting the parts, and they could have told me earlier that the shipping is delayed and the shipping is LOST, so I can change to other options. But, they did NOTHING.

Poor quality parts and service
Ordered tie rod ends for my f250 payed 150 for a alignment after put on just to have them go out 2 months later. 1A Auto exchanged the set then 5 months go by I'm going to make a left turn go over railroad track and notice steering wheel play. Turns out tie rod was coming apart so called them to see if I could pay the difference for moog instead there poor quality parts they offer and aas told they didnt offer them and I have no warranty after they asked if truck was lifted and told them a simple 2 inch leveling kit on front. I been a mechanic for 10 years I know the dog's and dont's and told her that was a bunch of bs. Dont buy these parts they are poor quality and will get someone hurt

Bad Experience/ Order Cancelled
Order was cancelled without my knowledge per some security policy that you have to be In the same zip code when you order to protect people from using stolen credit cards. This means you can't order from work or anywhere outside if there zip code. I was just one city over. I can see if I was in a different state. I ordered my parts for the next day but wasted my time. I love their videos so I just thought I'd give them a try but I never will again. Amazon or Ebay for me from now on.

Poor customer service and misleading shipping tactis
I ordered a blower motor resistor on Wednesday night at 7:30 pm and chose the 2 day shipping, as I needed the part by Saturday. 1A Auto uses UPS for their deliveries; and although Saturday was Veteran's Day, UPS delivers on this holiday. I tracked the order and the part arrived in the UPS store near me on Friday Nov. 10, so I was sure I would get it on time, but I did not receive the part. I checked my email and saw an email from UPS saying that the item is scheduled for delivery on Monday, Nov. 13, five days after I placed my order. The cost of the 2 day delivery was $13.73, which I may as well have flushed down the toilet because this was a wasted charge. I called customer service and was told that 1A Auto has a contract with UPS and that 1A Auto are contracted to deliver parts on week days only. The customer service rep stated that there is a disclaimer about 2 and next day shipping on their website stating this; and there is. However, I have never come across this issue with any other online merchant in all my years of online shopping. When I see two day shipping, that is what it means to me, and most likely to everyone else who chooses this option; so naturally, one would expect their purchased items to be at their location in 2 days period, not 2 business days. In my opinion, this is a method to milk extra money out of the consumer. I told the rep that I was not happy about having paid for 2 day and receiving my item 5 days later and that I would not be purchasing another item from 1A Auto. She told that that was my option. This shows how little they value their customers. Customer service is everything, so I can see why they are receiving such bad reviews. BUYER BEWARE, as the saying goes. I will be posting another review once I get the part I ordered noting its condition and quality.

They do not stand behind product when they make the mistake in ordering
1A Auto do not stand behind products when they make the mistake in ordering. They told me the part number to order using my VIN. I took the part to my mechanic and he charged $175.00 to install and aim. They told me it was horrible to install them. I called 1A Auto and all they told me wrong part number based on VIN rep gave me previously. All they are willing to do is refund my money after I ship the headlights back.

I am out $175.00 and I have no headlights now. I realize and am fine with the cost for th install. Now I have to repay to have them uninstalled, than install new ones which is just wrong because it was 1a Auto fault that they did not fit.

My order number was

Excellent Warranty and Concise Service
In October 2016, I replaced the fuel pump assembly on my 1996 Chevy 4.3 S-10. In January 2019, the fuel gauge became erratic. I had no receipt or paperwork but called Customer Service anyway. Using my phone number, name and address, the Customer Service Representative found my original order and within three minutes replacement module scheduled for shipment. The CSR's knowledge, skills and attitude were both courteous and professional Additionally, she reminded me that I must return the original part, within 60 days, to ensure the continuation of the warranty. The complete call lasted less than five minutes. I highly recommend 1A Auto.

Garbage quality's parts
I had 3 of the same part fail in the exact same way 2 on my vehicle and one on a friends. And now I have to replace almost $1300 in race bearings on my bottom end because 1A Auto use garbage Chinese parts. And got a nice "theres nothing i can do" and "this part only has 1% return rate for defect" my distributor wich in my vehicle, drives the oil pump. Literally explode on the bottom side and I lost all oil pressure immediately. I replaced the dizzy because the hall sensor was defective on the oem one. NEVER IN MY LIFE, and ive been building and racing mk3 vw's for about 6 years now, have i had the oil pump drive pins explode at 2k rpm! While driving it softly. It also never fixed my hall sensor issues. I have built these motors to rev to 9600 rpm on a factory dizzy and they take it. For your sake do not buy oarts that matter from here.

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