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Don't order if you have expectations of quality or customer service
I have been purchasing from Jammin Butter for several years. I know the items are fairly cheap, but fun, so I have few illusions as to quality, and you should as well if you decide to order from them. My issue is that 13 Deals consistently lie to and are wholly unresponsive to their customers. Last year, I purchased several gifts for Christmas, and purchased them EARLY knowing full well it takes forever for this organization to ship. They charge immediately, BTW. Anyway, I had the package delivered to my Christmas destination rather than pay for double shipping. I got home on December 24 to find they had left an item out of my box, which left me short one present. They refunded the cost of the item, but did not even offer an apology or to send a replacement. This year, they offered something called Extreme Good Deals, where you paid $5 to have access to exclusive deals throughout the month of November. These items were then supposed to be gathered into a single box and shipped THE FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER. It is now December 19, and the items have not shipped. When I emailed and called, I got the response: We're hoping to ship these before Christmas. Wow. You're hoping to ship my Christmas presents from your warehouse before Christmas? How novel. Even though the order had not been compiled or shipped, they were "unable to cancel and refund because the authorization to compile and ship the order had been given to the warehouse." The best they could offer is for me to wait for the now irrelevant presents to arrive sometime next year, and then call for a return slip, take time off of work and send them back for them to maybe process a refund sometime. Horrible. Just horrible. You can get most of the same products through Groupon Goods for just a slightly higher mark-up. I would recommend that over dealing with these incompetent and heartless people.

Pre order mop;
I ordered a mop on Mar. 31 2017. Mind you it was a pre-order. So I can see that it would take a little while before getting it. But 13 Deals spent no time in charging my card for the item as this was done on the day I ordered it. All of April goes by... nothing. All of May goes by. Still nothing. FINALLY, Jun 2nd I get an email saying my item is being shipped by UPS. On June 3rd... still in their warehouse, June 4th still in their warehouse, June 5th again still in their warehouse. June 6th I email them and did get an immediate reply, saying that the shipment will go out this week sometime and will be getting it shortly afterwards. Funny, as soon as I done this I went to the UPS site again, where they had originally told me I would have my package delivered on the 7th of June beforehand, now, has been updated to where it FINALLY is picked up and the delivery now is updated for the 9th. Please people, avoid this company at all costs... as their service is super, super slow.

Just say "no"
I ordered the K-cup deal also... 96 of them. I ordered them based on the video that was on their page that said 13 Deals would be shipped in their original boxes except for the number of ones where the size box did not divide into the order evenly they would throw loose ones in to make up the difference. When I received the k-cups (which were 5 months past their exp date) there was not even one box. All the k-cups were just thrown into a shipping box. If I had know that, I would not have ordered them. Why even make the statement that the majority will be in original unopened boxes if that isn't the way you sell them? When I e-mailed customer service the only thing they would do (after going back and forth with e-mails numerous times) was to issue me a refund IF I paid to ship the items back. Lesson learned. I will not do business with them again regardless of the deal! Not worth it!

Slower than stuff from China. You get what you pay for.
Their website explains that your order can take up to 10 business days just to process. Well it does, right down to 9 days, 23hours, 59 seconds. 13 Deals claim they are not as fast in order to bring you good deals. Slow processing has nothing to do with passing on good deals. If they have that few employees that it takes 10 days, why not just hire more employees to speed up processing, resulting in higher sales and lower cost of goods sold? If I want to wait 3+ weeks for my item I'll just order from a Chinese site and save even more money. To me, it's worth it to pay an extra $5 and just stick with eBay and Amazon. Also read their FAQs and you can tell they must get a lot of complaints considering how defensive and presumptuous they are of customers' questions and comments.

Decent pricing but no sign of anyone sending the package of items ordered
13 Deals have a 3rd-party Customer Support service that you're supposed to be able to chat with, but I've only seen the chat option once, after that it's all email support so they don't actually have chat support.
My order was supposed to ship on 9-12 but it's now 9-30-17 and the tracking number still says that the shipping label was created but the box was never sent out.

I've been told, it would ship within 10 business days after ordering. Then I was told it would be delivered or shipped within the next week after contacting them exactly 11 business days after I had ordered things. I've already paid for the items in full, and nothing has been delivered or shipped.
Completely unprofessional and I had wished I'd seen the reviews before even looking at any items.

You get what you pay for
Been reading a lot of bad reviews about 13Deals and I have to say it: You get what you pay for! The items being sold are cheap and fun. Don't expect them to last a long time or be of the highest quality. I purchased some items and all of them took a while to be delivered. All but one arrived in working condition. I was able to email them at ******* (I believe this is the parent company) and 13 Deals responded the next morning advising me that they refunded my money and to throw the non-functioning items away. Worked out great for me.
My advice is, buy knowing that you are NOT getting the highest quality items, but you can get some use out of it and hopefully some fun. Don't expect Bloomingdale's quality at Dollar General prices.

To many excuses. Fraud
I ordered a steel hose on July 11,2017. 13 Deals took my money same day from account. I sent a couple e-mails to support and I finally got a response. I will post my response from support: I have received an update from shipping with the ETA on the garden hose. I just spoke with our shipping manager, unfortunately the transit company lost some of our pallets off of the shipment so we're waiting for the shipping company to either locate the lost merchandise or for the company to send us a reshipment within the next three weeks (this is the earliest they can fulfill the order). If you'd like to wait, Our vendor supplier is working with the transit company and vendor to get the garden hoses reshipped as soon as possible.

Ordered some items and was told could take up to 10...
Ordered some items and was told could take up to 10 days for delivery. When it got to be two weeks, I checked the fed ex tracking numbers. Got the message that "these numbers do not exist", (obviously bogus numbers to begin with). I tried emailing them twice to find out where/when my items would be delivered, and called (getting an answering machine both times in the middle the day, and it stated that their hours are m - f, 9 30 - 5). No return call yet to date. The credit card transaction, however, went thru on the same day the order was put in. I am trying to work thru my credit card company to see if there is any recourse I can take to get a refund. The company is obviously very good at ripping you off!

Lousy customer service with confusion of product by them
Ordered socks. Not the same as their picture, same brand but thinner less expensive socks. Offered 1/2 off or return at my expense. All I wanted was the correct pictured items. Lousy customer service.

Miranda lied to me, emailed the following to me: Our phone system is working. There are only 2 of us in Customer Support, and the girl in the office has been in the hospital this week. I've been getting back to everyone as fast as possible. If you do not like waiting, you could always try our chat options.

Putting in a dispute with VISA. Enough of this crap

I ordered from this company and never received my merchandise but 13 Deals sure as hell billed my AMEX card. I called their *******304 number and you get a recording 24/7 to leave a message. These go unanswered as well as their online form and e mails. I had to contact American Express to get my money back and file complaints with BBB and FTC. Similar complaints on BBB are filed also by others. I will never order from any of their companies again. These are ThatDailyDeal, Jamminbutter, 13deals, HoboNinja, SirMacho and 7deadlydeals. Consider yourself warned.

Never received my product
Apparently, if your order is over $100, 13 Deals ask that you verify your address. I was sent an email asking for verification, which I responded to. After I sent my response, they then charged my card but never shipped my products. Two months later I contacted them, they no longer had the product but they issued me a refund. But it is ridiculous to charge a customer without shipping their products. I asked if they wanted to do anything more to rectify the situation and they refused.


Ordered hammock and its been month. They say they are preparing the shipment. STAY AWAY.
Ordered the hammock more than a month ago. After three weeks say 13 Deals are out of stock and getting new shipment this week and will be shipped. Again they said they are preparing the shipment and now its more than 10 days never received tracking number or item. Horrable company to do business with. Looks like they take a order online first and then send order to Chinese company. They don't have any inventory or if they have very minimum.

Totally scam they sent you totally $#*!ty items. I...
Totally scam 13 Deals sent you totally $#*!ty items. I bought mystery box for my dog, and they ask size of my dog so I clicked on small. After I got it, everything that they sent was for LARGE DOG even it said for Large or 50lb over dog even on reciept it clearly said Small dog. Shipping takes forever. They never pick up the phone. There's no way to contact them since nothing works on website.

Never order again
Never order again. Item says "Will Ship soon". Supposed to ship in 10 days but going on 30 now. Still no item. I bought the item cheap so I don't expect much from the product but doesn't mean you can't be honest. I've bought from other sites where shipping comes from Hong Kong and it takes a long time. But those sites tell you that in advance. Site promised free shipping in 10 days. Going to BBB and calling my credit card.

Horrible Customer Service
Worst website and Horrible customer service. I ordered an item and 13 Deals offered free shipping. But i never received it. After a month i emailed them to ask the status and they said I did not give my apartment number in address(Well, I am not stupid). They said I will have to pay 3 dollar for reshipping or they will return only 75% of the money. Another way of making money for them."

This place sucks
I ordered from them over a month ago I keep getting the run around I've tried to email them to find out what's up and I get a message saying that the message failed that the recipients mailbox is full... I assume because of all the other complaints 13 Deals quit checking the emails. DO NOT TRUST THIS CRAP COMPANY ITS A SCAM

I've made numerous purchases from 13deals and its sister...
I've made numerous purchases from 13deals and its sister sites. Shipping isn't fast and some were a FedEx to USPS. Some stuff is worth it and some... not so much. I've had far more positive experiences and have always received my items. If you buy a sleeping bag for $10, you get a ten dollar sleeping bag.

Product sucks and they keep spamming me!
Socks fell apart the first time 13 Deals were washed despite following the washing instructions. Customer service (I use that term loosely) sucks! No help whatsoever.

On top of this, they put me on their spam list(s) and will not take me off despite 4 requests and 3 unsubscribes.


Never Received the Item
I ordered keurig vue cups. I never received the item. 13deals is blaming Fedex and USPS. 13 Deals don't stand behind their service. Their recommendations to me is to "deal with it". My $15 is gone, no refund, no new shipping. They do terrible business. IT IS A GAMBLE SHOPPING ON THIS SITE.

Same experience(s) as the other unhappy customers
Same experience(s) as the other unhappy customers. Card was charged day of purchase (instead of when shipped), waited a month, several emails then a reply stating I should track the item down with usps. Forget it. Will start a chargeback with my CC company.

Scam company
Pulled a bait and switch by sending me an inferior product to the one advertised on their website, then refused to correct the issue when I contacted them. Not to mention it took them almost a month to ship. Stay away from this shady company.

This company is fradulant.
I ordered claw garden gloves a month in a half ago. Ai have never received order. I've tried calling them and it says mailbox full. All emails are returned as could not send. I am contacting my credit card company to dispute this.

I found by accident this past Christmas Season and boy am I glad I did. Super cheap bargains galore, wide variety of merchandise changing daily... Great Place to Shop...

Still waiting for my stainless steel hose, no answer from emails, no answer from phone call, turned it in to paypal, still waiting, take my ADVICE!

Do not order from 13deals
Ordered nonstic frying pan, unfortunately 13 Deals send me a really cheap quality one not the one they advertised and had pictured. Will never order from this company again!

Ordered item and received an email stating that order...
Ordered item and received an email stating that order is shipped with FEDEX tracking number. Problem is that FEDEX never received the item. Fraud website - stay away.

Item never received, no email or phone
Items not received after 2+ weeks. No email or phone (emails bounce back with error, phone is not answered). Had to dispute with credit card and paypal.

13 DEALS IS A SHAM. Never received the item I ordered. 13 Deals do not pick up calls at their office ever. I will be disputing with my credit card company.

Finally got my item
After filing a complaint with the BBB received item, email address no good and did not answer phone. Stay away from this site unless you are patient

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