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You would be well advised to avoid this company at...
You would be well advised to avoid this company at all costs.

Bracket arrived in bashed up box wrong bracket, wrong spec and unsuitable.

I wished I had read reviews and taken the good advice to avoid this company.

No matter which bracket you order, send what they like. From other reviews you will see they send out what they like... never heard of such appalling service. Sure a bracket will arrive, but why they give so much choice, I have no idea. Their stock list is no way up to date. Note nothing shows out of stock!

Company Premises tiny shop so I'm guessing have about 40-50 bracket in stock... Probably all the same. So I can't see how they can deliver what they promise.

Customer Service is only via email. They will not take your calls nor write. So do not use them! They simply stop replying after a while.

I was assured a refund would be given along with postage costs if I gave them a proof of postage receipt.

I sent back the bracket which wasn't suitable via 2nd class parcel post and as requested got a proof of postage receipt.

Once I supplied this they suddenly required a vat receipt as well to refund postage. They were very clear. Proof of postage is all I needed to get my postage refunded. Now after 9 days without a reply, I have no choice but to warn others.

Please do not use. It's not worth the hassle nor the expense of dealing with them. I hear they have a sister company too brackets4u. I assume they are the same.

Do not use... this used to be called theft now apparently it's just Internet fraud.

I've been left out of pocket and had to go to a reliable company to get a decent bracket.

Do the same and avoid being ripped off and out of pocket

Ordered two brackets that could be tightened by hand
Ordered two brackets that could be tightened by hand.

Sent brackets that need screwdriver and spanner to adjust the brackets. No use at all to me. I got offered 5% discount to keep them.

I told them the brackets were no good for my purpose, inferior to the ones I ordered and have asked on every email (6 to date) that I want a full refund but keep asking me to choose another bracket.

I've quoted Distance Selling Regulations to them (twice) stating that as they sent an alternative product, without asking me first, it is their responsibility to pay return postage and give me a full refund.

Apparently they are going to send out a returns slip which I need to print out. How do they know I have a printer or access to one? I also have to take this to the Post Office (despite telling them I live nowhere near a Post Office and have mobility issues) but not to get recorded delivery? I'm guessing that the return slip will not be accepted by the Post Office. If this returns slip isn't accepted at Post Office (i. E. a fake) then I will be taking it to the local police station.

And as if to waste time they say it will take 24-48 hours for them to email the returns slip.

Every time I email them I need to restate what I've already told them as they don't appear to actually read the emails properly and just send a stock reply.

In my view 123brackets is a cowboy outfit. I have Googled them and their sister site bracketsrus and have found a lot of people who have had the same abysmal service from both companies.

If the star rating system allowed I would give this company a very big minus star rating.

I ordered a bracket for my 24" JVC TV from this company
I ordered a bracket for my 24" JVC TV from this company. The description stated (and in fact still states) that this would fit "ALL 24" JVC TVs" - a direct quote. It doesn't.

Due to a delay with a plasterer, I did not attempt to install the bracket until more than a month after it was delivered - this seems to mean that I have no comeback whatsoever, despite the fact that it was (and still is) being missold as the description is an outright lie.

I even offered to send it back and pay the extra for another bracket that would fit my TV. This email has been ignored.

The only saving grace here is that I will soon be purchasing 2 more brackets for larger TVs, once decorating in my other rooms is finished - at least this rip-off company will only have my money for the smallest of these brackets.

I would advise you to avoid this company - I'm sure they're fine if you're lucky enough to get the correct bracket - delivery was not an issue, but if you get the wrong one (and, as said, their descriptions cannot be trusted) you will be in trouble.

If anyone from this company reads this review and feels that want to address this issue then please feel free to reply to my last email which you have previously ignored.

Left foot - right foot. Neither is sure what the other is doing!
I placed an order on the 24th October 2014, but received nothing further via email. So on the 27th October, I sent an email asking what was happening with the order, but had no response.

I called on the 28th and the lady I spoke to could not find any record of the order, even though the money had been taken out of my bank account. I then sent a further email and got a response that don't ship to Jersey where I live! Can't their system identify a non-ship-to region from the postal code? Seems not...

I even offered to pay towards the postage, but the lady wouldn't ship it.

I received the refund as stated, which was the only smooth part of the transaction.

I ordered an equivalent item from which was almost half the price, with free shipping.

I am doing this review because they promised a free HDMI cable, so let's see if they'll deliver that to Jersey!; 0)

Avoid doing business with this company.
A sales assistant recommended a particular bracket for my TV. On arrival it clearly was not appropriate. I called and a very helpful assistant told me that his colleague had got it wrong, told me to return the bracket for a full refund including postage. All calls in and out of our office are recorded. He told me the correct bracket, it arrived and worked. Now things went wrong: A woman called Jessie wrote saying that would not refund postage and that she didn't care that the company manager had ordered her to make the refund. She also said she didn't care that our phone recording system proved that sales had recommended the wrong bracket! 45 emails later she was overruled by Visa who deducted the full refund from 123 Brackets. So if you come across Jessie, who simply ignores the facts and doesn't give a damn about customers or consumer law, you are in for a long slog.

The positive:
The positive:

- I ordered a height adjustable bracket which arrived promptly the following day.
- The item is strong and easy to install.
- The price was very reasonable.
- There are a wide range of options to choose from.

The negative:

- It was sent only in the normal item packaging, no paper or bubble wrap. This was not an issue for the item, but perhaps could have been if the delivery was rough.
- The item number of the bracket I bought was not listed on the packaging at all so I had to call to confirm this was the correct item.
- The item is only height adjustable by re-hanging at one of three hanging points. The listing did not make this clear, so I expected there to be much greater flexibility.
- The security lock is through a small hole on the end of a flimsy metal pole. Only a small padlock can be fit and would be easy to prise off with little effort.

Great product, great prices and fast delivery
Used this company to purchase a cantilever TV bracket and HDMI cables, at the end of 2014. Our TV, when on the TV cabinet, was a little too tempting for our granddaughter to abuse. I wanted a bracket to put it on a specific wall, near to a rarely used doorway. The cantilever bracket allows me to put the TV in an optimum position for viewing, and then fold it flat against the wall when I need to use the doorway.

123brackets had a great range of brackets to choose from, that would fulfil my needs. On top of that, also sell HDMI cables, which I would now need in longer lengths than before.

All products were delivered quickly and very well packaged.

If I am asked where to get a bracket from, or need another one for myself, 123brackets will be my first port of call.

Very difficult to deal with...
We have placed a few orders with 123 brackets within the last few months. There is never any problem with order or delivery, the problems come after that. You have to request to be sent an invoice for your order which is fine - until you're told you have to wait up to 10 working days for them to be send via post!? I don't understand why i takes so long or why 'don't have facilities' to e-mail or fax invoices in this day and age?!

Also it's frustrating that no one within the company seems to like answering the phone or the emails you send. Even when they do answer sometimes they are not helpful at all.

All in all they're hard to get hold of and behind the times. If it was up to me i would not use the company again - it's just too much hassle.

I ordered an adjustable TV wall bracket and not only...
I ordered an adjustable TV wall bracket and not only was the price the best I could find online, but it included free next day delivery. I ordered at lunchtime one day, and had the product in my hands the very next morning. I made a mistake with my order and 123 Brackets were very quick to rectify this for me and their customer service was great. The product itself was very easy to fix, looks good, works perfectly and it came with all the fixings needed (which is quite rare these days!). All in all, very happy with both the product and the level of service received and would recommend them wholeheartedly.

The site is clearly geared towards brackets, and makes...
The site is clearly geared towards brackets, and makes it easy to find exactly what it is you want. The polish that makes it excellent is where have provided simple diagrams of the brackets including the dimensions of the important aspects. This, for me, made it straight forward in selecting the correct bracket for my TV. I have since installed it, a process I found uncomplicated, and now enjoy my TV in the spare room without the wife nagging me about playing on the PS3.
123Brackets took the anxiety out of choosing the correct wall mounted bracket.

Product arrived on time and is well worth the money
Product arrived on time and is well worth the money. All necessary fittings supplied. Only issue was attaching the spirit level but easily remedied. Bracket was strong and attaching to LCD was simple. Could do with better instructions, but again easy enough to figure out what to do. All in all, great service, excellent product and happy with the end results. Would highly recommend this companyYour review will help others learn about this website.

Please do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website.

Complete cowboys - avoid this company!
Still waiting for a refund 2 weeks after the product I returned had been received and signed for by 123brackets. The bracket I returned had not been used and the package hadn't even been opened.
I have sent numerous emails and tried calling several times only to brushed off saying hadn't got round to looking at my return yet because of the school holidays. Complete nonsense! They seem determined to hold on to my money despite having received their goods back in perfect condition.
Don't use this company, they are cowboys!

I buy a lot on the web now and in all my time of dealing...
I buy a lot on the web now and in all my time of dealing with online companies, 123Brackets are possibly one of the best. I am renovating my house and needed 3 brackets quickly. Although I was slightly over their cut-off time, did all they could and still delivered next day, Unfortunately my electrician messed up the wiring run so we couldn't use 2 of them. They were incredibly understanding and kind and even let me deliver back to their warehouse so i didn't have to pay postage. All in all would highly recommend.

Professional service not just "sell what they order"
I spent a while on ATVs web site looking for a stronger pole for my aerial. Loads of info. And a well laid-out site.
Having ordered what I thought was correct... rang to check that I had a second bracket (not ordered as I had one) as they recommend a 2-bracket install for my chosen pole. We had quite a chat during which they gave me additional advice on siting the brackets.
A professional service then, not just selling me what I thought I wanted,. Well done!

Great products supported by great knowledgable staff.

I have bought quite a few brackets from 123brackets over the past year. I have found their range of products to be excellent, great value yet robust, flexible and strong. I have only ever had one problem which was resolved quickly by excellent service staff who replaced the item quibble free, quickly and efficiently. I would certainly use them again.

Still waiting
I ordered a bracket on 6 October, and received a confirmation email. My account on the website says 'Approved' for the order. I've tried to email through their website several times to find out what's happening, no response. I called their number and the person on the phone said don't handle queries on the phone. Not sure what to do next, the customer service is awful!

I've carefully selected the bracket I need and they...
I've carefully selected the bracket I need and have sent me something completely differemt! Claiming that this is a 'superior product'. Don't order from them unless you really don't care about what they will send you! (Have to agree, in majority of cases it probably doesn't matter - all brackets are more or less the same...)

Overall very happy with the service I received
Overall very happy with the service I received - although the bracket needed some minor modification to fit my TV despite being listed as compatible. Also, being at the upper end of the weight range for this bracket, I do find that the screen tilts downwards over time no matter how tight I do the securing nuts up.

I have ordered a few brackets from 123brackets over...
I have ordered a few brackets from 123brackets over the last 3 years. Searching on the type of bracket required is easy, with a good range of brackets to choose from. Prices are very good value in my opinion, and delivery has always been at least as quick as stated. Brackets usually arrive before I expect them

The bracket was sent very quickly
The bracket was sent very quickly. I had contacted 123 beforehand to identify the exact bracket that suited my purpose and was dealt with by a very helpful sales person. The instructions were clear and I quickly fixed it to the wall where I needed it to be sited.
I would thoroughly recommend 123 brackets.

Great product range at extremely competitive prices
Great product range at extremely competitive prices. The ordering process was really straightforward, I was able to track progress and the product arrived in line with what I was promised. The product was just as good as I had hoped. I would definitely use this company again in the future.

Satisfactory transaction
No problems dealing with this company. Despite not knowing very much about this type of purchase I was able to find the product I needed from the website at a competitive price. Delivery and product were as expected. If you are looking for a TV bracket i would recommend this supplier.

Wanted to raise our plasma TV of the table in the front...
Wanted to raise our plasma TV of the table in the front room... wow, what a difference the bracket provided by 123brackets made! Although the best price I could find, the quality was excellent and the service second to none. I will definitely use 123brackets again in the future.

Found this company via a search engine and rang them...
Found this company via a search engine and rang them for advice because I wasn't sure what I needed. The lady was really helpful and didn't try to upsell. The bracket arrived the next day and is really good quality and an £80 saving on the bracket the TV manual suggested,

Poor quality product
Poor quality product. Wouldn't dream of mounting my tv on these badly conceived wall mounts. are cheap for a reason. Furthermore, the item I ordered was not the one that was sent and trying to get any sense out of their customer services was an exercise in futility.

123Brackets sounded a bit shady to me at first, I found...
123Brackets sounded a bit shady to me at first, I found my bracket and it cost me not even £3, when it arrived not that long after my purchase I put it up withing 10minutes. It was so easy and my TV hasn't fallen off the wall yet :) really happy with it

123 bracket. Com
The best on the market all other companies rip you of but not 123 this is the 3rd time I've used them, I've recommended several people can't believe how much they saved! Thanks a million there's only one bracket for me that's 123 bracket. Com!

Unbelievable quality and delivery. Ordered bracket from...
Unbelievable quality and delivery. Ordered bracket from 123brackets and received my purchase within 48 hours at no extra cost. Instructions where bit misleading but thats not 123brackets fault it was the manafacturer. Will definately order again.

Excellent range of products, the cheapest I found on...
Excellent range of products, the cheapest I found on the internet, their site was easy to navigate and find the bracket I wanted. This was backed up by a super fast delivery all in all a 5 star service which I totally 100% recommend

Great quality as ever
(123B*******892-291) TV bracket for 42" flat screen TV. I've been using 123Brackets for a long time now and every bracket has been top quality, very competitively priced and almost always delivered the next day. Fully recommended.

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