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I have just receive my first ever order with 1010tires...
I have just receive my first ever order with 1010tires and was very upset to have my mechanic tell me that the new winter tires can not be put on today due to missing hub rings and missing wheel nuts. The inconvenience to reschedule an appointment for me and the waste of time for my mechanic, let alone the embarrassement was enough to put my frustrations into words for your company to better serve your customer. I have called your company and was told that I needed to order an 'installation kit' with my new wheels and tires. I feel that I should have been prompted, or emailed, after the 'Fitment guarantee' people verified my order that the rings and nuts were necessary for purchase. That is the one reason I bought from your website as I would have no issues when the wheels and tires were received. I am not a 'car guy' so I even checked with my good friend the car guy and he would not have thought to buy separate wheel nuts as he would just use the ones on the vehicle already. While I read your fitment guarantee below...I still couldn't put my tires on as the bolts and rings were not included, and I wasn't told I NEEDED an installation kit. ''We guarantee that the products you have purchased will fit your vehicle, meaning the following: Rims: Rims will bolt on and will not interfere on OEM brakes, suspension, or body components. Rims that require hub centric rings or different wheel nuts/bolts are still considered a correct fitment.'' When I called your company to ask about the missing nuts and rings, I was told that I would have had to order an 'installation kit' which was suggested in a pop up box along with tire bags at the end of my order. Again, it may have been 'suggested' but it should have said 'required'. I do remember seeing the pop up box and figured it was an upsell tactic as tire bags are not necessary and the installation kit did not specify what was included inside so how am I supposed to know what I am buying. I feel like 1010tires has failed me in their guarantee. I have sent a formal customer feedback response to 1010tires and have not had a response yet, 30 days later...still waiting.

1. My car was not on the website (2018 Audi S3).

2. I contacted technical support about this issue. Days later got back to me and confirmed that the 2017 Audi S3 was the same.

3. I went back to the website to build a winter tire package (alloy wheels and winter tires). There were zero hits. No options. So I contacted again through the live chat.

4. The person on live chat was unable to find anything, so he built me a custom package. That was helpful.

5. I inquired about free shipping, since this was advertised when I tried buying first. I was informed it was no longer available, and it could not be over-ridden. This frustrated me, since I tried to buy during the promotion, but was unable to due to 1010's own website!!! The fact free shipping was not honoured, was not good customer service in my opinion.

6. I finally got to adding parts manually to the cart and tried checking out, and it took me 3 different card types before payment was processed. Not for being declined, but random errors such as "this type of card is not accepted". I tried Interac online, then Visa Checkout, and finally it worked by Credit Card / MasterCard. My Interac wouldn't work, stating I need to use Visa Debit instead. I tried that, but the error was the the website does not accept that type of payment. It was a painful experience, just to pay.

Ultimately, the more frustrating part of this is that the website itself was the reason I could not buy sooner and take advantage of free shipping. So it ended up costing me an extra $108 for shipping, in no part due to myself. Very frustrating.

I've bought online through TireRack at least 5 times before, without any issues. I decided to try 1010Tires, to support a Canadian company, since pricing was comparable to TireRack. However, this buying experience has been painful enough, that I'll likely go back to TireRack for future purchases.

After waiting a full month for the tires after ordering,...
After waiting a full month for the tires after ordering, I got them installed today only
to find out at the time of pickup that the tires had a dot code of 1915
(manufactured in May 2015), meaning the tires are roughly two and a half
years old already.

I've purchased many winter tires in the past (latest was last year for my
SUV from 1010tires), and each time the tires received was either
manufactured earlier that same year, or late months in the year prior.
I've never received new tires that were already 2-1/2 years old. To put it
in perspective, the tires I purchased last year (Nov 2016) had a dot code
of 3016, meaning that the tires I just got order this year and installed
today are even older than tires I purchased last year!!

I'm quite disappointed now with this purchase and feel I did not receive
new tires as I had originally wanted.

I spoke with the 1010tires retail store that installed the tires and
said they couldn't do anything on their end as the tires came straight from
the warehouse and it was out of their control.

Everyone I talk to at 1010tires keeps talking about how "safe" the tires are, but it has little to do with that. Kumho provides a 72 month manufacture's warranty from the manufacturing date of the tire, meaning these tires have already lost 2.5 out of the 6 years even before they were installed.

Paying full price for the product and only receiving half of the promised warranty is silly. Due to the amount of driving during winter months, my winter tires receive minimal usage so I replace them based on time and not treadwear as there is always plenty of tread left. Receiving 2.5 year old tires just means I'm replacing them that much sooner. sells nice wheels at competitive prices,... sells nice wheels at competitive prices, but based on my single experience buying wheels from them seems to refuse to communicate with some customers following their purchase. The following details my November, 2017 experience:

Within 12 hours of buying from the website, Sophia (the name of the company's founder and CEO) emailed me to thank me for my order and say it should arrive at the local 1010Tire location within a few days. That's when I should have received a call to arrange an installation appointment.

When I didn't hear from them within four business days, I started calling their local store, which, according to their online order tracking report received my wheels. I called them at least 25 times throughout that and the following day, including especially when it opened at 9 am.

Unfortunately, I was ALWAYS greeted by a message saying "we are unable to answer the phone due to the high volume of callers." also failed to respond to my emails and online form message submission requesting an installation appointment.

When they failed to communicate with me, I got their attention by sharing my negative experience with their current and prospective clients via their Facebook page. It was only then that someome from their local tire store called me the next day, saying I should bring them my car the following morning. I did, and drove away with my new wheels installed.

My Christmas 2017 wish is that management will learn from this experience and always clearly set accurate customer expectations while demonstrating they care to meet all customer needs and treating us with respect.


I just wanted to take the opportunity, now that I have had the time to assess the performance and quality of my new rims and tyres (recently purchased from to write a few words of gratitude and express my thanks to the following individuals and for the following reasons:

Andy - Very savvy and incredibly attentive at understanding and handling the issues with my purchases. Definitely a team player and very articulate.
Steve - Very knowledgeable about your products and very transparent and competent in presenting the pros and cons to customers.
Stephan - Thoroughly reviewed the intricacies of my "troubled" order and competently navigated them to complete the process without getting overwhelmed.
"DS" (of British Columbia) - Consistent level of professionalism in attending to my order and the associated transactions.

Despite a few communication glitches and some technical issues with the order, I really appreciate how well you gentlemen presented yourselves as a single unified team and worked transparently, honestly, honourably and thoroughly with me to ensure I was properly and fairly treated.

I mentioned the adventure of issues I had to several of my work colleagues and how well the "" team had handled my situation; (we all are car enthusiasts and regularly go to lunch together). My appreciation and endorsement of the service (as your major differentiator from your competition) resulted in one of the fellows also making a purchase based on my recommendation.

Thanks for your combined efforts! I am very happy with my tyres and rims as well!

Happy new year!


I ordered a set of wheels and tires from 1010
I ordered a set of wheels and tires from 1010. Wheels were back ordered 3weeks (not blaming 1010 for that). I finally got the call that I can pick them up. I looked over the top wheel/tire in the stack of four, looked good in their dark showroom. I paid for the wheels, wheels/tires were bagged by the employee, I loaded them in my van and secured them. As soon as I got home and I was able to inspect the wheels under decent lighting, I quickly saw three damaged wheels. First wheel was flawless, Two wheels had a very small scratch/skuff near the lip. The third wheel had a massive gouge in it through the paint to the exposed metal. I immediately called the store before closing and was told to send pictures. I sent them that evening. I called everyday asking for updates but was told the person I was dealing with was off, or the manager had not looked at the pictures. After 3 days I loaded up the wheels and tires and brought them back. As soon as I talked to an employee I was blamed for the damage.
I told them I was returning them and I wanted what I paid for, brand new wheels and tires.

For a week after, I tried calling after work to find out the status but each day I was told nothings happened yet and that will call me. The last day I called the employee was quite rude and short. I have given up calling them.

At this point, it's been 3 weeks since I paid them and just over two weeks since I returned the wheels and tires. They have not contacted me or refunded my money!

Avoid this place if you want a smooth transaction as they don't seem to care about you once they have your money!!!

I purchased a set of tires from 1010Tires for a set...
I purchased a set of tires from 1010Tires for a set of new wheels I purchased from another company for my car.

The service I received from Steve Genua at 1010Tires was top notch from my first call last Oct. 2017 to when I drove away smiling Feb 28/18. Steve has a great knowledge of tires/wheels and just as important, fitment. The new wheels had never been mounted on my vehicle, so 1010Tires thoroughly checked the fitment, to find a big problem. My worst nightmare, the wheels do not fit my car. The rear wheels can't be properly mounted on my car. Steve showed me exactly what the issue was with my new wheels, and presented me with solutions. I had 2 solutions, send the wheels back to the USA at a cost $500.00 to me, or have the wheels machined so will fit. Steve made contact with a machinist close by and explained the issue. The machinist machined my 4 wheels for a much lower cost than what the shipping cost was. The wheel manufacturer has re-imbursed me the machinist costs, since they have a fitment issue with these wheels that they assured me will fit my 30 year old stock vehicle, but they did not. Now my wheels/tires are installed on my vehicle and they look fantastic.

I want to say thank you very much to Steve & crew for finding and helping me overcome a big fitment issue. My safety and others were at risk if this issue was not caught. Thank you for being so thorough with the fitment check.

The service I received was superb, and I will be highly recommending 1010Tires.

Thank you very much, and all the best!
Robert M

I ordered a set of tires for my VW in the fall
I ordered a set of tires for my VW in the fall. were delivered on time and I was generally happy with the process, although the communication between the courier, 1010 and the customer could be improved.

I then ordered tires for my Tacoma to be delivered to the retail outlet on SW marine in Vancouver. I needed to book a time to have them mounted and was about to do so when I decided to call the retailer to see if they had arrived. For three days I tried to call the retail outlet. No joke. Probably called 20 times each day. No answer, no voice mail, no help. Frustrating is an understatement. I finally called Sorry they said, they don't deal with the retailers but the shipment is on its way and they will let me know when they get there. Fast forward several weeks. No call from 1010 so I called the main switchboard again. Oh, sorry, only 3 of your tires arrived and we don't know where the other one is. At this point it had been about 4 weeks since my original order. Long story short, I had to order different tires, which took another 10 days to get to my house. The courier left 3 tires on my porch and said the third had to be signed for. Wait another 3 days until the tire can be picked up at the courier location (I work during the day, hard to pick something up when they are closed). Not an enjoyable process. I realize winter is busy, but the process was not simple. The retail outlet should hire someone to answer the phone at the very least.

Ordering was easy but once I got an email stating my...
Ordering was easy but once I got an email stating my order had shipped and to make an appointment things weren't smooth. I contacted the local location were to be shipped to I order to make an appt and they wouldn't let me as they said they didn't have the tires. I waited two more days and contacted the call centre who confirmed they should have been at that location and I needed to call them again. Called again and they said that they had them and had emailed not clear what happened on my first call. I got the appt made and got the tires installed the same day which was good as I needed them for a trip however the computer wasn't registering the TPSM's. Not sure if they tested them before I left or not? This resulted in me having to drive all the way back to the shop and spent almost two hours waiting while they tried to fix the issue. In the end they had to remove the MAX brand sensors and install new ITM brand ones. Strange as my invoice showed the ITM brand not the MAX brand which was online with what I ordered off the website.

Happy with the tires and rims but the service has a bit of room for improvement, including the lack of standard computer system between the call centre and the store locations. Also still a bit miffed that I had to spend two hours plus gas on an issue that was not my fault and was not offered any form of compensation, I.E. a couple seasons of free storage.

Hopefully, my experience is not the norm
Hopefully, my experience is not the norm. I oredered and received an order confirmation - then no communication for 4 days ! When I contacted customer service about a difference between the emailed invoice and actual amount charged to my credit card, I recieved an email saying in essence, "no error on our part because there is a $4 per tire environmental levy", and reissued the invoice. Ok , I thought that strange , but realized that is fair. I then enquired about when the tires would be shipped, or whether they were back ordered, and recieved a somewhat "snippy" email stating that the tires were in stock,but they were waiting for them to be shipped to their shipping depot. (Doesn't that mean they were not in stock???) Then they said I would get an email when the tires were shippped. I didn't really get that, but in the reply saying the tires were in stock, they did say that they arrived that day and were being prepared for shipping, and a tracking number. From that, I was able to track them using that numbere so I finally knew what was happening. The tires were coming from their BC depot! I saw they were actually shipped and did finally get them in time to get them installed for a trip we had planned. The tires apppear, so far, to be great and I like them. WIth paying for shipping and then installation and balancing, I don't think I saved any real $$.

Never received tracking number (I was informed that...
Never received tracking number (I was informed that emailed me one, which may be true. However it didn't show up in my email. I checked my inbox, junk box and deleted box and nothing in any of them). Purolator tried to deliver twice but never left a note to let us know that our tires were here. They returned the tires to you guys. Tried to deal with your service through email, took days to get a response. Called customer service, they told me i had to deal with this through email as there was no one there to help me. Finally got someone to respond to me in a decent time frame, but they wouldn't resend the tires without charging an extra $100, which i found to be ridiculous as this was a mix up on their end and on purolators end. Ended up getting a full refund.

Had I been informed that my tires were here I'd have been really happy, as it only took about a week to get here. However, the refusal to resend the tires without charging me an extra $100 (original shipping was around $50) and the inconvenience of spending almost an entire week trying to figure out what should have taken 1 phone call to deal with is too much for me.

I got better tires for a similar price and will be taking my business elsewhere in the future.

Shopping experience was great
Shopping experience was great. Called expecting to arrange purchase and pick up of tires same day-ish, was greeted quickly by phone and surprised to find out everything has to be ordered in. No biggie. Was told order would be 5-7 business days, it arrived over weekend. FAST and unexpected. Only minor issue: explained during order process I work out of town and could not pick up tires for a week or two, counting on them taking a week to arrive was fine, however, was surprised with call to come pick them up so fast (no complaints), however, calls kept coming while I was away - this info must have not been passed along as was identified with original salesperson would happen in "notes". I was finally able to contact caller and with slight attitude understood the situation after discussing, tires were picked up without issue next day. Knowledge is power, I know no stock is available so will expect reasonable delay when ordering for my wife's car soon and be sure tires are picked up asap. Otherwise select a tire, order and enjoy great pricing and fast service, just don't have them "hold" tires for any time period, I would recommend them to friends and family no problem as well use them again.

I've bought from 1010 Tires twice in the past without...
I've bought from 1010 Tires twice in the past without any issues. My last purchase will make me consider shopping elsewhere.

When I initially contacted them about the tire package I wanted to purchase, the CSR advised me that the items were in stock and delivery would only take a couple of days. After placing my order, I followed up several days later and was advised that the items weren't in stock and would arrive in 1 1/2 weeks. I followed up after a 1 1/2 weeks and was told had arrived at their western warehouse, but needed several days to be balanced and shipped to my chosen installer.

I had to follow up with them again a week later after not hearing from them. They told me that it would be another week before it would be shipped out, and would take several days for delivery. My chosen installer is located less than 20 minutes away from their warehouse.

It took three and half weeks and constant follow ups to receive my order. They blamed the delays on the seasonal rush for winter tires. While the delays are understandable, they should have been up front about it to manage my expectations. Instead, they went for the immediate sale, and I was given hollow promises.

I ordered 2 sets of 4 tires and the reason I didn't...
I ordered 2 sets of 4 tires and the reason I didn't give full marks for delivery time was because I received 2 tires in one shipment, a week later I got 2 more. It was the same for the second set. This made it difficult to know when I could make an appointment to get them installed, not to mention it was over 3 weeks to get the entire shipment. It took a significant amount of time to verify my tire fit for the Mercedes before were shipped approx. 10 days

I did ask to be notified prior to delivery so that someone could be home to receive and sign for orders which never happened with any delivery. If you're not going to ensure requests are followed, don't ask for comments/instructions for shipment.

Overall, the product was as described and I'm happy about that. Customer service was excellent when I asked for assistance to help me track my order and figure out why I was getting broken up shipments on 4 different days... this was definitely an inconvenience because someone had to take time off to be there for when they were supposed to be delivered. Not very efficient or practical, not to mention costly to take time off work each time.

Website is helpful and fitment guarantee helps make...
Website is helpful and fitment guarantee helps make sure I'm picking the right components. Unfortunately my original order which was made on the website after entering my vehicle information and searching for compatible components, apparently was not going to work on my vehicle. I think had to choose different rims, which were all more expensive than the ones I had picked out. I had to cancel my first order and then pick out new rims. Finally, the shipment was really fast, perhaps a bit too fast. I ordered with the understanding it would take 5-7 business days just to ship out, but arrived in only a few days (less than a week total, so maybe 4 business days from order to arriving). The problem was that I was going to be away when the tracking number said they were to be delivered. I called the shipping company and asking the shipment to be delayed 1 business day so I would be home (from Friday to Tuesday after the holiday). They said it wouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately I came home and the tires had been delivered on Friday and could have been stolen, but luckily were not. Besides that, happy with order.

Very well organized website and easy efficient search
Very well organized website and easy efficient search.

However I ordered a tire and wheel package and after receiving a confirmation I got another email saying the tires I wanted were discontinued and now only available at a higher price (same tire) and that I needed to pick another set of tires and let them know. I tried to talk to customer service to check if I could still get the tire at the discounted price I had on my order confirmation since were still in stock on the website (not like they were completely out of them) and I found it weird that the same tire was still available on the website but just more expensive (it was then explained that they used different sellers and the same tire could have different prices).

Absolutely no effort to make sure I was satisfied, very blasé "not my job" attitude, did not offer me other options, I had to go back and look for another set of tires. I am satisfied with the tires (however did have to pay more) and didn't cancel my order because I didn't want to go through the hassle of finding other wheels but I will not be using or recommending 1010tires again.

I purchased 4 general grabber arctic lt
I purchased 4 general grabber arctic lt. And had them studded. I had already purchased 4 brand new factory ford alloy rims to mount them on. Same rims as I run with my all seasons. needed my to calibrate the valve pressure sensors, but I wanted them to leave the all seasons on the truck. I put my own snow tires on at home when needed.
My complaint is the damage that was done to the enamel on the inside of my new alloys due to 1010 shop installing ang removing the wheels. Deep scratches all around the inside of my rims. All 4 of them. Exposing the aluminum to the winter elements. The rims were in perfect condition. I discovered the damage when i went to mount them for the winter months. I will have to touch up with enamel paint before mounting now.
Ya I know ,there my winters. , this is my first new vehicle I've owned in the 45 years of driving. Is this how 1010 treats all there installs ?
If you buy your bling from this outlet(1010) be sure to tell the manager to take care of the inner rims,when mounting. And check after if possible.

1. Paid $100 deposit. After selecting tires I received message that the tires I selected were not suitable and that I should choose a different tire, which I did. The replacement tire was slightly less expensive than the originally selected tire. Somehow this change reduced my deposit, and I was only credited $83. I have raised this issue twice (3 times if you include at the time of installation) and not received any reply. It's a small dollar amount, but the principle reflects poorly on them.

2. After leaving the dealership I looked at the invoice to find that all of the vehicle details were blank, and that the mileage at installation showed as 0 km (zero.) Falken advises that would not honour any warranty issues that might arise because of this. Response so far has been nothing but buck passing.

I got decent tires and wheels for a fair price, but their customer service leaves much to be desired. Customer service has been virtually non-existent with regard to these issues.

The only complaint I have is that the tracking through...
The only complaint I have is that the tracking through UPS was terrible and when I called 1010Tires (twice) to inquire about the status of the order, I wasn't able to speak with anyone after 30 mins each time on hold. Tires seem decent, rims seem decent. Packaged well and delivery time was acceptable. One improvement would be to clearly state that it will take a week or two to actually ship the products. I didn't mind, but I was unaware that the inventory wasn't stocked until after I placed the order. To other potential customers, "Available" does not mean "In Stock". I understand that this is more likely to keep inventory down and that is probably what directly results in the lower prices, but I was a little naive and disappointed when I read the timeline after placing my order. Overall, now that I know what to expect, I would purchase from 1010Tires again but I will adjust my expectations on how long it takes them to actually get a tracking number for the order.

I found the phone assistance to be short and curt,...
I found the phone assistance to be short and curt, almost rude. When seeking clarity on the tires that we shipped I was told that "thats just the way it is" and we have an expert system that gives us the correct tires. The system you use only gave one option of tire profile. I wanted a deeper profile but it did not come up and the operator insisted it was the only option, only profile. It was very frustrating for an expensive purchase.

Also I was concerned about the bolts that were included with the tires/rims . looked very small and not all safe. Again I was told that is they way it is and I could return the bolts for a refund but I would have to pay the shipping because the operator deemed it to be a cosmetic issue, not safety issue. I used the original bolts, not the ones by 1010 tires and I will have to pay the $10-$15 return shipping.

I would not recommend 1010 tires and will probably not use 1010 tires.

I appreciate the list of tires that are available in...
I appreciate the list of tires that are available in specific sizes, what their cost is and whether are available underneath the tire in question... In my case: I was looking for a narrower winter tire for my Audi but also needed slightly higher ground clearance. I was not aware that the BFG T/A KO2 was available in a LT215 or an LT225... I assumed that they were just for larger trucks and the smallest that you could get was a 245/65R15! Found them here, looked elesewhere and came back here after the free shipping email showed up! Bought them that night and they were delivered two days afterwards! Great tire, fits the Audi A6 C6 well, no clearance issues and I could have gone to the LT225/70R16 with no problems either but they were a bit too expensive for my budget. Overall awesome experience, great UI on the laptop and information is abundant. First and only stop next time I need tires.

The website was very easy to navigate with reviewers'...
The website was very easy to navigate with reviewers' ratings, making my first time winter tires purchased informed. However, while I waited over the weekend to call the retailer for recommendations specific to my area's winter driving needs (the website customer service was unable to make any product recommendations), the prices on both the tires and rims went up. I was told by the website service agent that the reason was due to the supplier and inventory was running low. Meanwhile, I was able to find sale prices at $30 lower/tire at a local vendor and another vendor was willing to price match. Unfortunately, both these vendors didn't have the rim size for my car. If I had more time to wait for rims, I would have gone with one of the other two vendors. I hope in the future can find a way to hold the prices for a few days especially during the days when the retailers cannot be reached.

I simply needed tires, and I was recommended this site
I simply needed tires, and I was recommended this site. Products look fine as far as go and I am glad you had reviews/ratings, but holy go* you need to fix the cart.

The Cart:
- Resets like crazy (12 ish times);
- Somehow added a multiple of 4 tires to what I had;
- Non stop recommendations - without being able to go to the details page about the product without adding it to the cart;
- And extremely confusing selection for buying rims... Also, I was confused by wheels (non car savvy) - maybe specify both "wheels/rims".

However you are storing the data - it is being 'cleared' upon:
- Another tab (and somehow held in some cases? I.e. the 16x tires I had);
- Clicking the cart from another page (might play into the tab);
- And when I was trying to simply select rims.

I recommend better storage client side, or have a database to store and pull such information.

Easy shopping for tires
Easy shopping for tires. Placed the order and waited. Expected the product to arrive within 8 business days as the website suggests. On the eighth business day I called 1010. I was caller number one of two and waited on hold for several minutes. When my call was answered and I asked when to expect my tires, I was told everything was in the warehouse and there seemed to be no reason that the order hadn't shipped. So after waiting on hold and having the staff member cough in my ear without excusing himself, I had no answer as to when I would receive my order. On the 11th business day the order was received in good order and fit was correct. Balance and quality of installation appear to be good. Not sure were Roadforce balanced though, as the labels were still stuck to the tires and showed no abrasion usually associated with this type of balance.

Tire selection and prices are great, but your website...
Tire selection and prices are great, but your website is pretty terrible. Initially told me there just weren't any tires at all available for my car - Matrix, 205/55r16, really? Searched by tire size and immediately got what I wanted, then searched again by model and this time it found rims for me. Great, but then it tried to add a bunch of junk to my cart for me (window treatment, really??). Then finally as I was literally in the middle of typing in my credit card info, it spontaneously wiped half the form, like it had finally figured out where I was located and desperately needed to update the embedded map to prove it. Had to reenter my credit card info a second time. Weird, usually I have no problems with your site, but this time when I actually wanted to buy through it, it was just about annoying enough to give up and shop elsewhere.

First time using 1010tires
First time using 1010tires. Ordered winter tires and alloy rims. There are lots of options to choose from and the configurator works well. Overall positive experience and I would consider buying again. Prices are competitive. Had an issue with rims originally ordered being discontinued - wasn't updated on the website. 1010tires contacted me promptly and offered to either cancel the order and issue a full refund or provide equivalent rims and even cover the additional cost if the new rims chosen were more expensive ( provided me with a number of equivalent options). I ended up going with cheaper rims and 1010tires refunded the difference. Delivery was free and quick and the tires arrived balanced on the rims as promised and were ready to mount on my car. Items were very well packaged and in perfect condition. So far so good.

AAA-1 all the way!!
AAA-1 all the way!! - the preview image of what the wheels will look like on the car is absolutely critical to the buying decision for me and the end result is exactly what we wanted--the wheels look fantastic!!! I was contacted before the order was finalized because I had selected a finish that wasn't recommended for winter use (I was also getting snow tires). After some useful back/forth emails to clarify things, the wheels were shipped and the local installers were also fantastic. Also, the tire review information was really helpful--the one negative point about the snow tires I picked wast that were noisy and the reviews weren't wrong, they're really noisy!!! But, since we knew that compromise going in, we're okay with it (especially for the fantastic price). Couldn't be happier with the entire purchase experience!

Everything went well
Everything went well. The price of the tires was fine, the shipping cost was quite high ($220). Last time I received the tires without any shipping cost and I wasn't sure why the shipping discount this time was a max of $80.

I would like to suggest a tire comparison tool that is easier to use. I want to be able to select a vehicle, select a range of prices for tires and then select the attributes in the tires that I need. It would be nice if I can compare several at the same time on the same screen

Also the amount of plastic and packaging on the tires was surprising. I don't think one needs to waste that much plastic on the tires. I spent almost an hour just unwrapping the tires which I think is unnecessary and a great cost savings opportunity for the company. Less wrapping equals less plastic which equals more revenue?

I was bought a set of rims and tires for just under...
I was bought a set of rims and tires for just under $3000 CAD. Ever since I've put them on the truck violently shakes when you hit 100 km/hr. I've been to 2 different tire shops and spent almost another $500 on re checking the balance and install. Turns out the tires are out of round. 1010 wont send me a exchange set even though they're less than a year old. I'm expected to ship back my tires, so can test them and once they confirm they're out of round they'll send me a replacement pair. I've never been so through so much run around over a pair of tires before. Never buy online from these guys, go to a shop and pay the extra few hundred bucks so you have someone to go back to if you get sold a defective product. Instead of being stuck in limbo like I am. I should've never bought tires online

Had rusted rims that had slow leaks and very old Costco...
Had rusted rims that had slow leaks and very old Costco Michelins on a 2001 CRV. Always bought my tires at Costco, but long lines looked too daunting. Wanted a cheaper reasonable rim and all-weather tire to avoid seasonal rotation as I only drive this one 5000 km per year. The delivery was hard to track as it always seemed to be processing for the first 5 days, then suddently I noticed delivery started on 6th, and lucky to be at home on 7th. No real way of tracking and predicting actual delivery date. Installed same day, about 42 lbs per wheel/tire, but 48 hour allowance for product review was too tight considering it snowed the next day, which delayed checking the wheel balance, which was OK up to car's maximum speed. Looked at two rims and saw 3 stick-on weights on one tire and 6 on another.

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